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Profile completion 2.0

Your profile serves as a business card and it is the first impression of you that colleagues and potential clients will have when they find you at through directory listings, profile searches or in response to a job. member profiles have the highest Google page rank of all human translator portals. This means that if you are a member in addition to finding your profile via, there is also a good chance that potential clients will find your profile when seeking for language professionals in your pairs and areas of expertise using search engines For these reasons, it is very important that you complete your profile carefully and that it reflects you accurately and professionally A few hours invested in completing your profile now will pay off and a strong profile is something that will get to work on your favor once you have completed it.

How can you use to boost your personal traffic and keep visitors coming back to your profile? The most powerful ways to improve your site visibility are membership and KudoZ points. Paid membership and earning KudoZ PRO points causes links to your profile to appear in various favorable places throughout the site, directing traffic back to you. But you can also boost traffic to your profile from outside by optimizing your profile accordingly. Start by associating your profile page with keywords related to your expertise, capabilities and services. A potential client search for service providers may start with a search engine where they type in some words or keywords describing what they are looking for the search engine then checks it database and returns the results listing pages that meet the words or phrases submitted Carefully selecting the keywords to associate with your profile then is one way of helping increase your visibility. The more strategically chosen keywords you enter in your profile, the better your chances of coming up in searches. Concentrate in keywords which are unique to the services, languages and specialties you offer. "translator" is not as good a keyword as "medical translation" or "automotive Japanese to English" for example.

Showing your real first and last name as your profile or site name gives a personal touch to your profile, shows a level of professionalism any client expects and allowed verified identity and other components show that there is a real person behind the profile. Entering your real name in your profile, whether you choose to make it visible or not is one of the requirements to have your identity verified as per Identity verification program.

What are you doing to make it easy for potential clients who may not really understand English to see what you have to offer? Many searches for translators and their services are entered in a language other than English. Your profile allows you to localize the content in your profile into different languages. This means that if you are a translator working in English to Spanish, for example you could localize content such as in the about me and other areas of your profile into Spanish, as well as having them in English. Searches made in English would connect the searcher with the English content of your profile and searches made in Spanish will allow the searcher to see this content in its localized form. You also have the option to control the language in which your profile will be viewed. If you have your profile content localized in both English and Spanish and would like visitors who arrive at your profile via search in a third language to see in Spanish as default, for example, you can specify this. you may also set a default page URL format for your profile to include the word translator or interpreter, according to the service you offer.

Another way of optimizing your profile for search engines is by entering meta-keywords in the description for your profile. Meta elements help provide information about a page, in this case your profile, to search engines to help categorize it correctly. By entering a well chosen meta title for your profile which reflects your services or areas of expertise, for example you are helping potential clients find you more easily.

Entering your location in your profile and in the map location in your profile will also help potential clients find you, specially if you offer on site services such as interpretation.

Cross link to your profile wherever you can. Your profile link or URL is the one shown to you at the top of your profile page. Many translators link to their profile from their email signature, personal or business website, or from their profiles on other translator portals.

Additional content which will help you allow your profile increase its visibility and give potential clients a better idea of your expertise and qualifications include:

- A user message.

User messages can contain slogans, a thought or a premise, and they are also localizable.

- Sample translations:

Your portfolio is an excellent place to show sample or test translations to demonstrate your skills in your language pairs or fields of expertise.

The project history system provides translators and interpreters with a convenient means of keeping a record of projects by language, field and other characteristics. Additionally, the project history system allows users to display general details of selected projects in their profile. in order to comunicate to potential clients and collaborators the nature of their past experience. You can request or show feedback from outsourcers you worked with on the projects you enter. When an outcourcer searches the directory for a translator or interpreter the number of corroborated projects in the field and pair will be shown

Language or translation related credentials

If you have them declare them. If you declare them, have them verified This provides an added assurance to a potential client that you are who you say you are Various associations, schools and other bodies around the world offer to translators what can be generally referred to as credentials. These may include certifications degrees or other forms of qualification. It's possible for members to having earned such credentials via their profile pages and have them verified. Correspondingly, job posters are able to restrict job postings to those members who have reported credentials. And directory searches can be limited to those with reported or verified credentials.

Another profile section that is important is the professional practices section In this section you can show potential clients if you endorse the professional guidelines for translation service providers.

Extra information such as a copy of your CV in different languages and file formats will help ensure that all potential clients can view it in the format and language that is most convenient to them. You can set the visibility of your CVs to everyone, only logged in users or to only paying members.

If you are already a member, paying attention to some of these details will help to increase the value you get out of the site If you are not yet a member, completing your profile with the best you have to offer is still a good start. Remember that the site is geared to benefit members and members meet potential clients at four times the rate of non-members. And don't forget that wining strategies include:

- Membership

- A complete professional profile that reflects what you have to offer.

- Participation in providing term help to peers through KudoZ

- And becoming part of the Certified PRO Network.

Give these tips a try and contact site staff via the support system if you need any help. You can do so by clicking on "Support center" under the "About" tab. and then on "submit a support request". Staff will be glad to provide you with any assistance you may need Thanks!

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