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HSPD 12 Acronym Video

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Here's a quick introduction to the Netgard Common Access Card solution for HSPD 12 compliance on multifunction printers. According to Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, commonly referred to as HSPD-12, all federal employees and contractors are now required to have a kak or piv card. This government issued smart card is used for identification and authentication purposes, for example, building admittance and network access. Because kak authentication is now required for network access, this requirement also extends to network connected peripherals that transmit information over the network. So multifunction devices such as printers scanners and copiers now require kak authentication. Netgard by API Cryptek offers an easy to install highly cost effective way for organizations to painlessly meet this requirement. With Netgard organizations can continue to use their existing multifunction devices without having to pay the high cost of replacement. Here's how it works. Simply plug the Netgard into the back of your existing printer. No copier programming is required. Setup is completed with a simple online wizard. Netgard is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing security infrastructure. It is fully standards compliant and works with active directory, PKI X509, L-Dap, OCSP, n' Korboros. And offers email encryption as well as sign in. To use, employees and contractors simply swipe their kak card and enter a pin using the attached keypad. Netgard is partnered with a number of major manufacturers and is fully compatible with a wide range of peripheral products. Have questions about your environment? Contact us and we'll connect you with a product specialist. (You get the idea. The rest is not captioned as there are no more acronyms after this.)

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Posted by: bertissimo on Apr 23, 2011

I made this video as a stimulus for students to consider when, how, and why they might expand or use acronyms in their interpretations.

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