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Beyond Today: Islam & Christianity: Clash of Faiths

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For centuries, two major world faiths, Christianity and Islam, have clashed over cities, lands and ideology. Today, this clash has reached a new level with the rise of militant jihad and the growing presence of Muslims in western nations. As you may remember, Pope Benedict XVI stirred constroversy with recent comments about the nature and character of Islam. The Pope raised a question about the prophet Muhammad and whether Islam is a violent faith. The result was a firestorm of controversy. Churches were attacked and a nun and priest were killed in the aftermath. Religious strife is a key ingredient in the conflict in the Middle East today. On a trip to Turkey, following his comments, the Pope sought to bridge the gulf between the two faiths. His messages during that trip sought to find common ground between Islam and Christianity. His message can be summed up by the question "Can't we all get along?". Well we might ask "Can we?". Is there any possibility of reconciliation between these two faiths? What could this religious conflict mean for the future? Your future? What does all this have to do with your life? A Pope makes a speech, and your life isn't affected. You go to work, you shop, you see a movie, life goes on without any change. These events are far away and they don't seem to impact the events in your neighborhood and all that is happening to the life of your family. But history and the Bible tell us that we don't live in a bubble and we are not always shielded from events that shape the world. Sooner or later, it comes to our doorstep and it changes our lives. Bible prophecy has a great deal to tell us about the religious landscape of our modern world as well. When we combine prophecy with history, we can begin to make sense of today's world and what lies ahead for all of us. The current clash of faith between Islam and Christianity is another sad chapter in the long story of all human-derived religious tradition. Both Islam and Christianity have much in their history that causes the current strife. Unfortunately, the world will see more religious strife that will threaten the world order. It will not be until man begins to live by the simple teachings of Jesus of Nazareth that religion will be able to lead the world to peace. Until then, we challenge you to examine your beliefs. See if they compare to the Bible. Only when our beliefs harmonize with God's teachings will we see the end of the religious wars that rob us of peace. For Beyond Today, I'm Darris McNeely.

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Posted by: beyondtodaytv on Apr 30, 2008

Is there any possibility of reconciliation between these two faiths? What could this religious conflict mean for the future…your future? What does this all have to do with your life?

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