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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 7/15

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Can these stones create ripples of energy that would rise our frequency of consciousness? That would make us feel better, that would make us healthier that would make everything around us more harmonious? If you think about the possibility that these stones can be put in a position and change the way that your mind works, that you are thinking in the right direction. They are enourmous and it would be a lot of work to do that just for some religious symbolism. It would be much more "à propos" to believe that people would go through all this trouble if they could use it for something. Next thing we are going to look at is dolmens, these are stone cellars What if you were able to build a little stone-cellar, a little stone structure, get inside of it and have it harness energy, as to while you are sitting in there you meditate and it raises your vibration. It raises the conscious frequency of your mind while you're inside, and all you have to do is to sit under this absolutely colosal stone that if it fell would crush you flat instantaneously. Very procuriously, this is Kilclooney in Ireland, look at that thing! Look at how that gigantic stone, that wieghts more than two eighteen-wheelers at least, if not much more, if that little guy were just to fall off the tips of the stones, he would crush you flat and yet there it is, and with all the earthquakes and earth changes that have gone on it is still balanced procuriously right up there. And here is another one, balance procuriously. Why would they go through so much trouble? Do you think a bunch of guys are just gonna do this because it's cool? Do you think they go through the trouble of getting themselves crushed and try to procuriously balance these very, very massive stones just because it's a fun thing to do? I don't think so. In this case you see that actually part of the stone has broken off and fallen on the ground, but the point is the same, the point is, look at what is going on there you go underneath, you meditate and you get charged up. Now, this is an example of a more advanced structure where a wall is built around you and once you go inside that wall you now have a much, much higher energetic charge and you got little breathing hole. This is another one from the side. -Where is that?" Ah, wouldn't you like to know? Now, I actually did this in a rush and I don't know where all this locations are but it's easy to find them online, just look for "dolmens", Go to Google pictures Google images, Google "Dolmen" the word dolmen "d.o.l.m.e.n." you'll start to finding these things. "Barrows" is the next thing. Barrows are mounds, the idea here is that you actually drill a hole into the ground underneath the mound, there is a round chamber inside the mound, this is well known, you go in there and you have a little party and you meditate. It's enough now that you can bring in a group of people. Does the same thing as a dolmen except that you are barrowing into the earth now. So here is some barrows. And this one of course you see how well structured it is "Silver Hill" being the biggest one. Here is one of the entrances which of course the English government has been kind enough to put iron bars in front of it so you can't go in there, they don't want you to be able to use this technology anymore, and they are probably worried about finding condoms and stuff inside, frankly. But that's not what it's built for necesarily, maybe it was. Some of these barrows are longer, and you also have the "mound builders" in the US. You have all these things like "Serpent Mound" in Ohio, You can go and see this in the US, I'm only doing the English ones right now. Henges is the one that everyone is so familiar with and everybody loves because now you get standing stones, like the single ones you were seeing before, except now there are certain areas where the energetics are so high that long roads of stones are being put together because it's gonna be even more powerful. The sheep like being near these stones, in fact animal life can feel this more than we can. These were not put there by accident. And again, in this case you have a combination of a barrow and a henge, you have the henge at the front here, and if you go through that past down the middle you go into the barrow, and you go inside and you meditate. Maybe the henge in the front helps focus the energy that's flowing through the center of the barrow. Here is another henge out there, just hangin out, in the middle English countryside, and there some of them in France, some of them in Germany, they are in Ireland too, they are all over the place, here is another one. Of course the one... well, here is another one, here is another example. One of the most impressive, which unfortunately has been lost to the ravages of time to large degrees is Avesbury. Now what you are going to see here if you look closely is that all of this different stones, all of these different little dots that you see, as you go along here represent individual stones this looks like a giant serpent, here is the head, and here is what's eaten in its stomach. If you look up at the top in the middle there, there is two little rings of stones inside that represents the meal and here is the tail down the bottom. Down here there is one of the barrows, this is "Silvery Hill" the best barrow of all, the most famous one and the most well structured one. Look at the geometry, look at how it's a perfet equilateral triangle between the head of the snake the tail of the snake, Silvery in the middle and then here is the area up here. Now what this was for this was a gigantic technology, this is a machine. It's a machine that's built based on as if you look around it, the contours of the mountains, the contours of the land, so that a bunch of people this area right here and they have a big party and they all meditate and chant, run around and do fun stuff and they are charging conciousness for themselves and the planet. That's what this stuff was built for, it's a "consciousness" technology. Of course Stonehenge being the greatest example of all these arches and stones as they are called are gigantic in size and very beautiful to look at. What you may not realize is that at one time there was a whole ring of them like this. That's what it used to look like, and all of the stones that have fallen have been identified in the soil because the more they fall down over time the more that it rains each year, they fall further on the ground but they all've been found. So this is known to be true, I'm not making this up. What we know is that Stonhenge was used to identify solstices and when the moon and the sun were travelling, and what would happen because during certain planetary alignments certain times of the year these zones on the earth became much more energetically active. Are these ancient structures connected? The answer is yes, through the signs of Ley Lines. This was done by Sir Alfred Watkins, we are going to talk a little bit about him. He found in the 1920's that ancient holy sites lined up in straight lines which he called "Leys" Sites from extremely different ages, milennia apart, were all aligned with one another. This included the Neolithic Age, which is Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Christian Era. Now, he would use this camera to basically be able to look across long distances and see if things were in a straigh line. Now, what you see here is the summary of a massive amount of research that he did. What you see here is, every single one of these words is a different ancient sacred site. Nobody ever comes out in the open and says "Oh, by the way, all these sacres sites are built in a straigh line." It took a guy like Alfred Watkings to analyze this and discover it for himself. But guess what a lot of these thing are. They a cathedrals. You think that maybe the Knight Templars knew that there was something going on. You think that maybe they knew to build on that line and not to build off the line? You think that maybe if you build a church which acts as a funnel for this conscientious energy, that if you build that dome roof for the church out of stone over that line that is gonna harness more of this energy field from the universe, and that in so-doing it's going to become (a) resonators that when you go to church you are going to be experiencing a revelation? A higher consciousness? Do you think that maybe the stained-glass window and the gregorian chant music are creating harmonics that help you harmonize the field? Absolutely. So here is some people from this Stonehenge club, the "Straight Track" club as it was called, The "Ley Line Hunters". Here is a barrow that had trees growing around it. Here is a similar ring of trees without a barrow, this is a natural earth effect caused by these energy fields because they do have circular formations. Well, it is a hyperdimesional effect. These are harnessing hyperdimensional energy because the hyperdimensional energy is what makes them matter...

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