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What is power? Alex R

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And we are live..okay..uhm its me in my sanctuary, my home my residence uhm, alot of you are probably thinking like why is he doing this right now? Why am I seeing Alex on the screen right now? well its cause, its 11:22 PM Wednesday Night...the day before the project is due... so yeah you could probably see why you're seeing me on the screen right now....last minute projects no offense, you know I really wanted to do something good but I just don't have the time I got out of work at 10 today, so yeahhhhh ANYWAYS, uhh..What is Power? you know a lot of people now a days think, you know power is money power is, shown through..look my clothes, look at my look at that nice robe what is this? Van Heusen robe. Oh Shoottt But you know I think thats just an illusion of power In my opinion thats not really..(sorry I got a text) Anyways, you know thats not really power I feel like that just makes you feel powerful Because we live in a society where material things and money kinda control our lives you know If you have more money then you have hierarchy over someone who doesn't have money Why? Cause of social statuses and social classes *Gisbberish* that everyone strives to get, everyone wants to be better. Capitalism Everyone wants to do better then them You know if you go to McDonalds, the guy on the fries isnt as good as the manager But that manager thinks he's the bomb cause he's "greater" then the guy on fries But then again, you're still working at McDonalds, so are you really that much better? No offense to anyone who works at McDonalds So yeah, uhh those are..*gibberish* Anyways, my definition of power is the capability to influence others with words and actions within that you dont just get power, you get respect and the trust of others Prime example would probably be like, Martin Luther King you know He's a man that, with little resources at first....he had, had a dream haha He had a dream that one day black people would have the same rights as white people in America & through words and not really actions from him but the black community... they got closer to that you know...they really....they made it Shoutout to my homies in Compton Anyways, so you know power is..if you influence a crowd then that right there is power simple as that I dont really have much to say other them uh you know lets all go out there and make a difference We all have a voice, lets express that voice. That'll bring out the inner you That will bring out your power. Have confidence in yourselves. You know...just believe... so yeah I dont really know what else to say. Other then Ms.Montagnon you look good today. As always. yeah, this is really weird right now cause I've never done this but uh this is probably gonna take a lot of memory out of my phone Dont matter...what else did I want to say about you know what I'm just gonna go through all my notes cause I'm already here Alright I wrote down here, you can make the illusion that you're powerful so that others think you're powerful But that's just fear that you installed into someone else True power cannot be made, but can be obtained uh then right here, idk if you can see says power and control maybe? Hitler? idk? he never got to that point I guess power {whats that say?} status that connects to money I crossed them out cause I dont believe in that To influence this video I listened to a song by Kendrick Lamar," How much does a dollar really cost?" Hense the MLK references Uhm, how much does a dollar really cost? It's just a piece of paper But it really controls our life in this society. You know if we all lived in Mars and started over, maybe that wouldnt be the case. uhh anyway Thank you for listening Im Alex Ramirez, follow me on Twitter @alexramirez_09 Follow me on Instagram, Im just having fun right now shouting out my name @alex_ramirez09

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Posted by: alex12798 on May 5, 2016

I don/t even know

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