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Shabbat Night Live - July 5 - From Here to Eternity: Part 5

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Yeshua's last message to Israel just before storming off the temple mound, he said, "You are not going to see me again until you say, Baruwk HuBow HaShem Yehovah." Blessed is he who comes in the name of Yehovah. He then stormed off the temple, and as he was leaving, his disciples showing him the beautiful construction work. Then he said, "There's not going to be one stone left on top of another. It's all coming down." When they got over to the side of the Mount of Olives, those three disciples that are with him on this occasion then say, "Tell us, what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?" Yeshua said that there is going to wars, there is going to be terrorism. The end is not yet. They’re going to deliver you up to be killed. The end is not yet. You're going to hate and betray each other. The end is not yet. Mankind will bring himself to the brink of destruction unless those days would be short, and there would be no flesh saved, but the end is not yet. He said that in the revelation that the great men of the earth, the merchants of Babylon, the ones that make the economic system of the world spin around their little finger and manipulate countries and start wars and fund both sides— that they were the merchants of Babylon, and through farmakeia they would deceive the nations. And that's why the whole Babylonian system has to come down. Now we are in that age where farmakeia has taken over the shelves of our grocery stores. Farmakeia, that which is made in a laboratory, has replaced food. Now we grew up at time that— when I was a child— that there was a rare case where someone was allergic to a bee sting. Now every child has so many allergies. Autism, which was 1 in 20,000 people, is now in 1 in 37 of our children. Ladies and Gentleman, the merchants of Babylon are lying to us, and they're destroying us. However, the Almighty has given that revelation what the things that are going to come to pass. He has given them to Yeshua, the Messiah, to show unto his servants the things which must come to pass because through all of the gloom, he is going to show us in the Book of the Revelation that the rays of ravishing light and glory at the end is going to be worth all of the toil and trouble in the service to the one true God. Now the sun is beginning to set, it's the end of the sixth day, and this is Shabbat Night Live. [male speaker] It's Shabbat Night Live from Charlotte, North Carolina with your host Michael Rood. Join Michael as he welcomes as his guest the founder and president of Blue Thread Ministries, Cliff Maynard. Now here he is, the Messianic Matador, Michael Rood. Shabbat Shalom to our fans. Good Sabbath to all of you followers of Yeshua Messiah out there in cyberspace, area 51, and beyond. All of you watching television in more than 160 countries around the globe, we welcome you to Shabbat Night Live coming direct to you from beautiful downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. Yes, North Carolina, one of the original 13 colonies who united under the banner of the creator of given rights and thumbed its nose at rule by the divine right of Europe's so called Merovingian kings, the fairy tale offspring of the Jesus and Mary Magdalen cult. Well, we thank you for joining us here. We are on July 5th. This is our independence week where we declared our independence from Merovingian rule by divine right and from papal authority, and we established this nation on God-given rights. And so we thank you for joining us for the love and free gospel of the kingdom. Here there is no rabbinic takkanot. There is no Babylonian sun worship and no papal bull. This is a no man-made religion zone, and we are bringing back the faith once delivered to the saints, contending for the faith once delivered to the saints, and restoring the Hebrew roots of the faith. And we've got a very special guest with us tonight who's going to give us some background on his particular journey. Well, this is the week of the great Christian holiday in America— Holy Day in America. I had a great time—every July 4th I get to do something special, and that is when I get to torque up the person on the street and mercilessly afflict them with my opinions because it's Independence Day. And so what I do first thing in the morning— I make sure that I have just a few dollar bills because I'm going to give away dollar bills. This is what I do, I give away dollar bills on Independence Day. And so I—I left first thing in the morning, and I'm looking for people to ask them if they can tell me what holiday it is, and of course, holiday is short for Holy Day— what American Holy Day this is. And they say, it's— and so I bring out my dollar bill, and I said, "I'll give you a dollar if you can tell me what Holy Day we're celebrating today." And then their face drops when they say July 4th. I said, "No, it's July 4th in every country in the world today. This is Independence Day, the day we declared our independence— our—excuse me— I give them really a little more background because remember it was July 2nd that we actually declared our independence from England. On July 3rd that is when John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail saying that July 2nd would be the day of great devotion to God with bells, with bonfires, with celebrations from one end of this content to the other. This is what he said on July 3rd because we declared our independence on July 2nd, but July 4th is when we signed the unanimous declaration of the 13 United States of America— the 13 colonies in which we asserted to the entire planet that we—we as Americans—we as a united people hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with absolute inalienable rights. The word certain in this context is absolute. Rights that no king, no pope, no civil or religious tyrant has the authority to disrupt from the individual because they are God-given rights. This is what America is all about. In order to be an American, you must believe in the creator of the heavens and the earth. Atheists cannot be Americans. Their opinions don't even count. They should not ever hold office in America. They are unqualified. Atheists are basically idiots according to the unanimous declaration, okay? Now I don't mean to insult you out there, but if you're a moron, you might as well admit it, okay? Because—because creator given rights. These are self-evident truths. All men are created equal, okay? If you believe that we evolved out of a primordial soup, you are denying that which our founding fathers—and what America is all about. No, we believe in a creator, and if you don't believe in him, fine. You can live here. We'll actually bury you, okay? And you can be buried on this soil, but you'll never ever be an American, all right? Only those who stand for the truth of God's word as our founding fathers did, and believe in that creator, he—that person is an American. So I think we need to make a paradigm shift in this country because we are tired of people telling us that we are somehow infringing on their rights. Oh, go to hell. You know—we're not infringing on any atheist's rights. They—you know—they have no rights. It's survival of the fittest. Can't you remember, it's survival of the fittest. So somebody robs you, somebody shoots you, somebody takes something that belongs to you, hey, you weren't the fittest, sorry. It's survival of the fittest. But see, we live by a different standard just as our—as Samuel Adams said that our constitution is totally inadequate to govern anything but a people that keep the commandments of Almighty God. You can't—you cannot have this country unless you have people that will govern themselves. Otherwise, you have to have a police state. And Ladies and Gentlemen, that is what we're ending up with in America is a police state. Right now over two and a half million laws, and very few of them do we find in here anymore. That was the foundation. So—well now that I've gone into this little rant, I'm glad that you're all here with us. We have a lot of our staff that is taking the time off. We have people that have joined us from around the world to be here in our studio today, and I would like to welcome all the people that are watching us via live stream. We are high definition broadcast on live stream. We're also on YouTube on the Rood Awakening Channel right now. On We are also in high definition and audio only. For those of you who do not have fast enough streaming, at least you can get to the teaching. We are on iTunes with the downloadable podcast in high definition. And A Rood Awakening from Israel— that television series is broadcast on TBN's the Church Channel, TBN's Spanish Christian Network, and LeSEA out of Costa Rica that reaches into every Spanish-speaking country in the world. Also the Gospel Channel in Europe, Omega Television in Iceland and Scandinavian countries, and many are right now— I would say most are watching on our new live stream,— tuning in via that, which we are running around the clock until Monday morning— high definition around the world. So we have over 10,000 people that are joining us for Shabbat Night Live, and by the time it reaches around the world— because right now it's 3 o'clock Israel, and it's much later than that in— what's that country down under there where they have the koalas? Australia—thank you very much. I knew—I knew there was a country down there. It's much later for them, so they'll be catching us a little bit later down in the kiwi lands. So tonight on Shabbat Night Live we have none other than the author of the Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar here to give us an update—me. And also we have viewer mail communications from cyberspace. And we have our Israel update, do we not? >>We do. >>We have our Israel update with Ariela Steagall, and our special guest Cliff Maynard. Cliff is the vice president of the National Jewish Fellowship of the Assemblies of God. And so you Assemblies of God fans out there will not want to miss this. He is also the host of The Living Room, which is a radio program that he does, and he is with us tonight to give us his background of how he woke up to the Hebrew roots of his faith. And this is something, Ladies and Gentlemen, you are not going to want to miss tonight. And then finally, our closing for the last hour is our teaching From Here to Eternity: The Good News of the Apocalypse and the Demise of the New World Order. Tonight's episode basically— Dear Saints, I really appreciate what you've been doing, but we need to have a little come to Jesus meeting, sincerely, Yeshua. And so tonight we are going to go into the seven letters to the seven kaheelot— the seven assemblies in Asia Minor because this is going to be a treat for young and old alike. We have our—on our calendar— I'm sure that by now you all have both the portable calendar and the large wall-sized calendar with all the beautiful pictures in it from our different series and different scenes around Israel. This is for your wall. This is the one you carry in your briefcase. You pull it out every chance you get. When you sit down to have a cup of coffee, you pull out your calendar like you really don't know what date it is, you open it up, and then you ask your next door neighbor— because you're just learning about this, so you ask your neighbor who's having a cup of coffee, excuse me, can you tell me what the Pagan date is? And then they give you the Pagan date. Then, of course, you've got their attention. You got the Pagan date, and then you look up about— okay, July 5th—okay, it's sundown, so this is now the 26th day of the 4th month. And then you can say, we have just 10 Sabbaths to go before Yom Teruah this year, the Day of Trumpets. And you get various responses as you do this, okay? But this is why you carry this with you wherever you go because it's another opportunity to wake people up to the creator's reckoning of time. We are living in God's universe. The world of which we live