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Lexus Design Award 2016 - Finalist Screening Session

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It still has no words or shape Judge TOYO ITO Architect a certain kind of awareness Judge Birgit Lohmann Chief Editor of Designboom to make life happier Judge Tokuo Fukuichi PRESIDENT, LEXUS INTERNATIONAL it's an agent of change Judge Alice Rawsthorn Design Commentator a greater sense of anxiety Judge Aric Chen Curator and at the same time hoping for the better Judge Paola Antonelli Curator THE 4 PROTOTYPE WINNERS ARE … AGAR PLASTICITY - A POTENTIAL USEFELNESS OF AGAR FOR PACKAGING AND MORE by AMAM, Japan mentored by MAX LAMB TRACE by STUDIO AYASKAN, Turkey mentored by SNARKITECTURE DADA by Myungsik Jang, Korea mentored by NERI & HU Shape Shifters by Angelene Laura Fenuta, Canada/Italy THE 8 PANEL FINALISTS ARE … Drop Box by Ding Dong & Ma Jincai & Peter Luo & Hunag Junxi, China Hexagon by Chulin Yang, China PLANTS-SKIN by Hiroto Yoshizoe, Japan RESOLUTION OF SOUND LOCATION by Owls, Japan Slow Door by Deepak Jawahar & Irina Bogdan, India/Romania Bio - Vide by Takuma Yamazaki, Japan aniknown by Ayami Marugata, Japan Project Play by Oliver Staiano, UK ANOTHER JOURNEY HAS BEGUN IN SHANGHAI (the biggest problem is) you deal with landscape Mentor Lyndon Neri & Rossana Hu Architects and Interdisciplinary Designers but I think this is "man trying to be landscape," you see? IN NEW YORK Mentor Snarkitecture Daniel Arsham Artist/Architect you're still gonna see the source of it no matter what, right? you're still gonna see the origin that's the trade-off here IN LONDON have you tried burining it? Mentor Max Lamb Designer do you have a piece of you can sacrifice? IN LOS ANGELES Mentor Elena Manferdini Designer/Architect you need to learn something you need to see something you didn’t know before SEE YOU SOON IN MILAN LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2016 THEME: ANTICIPATION LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2016 THEME: ANTICIPATION

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Posted by: mannie.mistry on Jan 26, 2016

Lexus Design Award 2016 - Finalist Screening Session

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