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♪ music playing ♪ [7x7 Experience The Help Options] >> If there is an issue during the trip, we need to report it to Uber using the help options. If we are accurate and consistent when reporting issues, Uber has our side of the story and can take action if necessary. The help options are available directly after the trip for reporting the issues right away. Just make sure that you are safely parked when you are making your report so you won't have to worry about other drivers or a ticket. It may make sense to go offline, so that you can give all the relevant details without there being interruptions. If you're too busy to report an issue directly after the trip, you can report it later that day by choosing Account - Help - Trips and finding the trip on that list at that point in time. Just make sure you report any issue within 24 hours so that they can be handled promptly. >> While the options available on the help menu change based on your city and updates to the app, they usually fall into several categories. Accidents or other immediate safety issues. Lost items for when the rider leaves something behind. Fare issues, like when your fare needs to be adjusted, if a trip is missing from your pay statement, or if you had an issue with your UberPool fare. Rider issues, like if you picked up the wrong person and started the trip or if the rider damaged the vehicle or if the rider made you feel unsafe. And finally, issues getting trip requests, for when the glitches and technology are affecting your ability to work. Each help option will instruct you on how to handle the situation. For example, if you find a lost item, the help option instructs you to share a photo and tells you how Uber will connect you to the rider. Some of these options can help save your rating, too. If you forgot to end the trip when you dropped your rider off, that rider might be upset. If you can fix it using the correct help option, they might still give you a good rating. >> We strongly recommend that you take the time to explore all the help options and information before you go online. Knowing the guidelines that Uber has in place will help you when you do run into problems. [The Help Options Review] [Report any issues right away so Uber has your side of the story] [Review the help options before you next go online] ♪ music playing ♪

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