is synchronized according to his calendar and his time clock whether we know about it, recognize it, live by it or not makes absolutely no difference to him. But Yeshua—the first time he came and he fulfilled as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John— he fulfilled the Spring Feasts of the Lord, and he fulfilled them to the day, the hour, the exact moment in every detail in which we'd rehearsed them according to the prophetic shadow pictures embedded by David, the prophet, who saw beforehand the coming of the Messiah. And the Book of the Revelation, the last book that we're studying now, is the detail of the Messiah fulfilling the Fall Feasts of the Lord. If we've been raised in a Pagan culture, and we know nothing about the Feasts of the Lord, and we've inherited Pagan sun god worship festivals such as the Babylonian Winter Solstice, which is now called Christmas. And Easter, which is Nimrod's reincarnated wife—still called Easter. Okay? If we've inherited these Babylonian sun worship festivals and know nothing about the Feasts of the Lord, that's why the Christian church is missing what Yeshua is talking about. We're missing the gospel of the kingdom. We have no idea what Yeshua and his disciples were teaching. They were doing miracles. The disciples were raising the dead, teaching the gospel of the kingdom, and that was a half year before his crucifixion and resurrection. The gospel of the kingdom is not the death, burial, and resurrection. They didn't know anything about that. But we are not taught the gospel of the kingdom because the gospel of the kingdom cuts across every man-made religion on the planet. And Ladies and Gentlemen, we've got about 30,000 man-made protestant religions on the planet right now. And it's time to come back to the roots of the faith. So here we are on the calendar. We've got 10 weeks left. It is now the 26th day of the month. Ten weeks, that means we've got 12 Sabbaths until the Fall Feast. And we have some exciting things happening. Do we not have some exciting things happening for the Fall Feast? We do, we do. We are going to be—just as Saul said— it's near the end of the temple period, the temple is still standing. Saul is going to be executed before the temple is destroyed, and as he said, "Do not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is, but encourage each other more and more as you see the day approaching. And in the 10th chapter of Hebrews he's speaking of the prophetic shadow pictures, the Feast of the Lord. And so even now the temple is destroyed, the levitical priesthood is in disarray at this point, but does that mean that we cannot celebrate the Feast of the Lord? When Yeshua comes back and reigns upon the earth, everyone will keep the Feast of Tabernacles. Every nation will go up to Jerusalem and worship the king, and if they don't go, no rain. Does that tell you something? His feasts are important to him. They ought to be important to us. So we get to celebrate them now even though we can't literally keep them now. Nobody can keep Passover today, but we certainly celebrate it with great pomp and circumstance every year. But this year the Feast of Hotels—the Feast of Tabernacles. You go to Israel, you live in a hotel. When we go to Denver, we are going to start the first 3 days of the Feast of Tabernacles, and it is going to be at the Crowne Plaza Denver International Airport Convention Center. It's going to take the entire convention center to do this. Registration at the—is available now. You can register right now for this event, and we are accepting any donation. This is—then the registration begins Friday, September 20th at 4 p.m. and then we begin Shabbat Night Live. And the all weekend—and we are going to be releasing the Bible version of The Chronological Gospel. So you do not want to miss this. This is going to be the place to be. So the room rate is like $85 a night to this. We've got Ms. Noah and Colonel Steve that are going to be there. And I think we've—well, I'm not sure—it's on the Internet. So check it out and see what we've got going on. But right now we're going to take a break, and we'll be back with viewer mail right after this message for our sponsors—you out there. You are our sponsors. Go for it. [male speaker] After 40 years of labor including 3 decades of restoring the ancient biblical Hebrew calendar together with the experiences that accompany years of living in Jerusalem in the Galilee, Michael Rood presents the inspired gospel records in chronological order to enrich your lifetime quest for truth. The Chronological Gospels piece together the life and ministry of the Messiah with depth, beautify, and truth in a way no one has ever seen before. And now you can preorder your copy today in time for delivery for Sukkot 2013 in Denver, Colorado. You can order The Chronological Gospels in 3 different ways. For your purchase of $64, you'll receive your own copy of The Chronological Gospels Bible. 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Well, Shalom to our fans. Welcome back to Shabbat Nigh Live. And now we have viewer mail. This is communication from cyberspace and beyond and— and also from Area 51. And to be with me for this momentous occasion is my eldest daughter, Leigh Fransen. Leigh, welcome to Shabbat Night Live. Thank you. Well, Leigh, do we have any letters this week? You're younger sister is the one who compiles these. >>Yes. In her office each week, and now you get to read something here. I do. Our first letter is from Mary. Mary says, "I got the calendar, DVDs, and the Mystery of Iniquity. Wow, I enjoyed them all. The Mystery of Iniquity is what I needed to mentally and spiritually prepare for what is to come. Thank you to those who work for the Rood crew and thank you Mr. Rood." [Michael Rood] Well, thank you, Mary, I appreciate that. And we are—and that's part of what we're doing in the Book of the Revelation. Make sure that you get the book. The Mystery of Iniquity is part of the love gift, and that is going to help you in the years to come. [Leigh Fransen] Five star reviews on Amazon. [Michael Rood] That's right, 5 star— it has a 5-star review on Amazon across the bar. Very few books have a 5-star review. This is one of the few. >>Yeah. Thank you, Leigh. So our next letter comes from Robert. He says, "I have watched your program, A Rood Awakening, which comes on only once a week. Is it really true what you say? You have answered questions that I—" [Michael Rood] No, it's not true what I say. Of course, it's true, it's on television, it's got to be true. "You have answered questions that I have come to wonder about. I hunger for the truths and details of the holy scriptures and what is really going on. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping us understand the scriptures." [Michael Rood] Thank you, Robert. That's why we do it, for you. We have a letter from Anita. She says, " Your teachings are making my relationship whole with Yahweh, our Lord Almighty. Your gift of teaching blesses us all tremendously." [Michael Rood] Thank you—thank you, Anita. And lastly from Martha, "What does the beard mean?" [Michael Rood] What does the beard mean? Well, let me ask, what are you trying to say? I don't know. You know—the beard is just kind of there. Ever since I stopped scrapping my face with sharpened steel instruments twice a day, this is what happened. And—you know—I believe that it is a— it's really—it's a phenomenon. Women don't have these. You know—they don't. They don't get to have these, and men do. And so I —at one point I decided I'm going to stop trying to defeat the purposes of the Almighty, and I am just going to enjoy what he has given me. And since he saw fit to take it off the top of my head in my later years, I think this is as good as it gets. >>Okay. >>What does the beard mean? Okay, keep going, what else do we have, Leigh? We have a question from Harry. "I currently worship at a Baptist church where it is part of the doctrine that salvation cannot be lost. I don't see the truth of that in scripture. If a person that has accepted the truth of Christ and only God knows the heart of man, then willfully and repeatedly sins without repentance and dies in that unrepentant state, is he still rewarded to spend eternity with God? Can you direct me to some helpful scripture?" Okay, let's handle this in a transitional Baptist way. Let's go right straight to the scripture on this, and we're not going to deal with a lot of philosophy or nuances. But in 2nd Peter, chapter 2, Saul is writing. It says—excuse me, this is Peter that's writing to the dispersed Israelite, "But there were false prophets also among the people even as there are false teachers among you." And he's talking about in Israel there were—you know— we had false prophets among us back then, and there are going to be false teachers among the body of believers. "Who shall privily bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction." And it goes on and talks about their feigned words, their maliciousness, and these are ministers in the body of believers that have gone off the track. They were righteous ministers. They had done things right at one time. Now we get all the way down to— and you should read the entire chapter, but verse 12—here, let me read you this, but these natural brute beasts were made to be taken and destroyed. They speak evil of the things they do not understand and shall utterly perish in their own corruption. It goes on in verse 20, for if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning. For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than after they had known it, to turn away from the holy commandment delivered under them. So let me ask you in strictly Baptist terms, those who never know the way of righteousness, what happens to them? Where do they go for eternity according to Baptist dogma? Do we have—okay, we have some people that came into the studio and filled in the back row first. I'm going to ask them because apparently they're Baptists because only Baptists come in and sit in the back rows first. Okay, any Baptists out there? According to Baptist doctrine, what happens when a person never knows the way of righteousness— what happens to them for eternity? Shout it out someone. They burn in hell forever, right? Okay, now here is our ministers who have known the way of righteousness through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and yet then what happens is that they have taken a turn. How could it be worse for them than never having known? Okay? That means it's worse than burning in hell forever for a minister that turns away. That's what this verse is saying according to Baptist theology. Well, I would say that there's a hole in the theology. Once saved, always saved. I believe it, but we are not saved until the captain of our salvation returns and changes our mortal body into an immortal body or a corrupted body into incorruptible. That is when we are saved. Sozo or made whole. We are not at this moment born again, we are begotten again— very important distinction, but it has to be made. The problem is we are reading a text in English, and the translators did not even consistently translate the words gennao anothen the same way. Sometimes it's born again, sometimes it's begotten again. We are begotten again, we're supposed to grow up in the full stature of Messiah, and then we will be born again when our bodies change because flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Okay, that's a short answer. Leigh? >>Okay. We have another question from Christy H. She asks, "Thank you, Michael for all that you do for the gospel. I've learned a lot from your teachings. It is truly a breath of fresh air to me. I have one question though, I agree with you concerning the astronomical sign, which happened around September of 3 BCE, that led the astrologers to Bethlehem and the gospel of Matthew. What slips me up is in the gospel of Luke, chapter 2, verses 41 and 42. Every year Yeshua's parents went to Jerusalem for the Festival of of the Passover. When he was twelve years old, they went up to the festival, according to the