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Hello world: peer review for books

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Any of you who have written your own books will know there is something really frustrating about the publishing process which is that the very first time you get to hear what people think of your book - the comments they give you - is essentially in your Amazon reviews which, unfortunately, means it's way too late to incoporate any of the suggested changes even if someone is very insightful.. .. and comes up with a really big flaw that you didn't spot throughout the process you can't do anything about it. So, with my new book that's coming out in September I thought I'd do something a little bit different .. .. to rectify that issue. (This is the cover that you helped me choose, by the way -- thank you very much for that) What I thought I would do is try a sort of peer review process .. for books. I've managed to persuade my publishers to give me 15 extra copies of this draft version of the final book that I can send out to people who would like to have an advance copy a few months before anyone else.. But also.. who don't mind sending me their comments if they spot anything a bit weird along the way. Now, unfortunately, there is a tiny catch which is that the printing process takes a really long time. Even through the book's not out for a while we've actually only got a couple of weeks left before I have to submit my final, final version of the book. So if that sounds like something you're up for and you can let me have your comments within a couple of weeks then send me an email to the address that's linked to this video and I will post you out a copy. Only 15 though, unfortunately. But y'know. I'll post out a few copies.

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Posted by: fryattuk on Jun 6, 2018

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