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[Prognosis] Sometimes it surprises me how effective you can actually be. After we beat the Gap, I walked past these Gap stores, and I looked at them and I think, my God there's like 2000 of these stores across the country. Look at all that concrete, look at the glass, look at all the staff people, look at all the clothing. Look at that power. You can still reach these companies. You can still have an effect. Small battles are being won around the world, but, I think people are losing. I do see the present and the future of our children as very dark. But I trust the people's capacity for reflection, rage and rebellion. We can change the government. That's the only way were going tore design re think re-constitute what capital and property can do Fifteen corporations would like to control the conditions of our life. And, millions of people are saying not only do we not need you, we can do it better; we are going to create systems that nourish the earth, and nourish human beings. And these are not marginal experiments they are the mainstay of large numbers of communities across the world. That is where the future lies. You know I've always thought it's very ironic that I'm able to do all this and yet what am I on? I'm on networks. I'm distributed by studios that are owned by large corporate entities. Now why would they put me out there when I am opposed to everything that they stand for? And I spend my time on their dime, opposing what they believe in. OK? Well it's because they don't believe in anything. They put me on there because they know that there's millions of people that want to see my film or watch the TV show and so they're going to make money. And I've been able to get my stuff out there because I'm driving my truck through this incredible flaw in capitalism the greed flaw. The thing that says the rich man will sell you the rope to hand himself with, if he think she can make a buck off it. Well I'm the rope. I hope. I'm part of the rope. And they also believe that when people watch my stuff or maybe watch this film or whatever they think that, you know, well, you know, what they'll watch this and they wont do anything because we've done such a good job of numbing their minds and dumbing them down, you know, they'll never affect... People aren't going to leave the church and go and do something political. They're convinced of that. I'm convinced of the opposite. I'm convinced that a few people are going to leave this movie theatre or get up off the couch and go and do something anything and get this world back in our hands.

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Posted by: rafaelmatheus on May 30, 2010

Epilogue. Victories are being won around the world but are they enough to turn the tide of global corporate dominance? Can we exploit the corporation's inherent weakness to pursue profit at any cost, even to itself?

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