custom. The word for was is gneto or became. So according to Luke, Yeshua's birthday is around Passover. That means he had his Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem. Well that makes sense because Yeshua was the Passover lamb. So the question is, could Yeshua be conceived around September of 3 BCE and then was born around Passover, or could Luke be off when he stated Yeshua became twelve? I need help to understand this. Thank you for your time." Okay, Christy. First of all, when he was twelve years old, the word was gneto. That—that's a plain fact. He became twelve years of age. And so they went up to Passover. And then you used the word so. What does the word so mean, Leigh? >>Therefore. Therefore, okay. So it's like a mathematical axiom. So he became twelve, and he went up to Passover, so according to Luke, Yeshua's birthday is around Passover. You can't say that. You know—there's no so there. There's no therefore there. There's no equals there. You just—a child doesn't have to go to Passover. When you become twelve years old, then you go to Passover. And then to say that he had his Bar Mitzvah at Jerusalem, you know—that is something that is a modern thing that is done to go to Jerusalem for a Bar Mitzvah— you know—there is no way that you can equate these things. So you don't have any problems. There are no problems except when you start making mathematical axioms out of simple statements. He was twelve years old, and he went up to Passover. That has nothing to do about his birthday. That's why you need to get The Chronological Gospels that details everything that happened in order— all of the 7 astronomical signs, exactly what the Chaldean astronomers were looking for, and what they saw the morning that they left from Herod's palace to get to Bethlehem, okay? Do we have some more, Leigh? >>We do. Darone says, "Dear Michael, thank you for the teaching that you are sharing. Praise Yeshua who blessed you with a deep understanding of the word and a spirit revelation. After listening to your teaching about The Chronological Gospels, the Jonah Code, the Torah, and the 70-weeks ministry, it all makes much more sense, but I do have one question, Eusebius wrote in the book, History of the Church, that Yeshua's ministry was three and a half years based on the line of high priests that Josephus gave in antiquities of the Jews. Josephus wrote that between Annas and Caiaphas, there were 2 high priests. I guess Eusebius used the verse from Luke that said that John began baptizing at the time of Annas and Caiaphas, and came to the conclusion that it happened between those three and a half more or less years. So what does it mean that they were high priests? Were there two high priests at that time?" [Michael Rood] Yeah, that's a simple misunderstanding of even English, which of course, Josephus didn't write in English. But it was not two intervening priests between Annas and Caiaphas, it's between the two of them there were two high priests, and they were high priests at the same time, and they were assigned by Rome. You will notice that even with this—even with this, trying—Eusebius trying to figure this out, Eusebius said, "Yeshua's ministry was three and a half years, which is one half of a week. He has told you the context. He is attempting to find a resolution or an answer to the 70 week—the 70 weeks of Daniel chapter 9. That's why he said, three and a half years, which is one half of a week, okay? You will notice that Eusebius did not quote John chapter 6, verse 4, okay? Because in John chapter 2 and 3 is Passover. John chapter 12 there is Passover. Why did he not state John 6:4, which was given over 2 years? Because John 6:4 was not added into any manuscripts until after the 4th century. It did not appear in any manuscripts for over 300 years. Every church father, every historian for 300 years concurred, and not one descending opinion, Yeshua's ministry was about one year until Eusebius came up with this ridiculous hair-brained idea as his way of trying to decipher Daniel's prophecy that even Isaac Newton, which is far more intelligent than Eusebius— Isaac Newton couldn't figure it out. Eusebius—once he threw that three and a half year ministry in, then later text —then they started add this John— what turns out to be John 6:4, the Passover Yeshua never goes to, and in fact, feeds 9000 people with leavened bread during the feast of leavened bread in the Galilee. So we can go right back to Josephus, and we can go right back to Eusebius and find out why Eusebius came up with this hair-brained idea, which has completely destroyed the Christian world's ability to understand the gospels and the chronology of the gospels because everyone has to protect the tradition that they were born with. Unfortunately, that tradition was hatched in the 4th century by a calf kissing papist who wrote the oration and exaltation of the Emperor Constantine who brought in all of the Babylonian and Roman sun god worship and forbid anyone to keep the Sabbath or the feast, and then he would execute those who did. Leigh, thank you very much. I think that's all the time we have. I think we have plenty more questions, but we'll have to do it some other time. Okay? >>Okay. >>So we're going to take a break right now. We're going to be back after a word for our sponsors with our special guest and also our update from Israel. We'll see you in just a moment. [male speaker] Around the world today people are hungry for answers. They're asking who am I? Is this all that I am? And praying to Gods of wood and stone who cannot hear and will not answer. Who will help them understand? As followers of the Messiah, we know the truth, the truth that sets men free. The truth about the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who sent his son Yeshua so that we may have internal life with him. And the gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations. On November 2, 2012, A Rood Awakening International began to take the word of the Messiah to over 150 countries around the world on Inspiration TV and the Church Channel, but we need your help. Now you can partner with Michael and Judith Rood to sponsor one of these countries, as together we bring it to the world. Your sponsorship will help cover the cost of staying on the air in the country of your choice. Today you can join the Ambassador's Club by sponsoring a country for as little as $100 per month or a one-time gift of $1200. As a thank you, Michael would like for you to receive our Bring it to the World Ambassador's Club package. I am sponsoring Sweden. I am sponsoring Germany. 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Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, our programs were first record at the Lester Sumrall television studios in South Bend, Indiana. That's where Middle East television comes out of. It's LeSEA or Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association. And it was shortly after that that we moved to Israel. Chaim Goldman and I both moved to Israel and then we began writing and producing A Rood Awakening from Israel. And we spent years working on this project, funding it basically on credit cards and the few people that would help us, and now we are able to reach out around the world with this message because it has changed so many tens of thousands and now hundreds of thousands of people's lives who have felt the drawing of the spirit to get reunited with the Hebrew roots of the faith and to shed the paganism that we inherited through Rome and is still part and parcel of the western experience of churchianity. And now as we're reaching out to you, we appreciate that if you are being ministered to by this broadcast, remember that we are freely giving so that you can freely give. You are freely receiving. You can get this on television, on YouTube, but in order for us to do it, it takes a big staff. It takes an international staff to bring this to you, and we appreciate that you stand with us. Be part of Bring it to the World. If your life has been changed, help us reach others out there, okay? So Ladies and Gentleman, right now we're going to take you right back to the home front— back to Israel to get inside Israel to find out what's really going on. And to take us there this week is Ariela Steagall with our special report—Ariela. Thank you, Michael. Welcome back to Inside Israel for Shabbat Night Live. I'm Ariela Steagall. A film crew in China goes on location to the Holy Land. The Chinese film crew wanted to capture the mystic essence of Jerusalem's old city as the backdrop for a full-length romantic comedy. The artist worked in close relationship with the Israel Ministry of Tourism to successfully film their movie titled Old Cinderella. Recently Israel is finding more foreign film companies choosing their settings for featured films. Such places as Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and other areas release a dramatic landscape for their projects. In other news, from over 80 different countries with a kaleidoscope of languages, there is one place in Israel that houses cultural diversity. It is the IDC International Radio station. This is the only international college radio station in Israel with a hub of global voices broadcasting cutting edge radio programs. The students themselves who host, produce, and edit quality shows on a wide range of topics run these radio programs. These international students living in Israel are able to release a unique global view about their experiences and Israeli life within the world. Since the birth of the nations, the land of Israel has been a targeted gem of the world, enticing cultures to gather. We see the nations gathering through various means from film projects to radio shows. I'm Ariela Steagall. Thank you for joining me for this week's edition of Inside Israel. Thank you, Ariela. That's right, it is one of the greatest places on the planet to film. And when we began doing our Rood Awakening from Israel, you could hear it from our apartment— the buses that were being blown up by Muslim terrorists in the land of Israel weekly. It was happening, and we were doing this at a very dark time in Israel's history. In fact, we started doing our Rood Awakening tour—our archaeological tour when there were no other motor coaches— no other buses running in the entire land of Israel. We stood with Israel then, and now we see that Israel has taken charge of things, put some of the terrorists behind walls to let them—you know— be separate from the main population. But yet where we lived up in the Galilee— you know—we live hand-in-hand with the Arabs. It's a wonderful community, a wonderful fellowship. There are so many Arab believers—Arab believers— Christians who are coming to the Hebrew roots of their faith, and this is what we're teaching up there in the Galilee, and my wife, in fact, went to a ladies fellowship— 20-year ladies fellowship of Arab and Jewish women hand-in-hand studying the scriptures together. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a whole different scene in Israel than what you see on the news. We encourage you to get over there to Israel and find out about it. And to help us in this journey we have a special guest with us this week, Cliff Maynard. He is the vice president of the National Jewish Fellowship of the Assemblies of God. He is an ordained Assemblies of God minister. He is the host of the Living Room radio program and has had a very, very interesting journey from his Christian world into the Jewish and Hebrew roots of his faith. