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Lexmark laser printer toner cartridge

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Welcome to the world Lexmark laser technology with science and innovation create a visible difference How does a laser write on paper? To find the answer you have to look here the toner cartridge It's here, the laser printer magic unfolds and the world of sorts and images are brilliantly produced only outside, a toner cartridge appears simple and uncomplicated but inside, a complex set of chemical electrical and mechanical processes takes place to ensure that what we create here is accurately reproduce here few printer owners fully appreciate the role of original Lexmark toner plays It's not simply a receptacle filled with toner but an assembly of more than 80 different components Performance engineered exclusively for the printer for which it was designed It's the heart of the printing process how does a laser printer transform characters into a hard copy? there are 6 distinct processes involved in producing a laser printed page all of which occur within the cartridge Lexmark laser technology uses an electrophotographic process to transfer digital data to paper The process begins with the "charge roller" which applies a uniform charge to the surface of the "photo-conductor drum" Photoconductor drums are highly sophisticated components precisely formulated to the power and the wavelength of the laser printer engine for which they are designed the laser strikes the photoconductor drum up to 65 million times a second creating a chemical reaction that discharges the areas that are negatively charged resulting in an electrostatic image next, the image is developed the "Toner adder roll" cuts the "Developer roll" with toner while it's electrically statically charging the particles as the toner is placed on the "Developer roll" a leveling device called "Doctor blade" even the toner to the thickness of approx. 15 microns just like as thick as a strand of silk as the "Developer roll" and the "Photoconductor drum" are coming into contact the negatively charged toner is attracted to the discharged areas of the drum when a paper passes under the drum the "Transfer roller" applies slightly electrical charge causing the toner to move from the drum to the paper the drum rotates up to 2 revolutions per second time would be the exact speed of the paper ensuring a complete image transfer next, the image is made permanent through a combination of precisely controlled heat and pressure as the paper approaches the The "Fuser Roller" is heated up to 225 Degree Celsius in just 23 thousandth of a second the toner reaches its melting point and bonds onto the page The melting point of the Lexmark toner is of specifically formulated for all printer fusing temperatures ensuring satisfactory prints and protecting the life of the fuser the final step in the imaging process readies the cartridge to print a new page the "Cleaning blade"gently removes any stray particles of toner and the drum is ready to be written again during the life of an average Lexmark cartridge this electrophotographic process is repeated more than 100 thousands times with so much work, it's clear to see why we recommend our customers to use only original lexmark toner cartridges """ The rest concerns the advertising for that company's product""""

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