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Reactions to the prohibition of the 2008 Marijuana March in Brazil

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Many public interest organizations gathered today in Rio in an act to support freedom of expression. The meeting was motivated by the recent decision of justice system to prohibit the so called "Marijuana March' in 9 cities. It was not a meeting to debate the legalization of drugs, but to support the right to debate. Representatives from the Brazilian Press Association, from the National Newspapers Association from the National Student Union, and congressmen, has gathered, according to the Brazilian Bar Association, to defend the Brazilian Constitution. The public act was a reaction to the State Justices' decision of prohibiting the "Marijuana March" in 9 capital cities in the country, on May 4th. In João Pessoa, there was confrontation with the police 2 policemen were hurt, and 9 people were arrested. In São Paulo, banners and flags were seized by the police. In Rio de Janeiro, a young man was arrested for promoting drug use and contempt of authority. His dog was carrying a placard supporting marijuana legalization. Today, the same young man [also a lawyer] participated in the event. "The prohibition resulted from the request from the Public Ministry in many states, and in all states, with the exception of Pernambuco, the justices granted the requested prohibition, which constitutes an aberration and an agression against constitutional liberties." At the end of the meeting, the petitioners presented a declarations of principles. In the document, the entities reaffirm their commitment to democracy, with the unconditional defense of the right of any segment of the society to propose modifications in the law, and also to register opposition to any act that may interfere with freedom of expression. "This is an action to raise awareness on the issue, aiming to alert the Brazilian society that we can't allow setbacks, and that democray was a hard conquest for the Brazilian people, and all totalitarian regimes and dictatorships have started like this: censoring, prohibiting the freedom of thought". The president of Rio's Justice Court, Judge Murta Ribeiro, has declared in a note that marijuana is criminalized in Brazil, and that it is not allowed to promote a crime.

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Posted by: josemurilo on May 15, 2008

An act led by OAB [the Brazilian Bar Association] debated the prohibition of the 2008 Marihuana March in 9 Brazilian cities.

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