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the program Cliff Maynard. [Cliff Maynard] Shalom. >>Shalom brother. Welcome. >>Good to be here. Shabbat shalom. >>Shabbat shalom. Well, Cliff, this has been quite an exciting journey because as an ordained Assembly of God minister, this is—this has been quite a journey for you to get back to your family background, which is Jewish. [Cliff Maynard] Right. >>Let's start at the beginning. >>Sure. Give us a background of where you came from. Were you raised in the Assemblies of God? Were you raised in the church? [Cliff Maynard] I was raised in a church. My family came out of Lodz, Poland and went from Lodz, Poland into Russia, from Russia into Germany, from Germany to England, and then from England over to America. And then when they got here, I guess, we assimilated because the only thing I heard growing up was that we were Russian Jews. That's what I heard most of my life growing up, and I didn't quite know what that meant. But at 9 years old I accepted Messiah as my savior. And God began to pull me in that direction. [Michael Rood] So your mom and pop, they had you in church from a youth then. From a youth age—from a young age. So at nine years of age, that's when you made that conscious decision, and you remember that. Exactly, at 9 years old. And then at 11 years old God took me to heaven. I was there at 11 years old. So I was just— [Michael Rood] Was this a revelation, did you die, what— I was—you know—I don't know what you believe, but I was filled with the Holy Spirit at that time, and during that time—for 2 hours I was in Heaven. It seemed like 2 minutes to me, but it was 2 hours because everybody in the church was gone. My mom and the pastor were still sitting there, but— and so that was another part of—>>Yeah. A part of what took place for me in that process. [Michael Rood] That's beautiful—well that's important to know. And that's why I say there are some people that die in car accidents. >>Right. And they have an experience and come back, but other people are just given that revelation. And so that was something that happened for you. >>Right. You found yourself in the presence of the Almighty. >>Right. And obviously it's a life changing experience because you're still on that path, are you not? Well, all my life—you know—I heard this is—you know— my mom calls me a miracle child because of some things that happened when I was born. So I heard it all my life much like Mosha heard—you know— we read in Hebrews he was a beautiful child, and what it really means was God has his hand on his life. So for me, God had his hand on my life from the time I was a young man all the way growing up, so I never got away from that. And as I began to get a little older, I began to feel drawn towards the things that were Jewish. And so I began doing research and searching. And every time I turned around, I realized that it wasn't deep enough— what I was hearing in the word, so I knew there had to be more. And so it kind of pulled me into that to begin searching for my background—for our roots. [Michael Rood] Was this happening in like your teenage years? This happened actually—because I got married at a very young age. My wife is here tonight. She has been my girlfriend since I was about 9. And I got married when I was 17 years old—no children. She's still my best friend. Girl friend since 9 years of age? >>That's right. And you married your really childhood sweetheart. >>Childhood sweetheart. Wonderful. >>Thirty six years this August. And you have children? >>No, we don't. Two Springer Spaniels, those are my two kids— those are—Sophie and Katy, those are my two kids. So that was—that was the process. And the I began to be—around 19 years old I began to really feel a pull— you know—and you send enough time in Israel— in Judaism they always say there's a spark, there's something that pulls us back. And, of course, we know it's the last day's prophecy about how God is calling these people home. So for me, what I was hearing in church wasn't satisfying me because it was the same old message, and it really—it was almost like on a top level there had to be something deeper. So I began to search my roots. I began to dig deeper into the word of God. Everything I could read that was messianic—you know— back in those days it was ________, and everything that I could—everything that I could pull into. I couldn't—you know—I couldn't get enough of it. And so God began to pull me that way. In the Assemblies of God, it was a little strange. Back then you really couldn't be Jewish—you know. [Michael Rood] You actually had experienced a little bit of antisemitism among your fellow clergy. Absolutely—and still today to some degree. You know—it's gotten much better, but—you know—they'll say, what are you wearing a kippa for, you're still under the law—you know—you're not under the law anymore. And—you know—I found that he just—they just don't understand. And so our job—I feel my job is to help them understand what it means to be a Messianic Jew. To understand that we're all moving towards that anyway. Messiah will return—you know—all the feasts are going to come back, of course, except for the sacrifice of the lamb. And we're all going to be living in a Messianic era. So we might as well get used to that now. And I couldn't understand when I was a young man, why don't they focus on what's going on in the old? And I was smart enough to learn that what comes first is most important—it's foundational. Am I right? >>That's right. And I think, Michael, the biggest problem we have today in the church is that we have a church that's built just like— it's like Paul said, we have a house, but we don't have a foundation in the church because we've taken the foundational parts of the word of God, which is the old covenant, and we've kind of done away with it. Except for—most churches will focus on Psalms, they'll focus on Proverbs, maybe on Ezekiel, and a little bit on Daniel, but they kind of go away from everything else when Messiah himself said, the scriptures speak of me. Well what scriptures were there? Even the Apostle Paul said, Timothy, don't do away, these things give you life, teach and focus on these things. Let me ask you, Cliff, when he says all scriptures given by inspiration of God, was he talking about Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts? No, it was the book of—it was the book of—what's the guy's name—I don't know. Make on up, it doesn't matter because there was no book then. There was no berit hadashah then. There was no new covenant at that time. That's right, none of the new gospels had been written at the time he said, all scriptures given by the inspiration of God. It's profitable for documentary proof or correction or instruction and righteousness. And it's like you take an honest look at that, which you did, and it's like okay, well, it's the Torah. It's what—we're not really taught anything about it. It's the prophets who take us back to the Torah, the standard of rigorousness. Exactly. Well, in the seminary, did you have a— did you also feel that there was a lack of that foundation in the Torah and the prophets? Absolutely, and that's the problem we have in church today. That's the reason why we don't have any real answers because there's no way of life. There's just a genie in the bottle, you know what I mean? When they get in trouble, they go rub it, and they need 3 wishes just to get them out of trouble. They don't know there's a way. When Messiah said, I'm the way, the truth, and the life— you know—he was talking about the way. And all of the Torah—>>The Halakha. The Halakha, that's what it means, the way. It's the way you live, it's the way you walk, it's the way you serve Hashem, it's the way you serve Yehovah, it's the way you serve him. So even Messiah when he came, he says— he tells us, I didn't come to do away with the—with the— they use the word law, but the word law in Hebrew really means— what does it mean? >>Instruction. >>Instruction, exactly. Instruction for what? Instruction on a way to live. And the word that they miss is the word fulfill. Fulfill doesn't mean it's over with. Fulfill means to show a fuller way of living, a fuller deeper explanation of those things. And we're very much aware today that during the time of Messiah— you know—the study of the parshanut — you know—the section of the scripture that are— every week in synagogues that are studied and read was being done then, but Messiah came to bring a fuller, deeper understanding even to the very lower levels of Torah. And that's why he mentions jots and tittles. You know—King James did a good job by putting that in there, but the fact of the matter is if you look up— most people don't understand what that is. Well, it's the hidden things that he expounded on. So he came to give a fuller meaning and understanding to the word of God. And that's what we try to help people understand within the church. Some are really resistant to it, but they might as well give up, and they might as well join in because this is the way everything is moving. And as the closer we get to Messiah returning, the closer we're going to be moving back towards way things should be done. Well, there is—among the orthodox, there's quite an argument, and it's a good argument—at least in their mind— that Yeshua—Jesus isn't the Messiah because he hasn't fulfilled all the Messianic prophecies. And, of course, we can admit that. That's true, he's not reigning from his throne in Jerusalem, but yet—and even during his ministry—you know— anyone that said, you're the son of David, you're the Messiah, he would say, shut up, don't say that. But yet, the very essence what Moses said that there is coming the prophet that we must shema— we must hear and obey. When you see that—we see that repeated throughout the gospels, and Yeshua never backs anyone off on that. It's like yes, he is the prophet, you must listen to him. And this is part of what the Messianic movement— the Messianics who really have the heart in the Torah is bringing to the Christian world. >>Right. It's like—you know—it's not just your sweet 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus. Exactly. >>It's he's the prophet, listen to him, do what he said to do. Hey, Michael, this is the one thing that the church needs to get a hold of. First of all, whenever Israel was moving through and God would tell them to expel and get rid of all the people that were Pagans— all the Pagan religions and everything that went with that. The reason he told them to do that was because it would— the word there I think he uses is it would capture them in Hebrew. It would actually take and hook them. It would snare them. >>Right. >>That they would be a snare to them. Well, we find that we see that in the very church today, don't we? We have—we have not expelled it; therefore, we have become like them, and the presence of God is really not there, and we are losing them by the hundreds and by the thousands when in turn people are flocking to Messianic teaching because it's deeper, it's returning to the way Yehovah indented it to be—the way Messiah intend it to be. One more thing—I want to answer one more thing that you mentioned. You know—when I—and I debate Orthodox rabbis from time to time and have done so online and so forth along those lines. And one of the things I mention to them is Daniel chapter 9, verse 25 and 26. And I say to them, if Meshiak was supposed to come before the temple was destroyed, then what Messiah are you looking for? Because it plainly tells us that he must come before then. So we know Yeshua is the Messiah. He's the only one that fits the bill. Every prophecy concerning him up to the date of now is there. It has not been fulfilled yet— there hasn't been complete fulfillment, but he did come and fulfill by adding more to bringing fullness to the Torah. And, of course, that's the whole purpose of us today, isn't it? And that's what we carry on. We carry on this message to—and it's almost introspective because the church has lost so much sight of the fact. We don't have any Jews in the church because we're not trying to win them like we should according to Romans 1:16—to the Jew first and then to the gentile. We spend very little time trying to reach them. You know—we've lost sight of this rich Jewish heritage that every one of us have in the one new man and Hebraic roots. And we have to get to that because that—we're going to need it. That's right. And with—there's a different method—a different focus that has to be used with understanding as far as with the Jewish population and with the Christian population. >>Exactly. And this is something that—Cliff has been on this path for a long