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Traditional Kondapalli toys now sets new trend

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The World famous Kondapalli toys are setting a new Trend These toys which were confined only to only a few varieties are now getting updated to new tastes . By the helping hand of Lepakshi Emporium and Lanco Foundation, this is being possible. The Kondapalli toys of the Krishna District , has a great name and fame worldwide. But it was unable to adapt to the changes and compete with the plastic toys , it has been suffering. Then the Lanco Foundation who has responded, has made a research and identified the reason behind this that because of its backwardness ,it is unable to attract this generation. So if it is able to adapt to the tastes of the new generation, there are chances of attracting customers . The Lanco Foundation and The Lepakshi Handicraft Development Organisation have jointly helped out for this to happen . They started making products suiting the decorative purposes and as gift items .they were even given training for this. Even for these products instead of chemicals they are using natural colours Because of the effort and adaptations the toys have become an attraction. The sales have gone up by 50% Raguvulu (toy maker):"We can do a lot like this if the govt. gives us more support. Now the sales are pretty good only, there are chances of people sending them to forieng countries too." Nagaraju(toy maker):"Now , The sales have improved a lot after they told us to use natural colours Initially we used to use the enamel and other colours available in the market, but after removing them we were given traing by experts from Hyderabad , after that they stayed here for a week and taught us how to manufacture these natural colours , and how to apply them since then we are using them." Shesha Rao(Secretary, Kondapalli Workers Association): Recently a design program was conducted by APHDC, the models presented there were a success in the market Now the toys are being used as Corporate gifts and Marriage gifts, which is very profitable ." Though 50% of the produce is being sold by Lepakshi , the rest are being sold through local outlets Because of the demand from foriegn countries and good imports , the toys are flourishing. It is getting its popularity again

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Traditional Kondapalli toys now sets new trend

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