time. So we're going to take a short break. We're going to be back with Cliff in just a few minutes, and we are going to see what the Almighty is doing— how his spirit is moving to bring us into a right relationship with the one true God. We'll be back in just a moment. Hi, I'm Anny. >>And I'm, Laura. And you're in time for the Rood Review. Laura, what do you have for us tonight? I've got details. Details? Details. >>What are these so called details? Sukkot 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Denver International Airport Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. Ticket by donation. You set the price. Does this hotel have room for all of us? The hotel is currently set up to seat 500 attendees, but I talked with Peggy at the hotel, and she assured me that if we have more, she can open up another room to seat a 1000—even 2000. The largest Messianic event of the year. Ever. Speaking of room, how much is a room if you want to stay at the Crowne Plaza? Crowne Plaza sounds expensive. That's the thing, Anny, they gave us a special rate of $85 a night—$85 dollars a night. All the details are at Wonderful. One more bit of news. If you reserve your copy of The Chronological Gospels with your ticket, we will deliver it to you at the event signed by Michael. That's right. On our ticket leap page, when you purchase your ticket, you set your price for donation, you can add box lunches, and you can also add your copy of The Chronological Gospels Bible. So Anny, that makes me ask you, if they get the bible at the event, does that mean that we will have the bible by the event? Laura, The Chronological Gospels were personally sent by Michael to the printer last week. It is official, The Chronological Gospels Bible will be available at Sukkot 2013. You heard it hear folks, it's official. Here's what that means for anyone not attending Sukkot. If you place an order online to reserve your copy of The Chronological Gospels Bible, we will ship yours to you beginning on the Monday following our Sukkot event in Denver. That means Monday, September 23, 2013, those bibles will begin shipping out. But if you are at the event, we will make sure that we have your Chronological Gospels Bible in Denver. Reserve yours today at Speaking of spreading the gospels, Anny, yesterday was Independence Day for the United States, and Monday was Canada Day for Canada. That's right, Laura. But as it says in the Chronological Gospels Bible and John, the truth will set you free. And it is our goal to bring the truth of Yehovah to U.S. and Canada. Speaking of Canada, Anny, do you have an update for us on Canada? I spoke with Ted, who is the director of television, and he says that we are so close to being on the air in Canada. Does Michael even know the words to O Canada? I don't know, but we'll have to ask him. Michael? That's all folks. Be sure to tune in next week for the Rood Review. O Canada, O Canada, how lovely are your branches. [Cliff Maynard] Close. Was that close? >>Close. >>Close, Cliff, okay. >>Close. Well, here we are Ladies and Gentlemen, we are with Cliff Maynard, vice president of the National Jewish Fellowship of the Assemblies of God, ordained Assembly of God minister, who began going back to the Hebrew roots of his faith as a young man, found that the spirit has been leading him all of his life to open up the treasures in the word and then turn around and pour them back out to the gentile world as well as the Jewish world. Cliff, tell us what's going on with the Assemblies of God and what you're doing as far as your ministry to the gentiles who are getting drafted into Israel. Sure. I tell ya, we are so grateful for George Wood, our general superintendent. George Wood is an incredible man of God who has opened up the doors. And there's been a lot of ground work laid by people like Ray Gannon and the Assemblies of God that help open those doors and forge those ways so that we could embrace our Hebraic roots— so we could embrace the Jewish faith. [Michael Rood] Well, that hasn't always been the case. >>No, it has not. I mean, there's been some real struggles going on— a number of ministers in the Assembly of God who stated the same path as you. >>Exactly. And found themselves with a left foot of fellowship. >>Exactly. But something has transpired. It certainly has. >>With the—with Mr. Woods. Well—you know—Brother Wood has a son-in-law that's Jewish. [Michael Rood] A son-in-law? A son-in-law that is Jewish. Could it be that the Almighty put that love affair together? A son-in-law who is Jewish. [Cliff Maynard] A divine hand of God, there's no doubt about that. >>Amen. And Brother Wood has such a heart. You cannot dislike your family members. >> You cannot. You cannot—mishpakha—you can't. You know—you really can't, you really can't do that. So now is the son-in-law a believer now? He's a believer as well. Yes, he is. >>Okay. >>Six years, I think. And don't hold me to that number. That's just what I've heard—along that line. That's beautiful. >>Yeah. >>So there was something that actually started in his heart. Exactly. So we have this freedom in the Assemblies of God that we didn't have before, and I'm very grateful for that, and I'm grateful that I'm a part of that denomination, it's a great denomination. And I would say to my fellow ministers out there within the Assemblies of God to stop being so afraid. We're not preaching anything that's different from the word of God, except for the truth. It is what it is, you can't change what it is. That's right. Cliff, we actually have ordained Assembly of God ministers on our staff here of A Rood Awakening. [Cliff Maynard] Wonderful. Yeah, it's—it's such a rich heritage of leading people into an understanding of the spirit. >>Exactly. Yeshua said, I'm going to send you a comforter. That comforter—there are manifestation of that spirit within. It's the Messiah in us. And this is something that the Messianic movement really needs to understand. >>Absolutely. It's not—it's not the Torah just—you know— >>Right. We're not going to be going around measuring each other's tzitzit. Right, exactly. I got some pretty long ones here. Yeah, you got some long—man you're— well, you're in the holy man chair up here anyway. But we see that you're able to take that spirit of the living God and interject that into an area that sometimes can get dry if people don't understand. [Cliff Maynard] It certainly is—you know—one of the things we need to remember is Ezekiel talks about the Valley of Dry Bones. Can they live, can there be flesh on these bones, can they breathe again? Well, that breath is the— >>Air is the ruach. It's the ruach. And so it's a very natural thing for us to be filed with the Holy Spirit. It's what it's intended to be. And if anything, the Messianic community— the thing I would say to the church out there is to realize that the ruach is leading us to the point to where we can understand these things. If you—if you have a problem with that, let me ask you, wherever did Messiah on the execution stake say stop following Torah? You know—stop learning. Yes, we've broken the mold, but that doesn't mean we're supposed to stop learning them. And if you're an adopted child, you're adopted into my family. You don't have children, but if one of my daughters disobeyed once, I don't expect that the rest of her life she's just going to live a rampant disobedient life. >>Exactly. Okay, you make a mistake. >>You make a mistake. At least you know what the standard of righteousness is. >>Exactly. And the Almighty holds us to that standard of righteousness. [Cliff Maynard] He holds us to that, and that—but we should learn. This is way Paul said, I left you with milk, and you're still at milk. Well, the church is still at milk. We need to get to some meet. I encourage them to read Acts chapter 27. They should go read Acts chapter 27. Read that very carefully. Not very pastors have ever really read that chapter. And you'll find that there we had a real problem. The council of Jerusalem, they're accusing Paul of not following the laws of Mosha anymore. James, the brother of Yeshua said, "Go pay the sacrifice. He goes to the temple, and if that's not following those laws, I don't know what is. [Michael Rood] That's right. Well, Cliff, it's been a joy and a privilege to have you on the program this week. Been my honor. Well, we'll have to do it again sometime, but right now, we have to go to the Tent of Abraham. Join me for the kiddush—the bread and the wine. And then back in post-apocalyptic Charlotte, North Carolina for tonight's episode of From Here to Eternity: The Good News of the Apocalypse and the Demise of the New World Order. And tonight we're going to find out that Yeshua has a little come to Jesus meeting with the Assemblies in Asia Minor. So we'll be back in just a minute. Join us in the Tent of Abraham. The traditions of modern Judaism remind us of what we did during the temple period. Not what we did, but they remind us of what we did. But the followers of Yeshua also have some other traditions, some other things that are reminders of what has been accomplished for us. They're reminders of what goes back long before the temple period, and it reminds us of what happened the very year that Yeshua was crucified and resurrected. At the last supper that Yeshua had with his disciples, the Greek scriptures tell us that he took artoun, he took leavened bread and broke it. Of course, the English, the Greek, and all scriptures tell us that this last supper was before the Feast of Passover, and the following morning the Pharisees refused to go into Pilate's judgment hall because they didn't want to be defiled so that they could eat the Passover. This is not the Passover meal. Every time we serve bread and wine, it gives us the opportunity—as Yeshua says, "As often as you do this, you do this in remembrance of me." And so, as Yeshua said, this represents my body, which we've broken for you. This represents my shed blood. And he spoke the prayer that Melchizedek shared with Abraham thousands of years ago. Baruch Atah, Yehovah Eloheinu, Melech ha-olam. Bo-rei p’ri hagafen. Blessed are you, Yehovah, our Elohim, King of the Universe, creator of the fruit of the vine. And Yeshua took bread. And he blessed the most high saying, Baruch Atah, Yehovah Eloheinu, Melech ha-olam. Ha-motzi, le-heim, mein ha-ar-retz. Blessed are you, Yehovah, our Elohim, King of the Universe who brings forth bread from the earth. As often as you do this, we do this in remembrance of him. L'chaim. This is the revelation of Jesus Christ, as it says in the very first verse of chapter 1 of the Book of the Revelation. This is the revelation of Yeshua Messiah. First of all—and, of course, in your King James it says the revelation is from the word apocalypsis in Greek, which is the revealing. This is the revealing of him as the Messiah. As it says, the revelation of Jesus Christ. Christ is not his last name. Jesus was not the son of Mary and Joseph Christ. Okay? He did not have a shingle outside of his builder shop saying Joseph Christ and Son—you know—construction company. All right? He was a technone. Technone is what it is in the Greek, and most likely, Yeshua was a mason. But because he charged, he was not a free mason. But there's not a whole lot of building that goes on— that went on in the land of Israel with wood. How people were technones, how they were builders is they build with stone. In Tzippori, which is just the next town over from Gennesaret, most likely would be a place where Yosef and his son and his other sons would—as masons—as technone—as builders would build. Of course, we have it in the King James as carpenter. So for all of eternity, people will be thinking that he'll be making chip and dale chairs to set up at the Queen Anne table with 3 leaves. Okay, but Yeshua was most likely a mason. So his last name is no Christ. He is the Messiah. I was kind of amused at the Book of Mormon, which is one of my favorite reading materials. Okay, all right. Why it's one of my favorites is that 300 years— I mean, it's even got dates in there. Three hundred years before the birth of Yeshua, they prophesied of this child would be born, and his name is Jesus Christ. Three hundred years before his birth, he is given a name that nobody would even say until after the 16th century in England, okay? There has never been anyone by the name of Jesus born in the land of Israel—never, ever. Plenty of people—we've got people from here in the south. Anyone from Mexico? Yeah, any from Mexico? Any—okay, anyone named Jesus born in Mexico? Jesus, yeah, right. Okay. Plenty of people named Jesus, but that doesn't mean that Jesus was Mexican. No, his name is Yeshua, which is Yehovah is our Yeshua, our salvation, okay? And so this is the revelation of him as the Messiah. And we found out at the very beginning that this book is written— this is written to the doulos, the bond servants of Yeshua. This is not to casual Christians, it's not to pew warmers, it's not for innocent bystanders. They will never understand it. It's not written to them. They can't even grasp the simplest concepts. They can write plenty of books on him, and you can go to the library and find dozens of books written by people who are not really sold out servants of the Messiah, who have got all this Pagan sun worship all mixed in with it, who have never gotten their garments cleaned up, and they are going to give you their opinions, but their opinions aren't worth listening to. Oh, I know in America everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That simply means that stupidity and ignorance are not capital offensive whereby you can be executed. That's all that people entitled to their own opinion— it doesn't mean I have to listen to them. It doesn't mean they're worthy to be listened to, but they can have them. I don't care. Atheists can have an opinion, but it's a stupid opinion. It's absolutely asinine to think that this all just happened— that we are just the result of millions of chance mutations out of a purely mechanical universe, and there is no God. I mean, I can't even fathom such stupidity. It's beyond ridiculous. And yet, these people are listening to it as if their opinion counts. Your opinion—if you're an atheist, get your head out of the sand, as they do in Australia with those ostriches. Okay, so this is from John. He has been boiled in oil for the witness of Messiah. He is exiled on the isle of Patmos. And he is taken away in the spirit to the day of the Lord—the day of Yehovah. And he is given a message to write this to the 7 kaheelah. We strain not to use the word church because William Tyndale only used the word church twice when he translated the new testament, and both times in reference to Pagan temples, okay? It's the kaheelah, it's the assemblies, it's the congregations, and we then see that John was taken by revelation, and he sees Yeshua. And we have to read this very quickly, I turned to see the voice who spoke to me. And when I turned I saw—in verse 12—seven golden lampstands. In the midst of these lampstands I saw one who appeared like to be the son of man, clothed with the haluk down to his feet and girted about with a golden sash. His hair and his beard were like wool, white as snow. His eyes like a flaming fire. His feet look like polished brass that been refined in a furnace. His voice was like the sound of roaring oceans. In his right hand he had seven stars, and the words out of his mouth cut like a sharp two-edged sword. His face burned brighter than the strength of the sun. And when I saw him I fell at his feet like a dead man. He laid his right hand on me and said, "Fear not, I am the first and last. I am he who was dead and now lives. Behold, I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys to death and the grave." And then he said, "Write the things which you've just seen and the things which are now and the things that shall be in the future." And that is the outline of the Book of Revelation.. What did he just see? He saw Yeshua in all of his glory. He's not an 8 pound 6 ounce baby. He has got fire in his eyes, and he has got something to say. And we are now going to see because he says the significance of those stars you saw in my right hand and these lampstands— the seven stars are the messengers, the messengers of these seven kaheelah—the seven assemblies. And the lampstands are those seven assemblies. In other words, I'm walking among them, I see what's going on, and these messengers are in my hand, and they are going to be given a message to give to you because you need to know what's going to happen in the day of Yehovah. So we begin with the first letter to Ephesus. Now we're going to see in each one of these letters there is the authority by which Yochanan is speaking this. then after the authority is the praise. Then there is a grievance. You know—you've been doing a good job, but we need to sit down and have a little chat right now because you're messing up. And then there's a warning. If you don't straighten out, this is what's going to happen. And there's the council of what to do about it. And then finally the promise where he takes us all the way to the end of the Book of Revelation to show us that all the gloom, all the tragedy, all the bloodshed will be worth all the rays of ravishing light and glory at the end— that it is all worth it. And that is what each one of these letters do, so let's start. To Ephesus—to the messenger of the kaheelah of Ephesus write; these things saith he who holds the seven stars in his right hand and walks in the midst of the seven golden lampstands. See that's his authority. What is he referring back to? The very image of Yeshua who has the stars in his right hand and walks among the assemblies. In other words, you're not going to fool him with anything. You don't see him right now, but he sees you. He knows what's going on. there is nothing that you are doing— I don't care what you think you're telling your congregation. I don't think—I don't care what you think you're pulling over on other people, I see what's going on, and I am going to call you on it. Verse 2. I know you're works and your labors and your endurance and how you cannot bear those who are evil. You have tried those who claim to be apostles, but are not. And you found them to be liars. You have endured patiently, and you have labored in my name and have not fainted. Now ladies and gentlemen, what I would like you to do this week before we come back together— and that's all of you out in the cyberspace as well and the television world. I want you to write a letter to yourself from Yeshua. I want you to go back and find something in the description of Yeshua and thus saith he who has the keys of death and hell. For instance, as we see one of these. To Smyrna; these things saith the first and the last. He who is dead and is now alive. To Pergamos; these things saith he who has the sharp sword with two edges. To Sardis; these things saith he who has the seven spirits of Yehovah and the seven stars. To Thyatira; these things saith the son of Yehovah who has eyes like a burning flame and feet like burnished glass. I want you to read those things and to see what communicates to you and then what does he have good to say about you? And believe me, he has something very specific and something very good to say to you. You spend time in prayer, you spend quiet time, and you ask him. And he will tell you what it is that that he loves and adores about you. And then after you get that written, then I want—on the next line put big letters—but—but. Because there's always a but with Yeshua. No matter what you're doing, no matter how good you think you are, you aren’t all that, okay? And that's—and that is really—you know— asking the spirit—see he is in you. He will speak to you, and he will tell you the big but. Figuratively speaking. He will tell you what needs to be considered, okay? And then you can go through—you know— and then the warning. And just—just go through that. And when we come back next week, what I want you to do is I want you to write me this week. And you can be anonymous, okay? You don't have to say—you know—dear— you know—first and last name, okay? Just use your first name when you send it to me— because send it to me because I want to see what is happening in your life— how the spirit is speaking to you because I believe that we have been called in this generation. We are the culmination of every generation that's gone before us. We are the ones that are living to see a time that are grandparents would never have to deal with. We've got fish to fry that they have no idea, nor could they fry them. But we are standing on their shoulders, and we are living under generational blessings. That's why we're here. I'm tired of hearing of generational curses. Break them and let's get on with it, okay? How about the generational blessings from our forefathers taking a stand and doing the right thing. And here it's is in our hands. What are we going to do with it? Are we going to just let it go down the toilet? Are we just going to flush it? That's what's happening in this nation, people are giving up. Okay, so there's a ridiculous Supreme Court decision where they're not going to listen to what a judge overturned the will of the people. What the people of California ought to do is arrest that judge, put his sorry tale in jail until the Supreme Court decides to hear it because otherwise that bastard's going to rot in jail because the people decided what they wanted to go on in their state. It's states' rights, and that is the law of the land—state's rights. And any federal judge can go directly to hell who decides to overturn the will of the people. Put them in jail, put them in prison. And if the Supreme Court then doesn't make a right decision, impeach them all—impeach every last one of them. Throw their sorry tale in jail. They're tyrant—they are traders of this country. God given rights. You don't want to acknowledge the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, pack your trash and go to Russia you communist atheist. I'll end there. [audience member] Amen. This is a family show. I can't say what I really feel. You have endured patiently and labored in my name. You've tried those who claim to be apostles. Apostles are sent ones, and there are really 3 categories of sent ones. Agalose, as we saw. Agalose are angels who are sent with a message. Agalose is also a human messenger. John the Baptist was an agalose—a messenger. He was sent with a message. Those who are apostles and also ambassadors are those who are sent to deliver a message and to do it verbatim. So we see these three—turns out to be As, angels, apostles, and we have— angels, apostles, and what did I just say—ambassadors, and they are sent ones. And there are those who save they're sent, but they're not sent, they're liars. They are sent on their own accord. They're delivering their own message. They are trying to get a leg up on the believers. They're trying to establish themselves as some big hot shot, and we've got people out there who say that Paul was a false apostle. They've come out with this message, Paul was a false apostle, and they tried him, and this is what he's talking about. Those people that say that, they are false sent ones. The Almighty didn't send them. Yeshua didn't send them. They are sent off their own egotistical desire to be something when they're nothing but a complete idiot who can't handle Saul's writings because they can't put it in context. When you can find what Saul says in the Torah and the prophets, then you've got it in context. These idiots out there don't know the Torah and the prophets. They have never been to the schoolmaster that leads us to the Messiah. They haven't even been to kindergarten. And yet they're going to drag Saul who walked with the spirit and the power of the Almighty. Of course, we've got English translation of his words that are completely messed up. I'll admit that. But Saul was not a false apostle. Those who call him a false apostle are false sent ones. Thus saith Yehovah. I'll put my—I'll put it on the line. I'll put it right before the throne because Yeshua is going to lean over from his throne and he's going to say, "You said, I said, what?" And I'm going to say Saul was not a false apostle. And he said, "Okay, I was just checking with you to make sure you're sure." Okay. See everyone is going to have to answer. That's why I don't say thus saith the Lord very often. but it's time as Saul did to call a liar a liar. And these people called these who were sent—they called them liars. Yeshua calls them liars. He didn't say they miss represented the truth a little bit. No, they're liars. So let's continue on in our reading. People think that I'm actually mad at them out there. You know—they get upset. Haven't you have anybody yell at you righteously? Join the Marine Corps. You'll find out with being yelled at is all about. Okay. The grievance; never the less I have this one thing against you. You've abandon the love that you had for me at the first. And there's not one of us that cannot relate to that. We get so absorbed in the work of the ministry and doing all these things that—you know— all of a sudden we wake up one day, and we say, "Where is Yeshua?" You know—you know—I've been down this road so far and it's like voice is so far away, and you cry out I need to hear your voice again. I need—I need to fellowship with you. I've got to have it. And Yeshua said, "All the good things you're doing, you've kind of left me behind. I want you to get refocused here." And so now the warning. So consider from where you've fallen. Turn back and do the works that you did at the first. If you do not return, I am going to come in among you and forcibly shake your lampstand. He's not speaking to an individual, he's speaking to the congregation here. You've been doing all this work, but yet you've left something behind. Now you need to return. And if you don't, I'm going to come in there, and I am going to shake it up. See that's why churches split. The main reason why churches split is because something is wrong. And so Yeshua says he's going to do it. He'll use any agency necessary to shake it up, but he's going to shake it up. You know—what was it the— Herbert Armstrong's organization, what's that called? >>World Wide Church. >>The World Wide Church of God, okay? There were people keeping the Sabbath, going to the commandments, celebrating the feasts, having a wonderful time. He dies, and what happens? Somebody comes in and puts them all right back into Pagan sun god worship. With Easter, the bare-breasted sex goddess of Babylon and Christmas and doing all this stuff and forsaking the commandments. And it's like, why did that happen? Because you had thousands and tens of thousands of people who immediately went that way. You know why, because they weren't following the true God to begin with. They were following men. And all you had to do is replace the head and turn the head and make him go another direction, and everybody follows like a bunch of idiot sheeple. That was the best thing that ever happened to that organization is it was split into a billion pieces. Because you've got false shepherds, and you've got people that are just playing games. This is for doulos— this is for bond slaves, those who have the bloodied ring in their ear who says I am going to follow Yeshua, and I'm going to stand, and I'm going to do what he says to do. That's to whom this is written. Get rid of the innocent bystanders. Build a big coliseum and fill it with these people. You've got to have big barns to gather the chaff to burn it in the last days. So—but this you have to your credit, you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans. You hate the deeds of Nicolaitans. And further on it says—Yeshua actually says that—to Pergamus— He says, "You also have those who holds the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which I hate." Yeshua hates it. He doesn't have a distaste for it. It makes him puke. He hates it. It is vile. He hates the doctrine and the deeds of the Nicolaitans. And what are these doctrines? And what is this deeds of the Nicolaitans? In Greek, niko is nike conqueror. Laitos—laity—the people. It's the conquerors of the people. It is the—as I read the footnote here in the Chronological Gospels, the systematic subjugation of the people under a higher hierarchical authoritarian religious system. This dictatorial ploy was first—was circumvented by Yeshua when James and John used their mother's emotional plea in an attempt to secure themselves a Nicolaitan position among their fellow disciple. And what I want you to do is go right to page 187. Oh, you don't have it, it's not on your page 187. It's in the new one you're going to get in September. And number 154—and I am going to read that to you. Page 187, incident number 154 in Yeshua's life and ministry. This happens on the road from Perea. Perea—I live in Poriya, that's up north. This is Perea, which is down the Dead Sea Valley as they journey to Jerusalem via Jericho. And in Matthew it—I'll read it out of Matthew here because Matthew, Mark, and Luke— all three of them cover this particular incident. Okay? But I'm going to read it from Matthew to save us some time. As Yeshua is going up to Yerushalayim he took the 12 disciples aside and said to them, look, we're going up to Yerushalayim, and the son of Man will be betrayed to the ruling kohen and to the sages, and they will condemn him to death and deliver him to the Gentiles to mach, discourage, and to crucify him. And the third day he shall rise again. The Jonah Code is he would be in the grave three days and three nights, yet rise the third day. That's the entire equation, and that's what the Christian world can't put together since they inherited the Babylonian sun worship festivals of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, okay? Then came to him the mother of Zebedee's children with her sons worshiping him and desiring a certain things from him. He said, "What do you want?" See, in the Greek it's got the edge on it. She comes up and bows down to him, and he says, "What do you want woman?" You know—what are you up to? You know—she's got her sons James and John, his disciples, in tow. What do you—what do you want? And he said—and she replied, "I'll grant that these two sons of mine here may sit on your left hand and on your right hand when you enter your kingdom. Yeshua said, "You know not what you ask. You have no idea what you're asking." And then he turned to James and John. Get over here. "Are you able to drink of the cup that I'm going to drink of? Are you able to be mikvehed with the mikveh? Baptized of the baptism I'm going to be baptized with?" And they said, "We're are able, Sir, we're able." He said, "Okay, boys, you're on—you're on." But to sit on my left and my right hand side, you can't forget it right now. It's not even mine to give. Yeshua, at this point, does not have all authority and all power delivered to him. There are things that only the father knows that he doesn't know. But now he says that it will be given to them for whom it is prepared of my father. And now when the other ten heard what was going on, they were moved with indignation against the two brothers. And so Yeshua called them and said— and we're going to stop right here because now is the big lesson. They were moved to indignation. They were moved to envy because of what this power play produces in the minds and hearts of the followers of the Messiah. They were attempting to make a Nicolaitan power play to get at the top because once you take Yehsua's right and left hand then all you have left is James' and John's right and left hands. When those positions are filled, then you have the left and right hand of those under them. And so you begin building the Nicolaitan hierarchy that will conquer and destroy the people, and everyone on the bottom can't listen to the voice of the Almighty because they've got to kiss the tuchus of the person up the Nicolaitan ladder up above them. And this is the very things the Gentiles have been doing and exercising dominion over each other. Yeshua said, "It's not going to be done in my kingdom." We're going to take a short break. And this is your opportunity— if you are being blessed by this ministry, then it is your opportunity now— it is actually your responsibility. Freely you have received, now freely give. We are operating as Levites in this generation. Now again, I know that we are all priests— we are kohanim, okay? Like the ones serving the temple. But the Levites are the ones that shoveled the cow dung, that have to clean the skins, and do all of the work of the ministry. You can't even do it as an old person. You have to be young to be a Levite and to be in the service in the Levitical Priesthood, okay? And we are doing that. All of our staff—we are here, and we are working on the Sabbath to make this available, as the priests work harder on the Sabbath on any other day of the week. But we're not doing it for money. We are not doing it—we're not out there buying and selling and over hauling our car. We're ministering the gospel of the kingdom to you. this is your opportunity now to then make a decision to stand with us. And just as the Levites of old, whether they dwell among you, or they're at service in Jerusalem— whether they have the ability to minister you depends on your ministering to them. So we give you this time now. And will be back in just a few moments. We're in the Book of the Revelation of Yeshua Messiah, chapter 2, verse 5, the letter to the kaheelah at Ephesus, and this—Yeshua says that they have to their credit you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate. And now we are in Matthew, chapter 20, verse 17, when James and John, with the help of their mommy, makes an end run hoping to get James and John to be on the right and left hand of Yeshua when he enters into his kingdom. Now verse 24, when the other 10 heard what was going on they were moved with indignation against the two brothers. So Yeshua called them to him and said, "You know that the Gentiles have princes that exercise dominion over them." Over them—Nicolaite, okay? Exercise dominion, authority over the people. "And there are great ones who exercise authority over the princes, but it shall not be so among you. This is not the way they were going to do it. Whosoever shall be great among you shall be your minister. Whoever will be a prince among you must be a servant." The son of Man came not to be ministered to but to minister and give his life a ransom for many. If you are going to do it in my kingdom, you're going to do it my way. If you don't like it, Peter, you can pack your trash, moved to Rome, and become the first pope. Wait, excuse me, it doesn't say that. But this is what he's talking about—this Nicolaitan—okay? So you've got these princes that exercise authority over the people, and then you've got great ones, the ______—the world rulers, who exercise their authority over them. So the people down here are subjected to the people over them. This is what Yeshua hates. He wants to speak to you. He wants to be your head. He doesn't want some other head over you. Who's covering are you under? You're under the covering of the Messiah. That is who your covering is. No unauthorized covering allowed. Yeshua is your head. And when you put another person as your head, you are disdaining your head. This is what—I detailed this in the 2-hour video, Who is your Unauthorized Covering, exposing the doctrine and the deeds of the Nicolaitans. And see, this is exactly what we've got. I mean, Rome sets a great example. You've got the Pope, and then you've got the people immediately under him that give commands to the College of Cardinals, and then you've got all the way right down to the people. And the ones down here—I mean—in one—one archdiocese in California they have over 5000 registered pedophile priests. And who are they—who are they abusing, the Lehite. Ladies and Gentlemen, question authority. Question authority. All of my daughters got in trouble in school for questioning authority. They came home, and I gave them a round of applause. Always question authority. Think for yourself. If someone tells you something is so, don't believe them. All men are liars, remember that. And if they're atheists, you know they're liars and they're idiots. So if you've got teachers who are atheists then you know you're dealing with someone that's— you know—like 3 cans short of a 6-pack. The elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. The lights are on, but nobody's really at home, okay? So now I want to go back because see, this is how religious systems develop, and you get people that will kowtow to the people over them, and they will—they want to climb the ladder of success, too. James and John aren't the only ones that want to be at the top. Everyone wants to be at the top. So how do you get up to the top? You climb over everybody else. Whatever you can do to trip them up. That's why in the Christian world is that the leaders, when they start to fall, the people really rejoice because they get up higher on the ladder. That's why Christians kill the wounded. That's it. Why do Christians kill their wounded? Because they're trying to climb the Nicolaitan ladder of success. They want to get to the top. Yeshua hates it. He hates it. In 2 Kings, chapter 12—we have to go back there. This is one of my favorite records here. And chapter 12 really start in chapter 13—yeah, 13. We're going to 13, it really starts in chapter 12. And we have just a few minutes to do this, so I'm going to give you an overview on this. In 1 Kings, chapter 12, verse 21, we see that Jeroboam revolted with the 10 northern tribes so that Rehoboam assembled the house of Judah with the tribe of Benjamin a hundred and fourscore thousand chosen men. How many is fourscore? Remember fourscore and—that's 80. Fourscore—a score is 20. So a 180,000 chosen men, which were warriors, to fight against the house of Israel. They want to bring them back into the Union. It's a civil war. but the word of God came into Shemaiah, the man of God saying speak unto Rehoboam, the son of Shlomo, the king of Judah. And under all the house of Judah and to Benjamin and the remnant people saying thus saith Yehovah. Ye shall not go up nor fight against your brother and the children of Israel. Every man return to his house for this thing is from me. This is from me. And so they hearkened to the word of Yehovah and returned. But Jeroboam built Shechem which is nowadays Nablus. The reason it's Nablus is because it was in Greek Neopolis, but Arabs can't pronounce a P. Neopolis, so it turns into Nablus, okay? And up at the top is Mount Gerizim where the—where the Samaritans still live up there. But Jeroboam went and built Shechem in mount Ephraim and dwelt therein, and he also built Penuel. And he said, "Now shall the Kingdom return to the house of David." If the people go up and do sacrifice to the house of Yehovah in Jerusalem. Then shall the heart of the people turn again to their Lord, as speaking of King Rehoboam, the king of Judah. And they will kill me and go again to Rehoboam, the king of Judah whereupon the king took council. And he made 2 calves of gold. And said unto the people, "It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem behold your gods, O Israel, which brought you up out of the land of Egypt." And so he actually got council from people to do this stunt, all right? And he sent one golden calf in Bethel. The other one he put in Dan. And it says this thing became a sin. Yeah, it was a sin. It didn't have to like become eventually. No, this thing is just plain a sin. And he made a house of high places and made priests of the lowest of the people, which were not the sons of Levi. They didn't know the Torah, but he gave them a tax exempt 501c3 nonprofit corporation so that they could receive a 10% religion tax from the people to keep themselves going, but they didn't know anything about the Torah. Sound a little a familiar, people? And Jeroboam ordained a feast in the 8th month on the 15th day. It's was like unto the feast that is Judah in the 7th month, but it's the next month, okay? It's not really the Sabbath month—the 7th month. No, it's the next day we're going to have a feast. And so he put these calves in Bethel and Dan, and then he offered on the altar on the fifteenth day of the eight month, even in the month he had devised in his own heart, and he ordained—he ordained a feast unto the children of Israel, and he offered upon the altar and burnt incense. Let's see if that's going to work out. He decided okay, we're not really going to do the Feast of the Lord, we'll do Pagan fest. We'll do something—okay, with a golden calf. That sounds like a great one, okay? And so let's see how it works out. Behold there was a man of God that came out of Judah by the word of Yehovah under Bethel. And Jeroboam stood by the altar to burn incense. And this is on the big day of the high day of the fifteenth day of the eighth month, which is nothing. It's Halloween. We're going to put it right in here, it's Halloween. Okay, so Jeroboam is standing there to make an offering, and this man of God cried against the alter the word of Yehovah and said, altar, altar—verse 2 of chapter 13 of 1 King. O altar saith Yehovah behold a child should be born under the house of David, Josiah by name, and upon thee shall he offer the priest of the high places that burned incense upon you. And men's bones shall be burnt upon thee. And it says a king will be born, and he will insinuate the priests who do this. The Almighty is not happy with Pagan celebrations. Oh, we're doing it to the Lord. They're even using his name, Yehovah, okay? These people are closer than Christianity. They at least know his name. But they're still doing Pagan practices. And he gave the sign on the same day saying, this is a sign which Yehovah has spoken. Behold, the altar will be rent, and the ashes that are upon it shall be poured out. And it came pass when Jeroboam heard that man of God cry against the altar. He put forth his hand from the altar and said, "Lay hold on him." And his hand, which he put forth dried up. And the king said, "Man of God intreat now the face of Yehovah, and pray for me that my hand may be restored." And he besought Yehovah, and the kings hand was restored. And so the king said, "Come home with me, refresh yourself, and I will go— refresh yourself, and I will give you a reward." And the man of God said to the king, "If you will give me half of your house, I will not go with you. Neither shall I eat bread or drink water in this place for it was charged to me by the word of Yehovah saying you don't eat bread, you don't drink water, and you don't return the same way you came." So he went another way, and returned not the same way that he went to Bethel. Now there dwelt in the area an old prophet Bethel, and his sons came to him and told him all the works the man of God had done. See, he lives up there, but he had to send a prophet from Jerusalem to come up there and to prophesize. Apparently, this one was kind of out of commission. And so he told them everything that the man said. And then in verse 12 their father said, "What way did he go?" And because the sons had seen the way that he went, and so he said to his sons, "Saddle me the ass." I guess ______ would say, "Saddle me ass." And they saddled him his ass. And he rode thereupon and went after the man of God and found him sitting under an oak. You know—during the heat of the day you don't travel with your ass on the road. You know—it'll get—you know—parched. You know—you've got to travel in the morning and in the evening, but not in the heat of the day. So he's sitting under an oak, and he said to the man, "Come home with me." Come home with me—verse 15. "And eat bread." And he said, "I may not go with you, and I won't go with you. I'm not going to eat bread or drink water in this place because this is what I was told by the word of Yehovah— that I'm not to do any of these things." And then the man said, "I'm a prophet just as you are, and an angel spoke to me by the word of Yehovah. The Lord told me this— I've stood in the $1000 prophecy line. And the Lord to me this. The lord to me this, don't— to go to you and bring you back to my house so that you can eat bread and drink water. But he lied to him. Oh, my goodness. No, a prophet lied to him? Yes, the prophet lied to him. And so in verse 20, it came to pass. As they sat at the table, the word of Yehovah came unto the prophet that brought him back, and he cried to the man that came from Judah saying, "Thus Saith Yehovah. For as much as you've disobeyed the mouth of Yehovah and have not kept the commandment, which he commanded you. But you came back, and you've eaten bread, and you drank in this place. Then what will happen is that your carcass will not come unto the sepulchre of your fathers." And so after he had eaten bread, then the man saddled his ass for him, put him on it, and when he was gone, a lion—in verse 24—met him by the way. It killed him. His carcass was cast in the way, and the ass stood by it, and the lion also stood by the carcass. And men passed by and saw the carcass cast in the way and the lion standing by the carcass. And they came and told the old prophet. And then the prophet went out and brought him back and— when he heard it, he said, "This is the man of God, which is disobedient to the word of Yehovah." He didn't do what Yehovah told him, and he's killed because of it. And what he saw was that he got out there, and here is the man. His carcass is lying there. Here's the ass still alive. The lion is standing by it, but the lion didn't eat him. The lion wasn't even hungry. The lion just did the will of the Father. And so the man took him back— the old prophet who lied to him—took him back and buried him— gave him a place of honor when he buried him. Ladies and Gentlemen, question authority. Obey the word of Yehovah. Do not—if you find yourselves in a Nicolaitan hierarchy, get out of there. That is the word of Yeshua. He hates the deeds of the Nicolaitans, the doctrine of the Nicolaitans that they use to incarcerate people and enslave them and get them to do their will and not his will. He hates with a vengeance. See he gave some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, pastors, and teachers for the work of the ministry— for the edifying of the body of Messiah until we all come in the fullness and stature of Messiah. If you want to be a prince in the kingdom, then you must minister. You must get underneath everyone else and raise them up. You, an apostle, is the one that cleans the toilets if the toilets need to be cleaned. He is the one that washes the disciple's feet, which in the generation there's no equivalent of washing feet. You know—we're not walking around in sandals on dirty roads. But we do have toilets that need to be cleaned. Apostles get the job done that needs to be done. They are not the ones that wear the 3-piece suit and hold the exulted positions. And everyone, oh, apostle this, and Rabbi this, and clergy that, and the right reverend so and so, and this and that. No, that is Nicolaitanism. Those who want to be the one serving the king must get underneath and raise everyone up until we all walk in the fullness and stature of Messiah. And when we do, we will all be servants. And when we completely sell out, then we will be the doulos—the bond slaves of Yehovah. And that is to whom this book— the Book of the Revelation is written. I would like to close in prayer. [prayer in Hebrew] Yehovah bless you and keep you. Yehovah make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. Yehovah lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace in the name of Yehsua, the Messiah, the Prince of Peace. Amen, Amen. Shabbat Shalom. Shavua tov. Have a good week. And I'll see you back here at Shabbat Night Live.

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From Here To Eternity: Episode 5 – I Appreciate Some of the Things You’ve Been Doing…
…but we need to have a little “come to Jesus” meeting.
Yeshua is walking among the lampstands, and nobody is pulling the wool over his eyes. He saw what was going on in the assemblies in the days of Yochanan, and he certainly sees what is going on in the Christian church today.

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