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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~20:07:52 - 20:23:13

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♫ Only those who desire listen with love. Pentagon with five points. ♫ Whatever happens, happens. Whatever happens, happens.♫ Yo, Bucha blew it, bro! — Hey, Pedro, thanks! Excuse me, guys, I'm gonna throw it out here. One minute... I'm gonna give you another tape. Oh man, you messed the street, girl... — My bad. ♫ Girl... your hair is cool... ♫ — Hey, here it goes. Let´s go, let´s go! No, let´s go! Let´s go! Let´s go! Let´s go! Are we gonna do the show without him? — We gotta a schedule to meet, bro. — I'm sorry. Hey! It's screwed up to do the show missing one, man. I hate doing a show missing a person. ♫ We should be paid, of course. ♫ It's gonna be hard, isn't it ? Whatever. Hey! ♫ We should be paid, of course. ♫ Hey, Elimar! ♫ We should be paid, of course. ♫ — Gimme the beer. — It's over, this is the last one. — This isn't the fucking last one. There are three more here, bro. This is the last one, bro. You brought five beers, bro. I brought three. What happened to yours, bro? — Elimar will sing all of Bucha's parts, bro. What happened to mine? Hey, guys! Who ever drank some beer raise your hand. I did! — You see? You see, big piss? Don't straight up! On the way back we're going to... The guys that work for Rapa won't work tomorrow... Everybody will go to the Extra supermarket and we'll grab some beers, some meat, we'll wake your dad and mom up... It's about time! — It's about time! And we'll wait for Dani's daughter's birth tonight! Sure! Let's do it! Uhuuuu! ♫ We should be paid, of course. ♫ Hey, we from Rapa won't work, let's grab some wine, some spirits and wait for Dani's daughter's birth tonight... We'll be on call. Let's wait. If she is not born tonight, she'll be born tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow... Keep waiting. I'm gonna drink her pee today. You big piss! ♫ And nothing ended up as I planned as I longed. ♫ Where's Bucha? He's missing. He and the japanese girl are missing on this bus. Hey, Note! How can I get there... — It is the guys' schedule, man. Yeah, 10 o' clock, bro. It's 10 o' clock now. —What time was he going to leave his home? I don't know, I guess he's working... Hey, I think it's too bad but... I also think it's too bad to leave him behind but what else can we do about it, bro? — The guys rely on the bus schedule. ♫ The noise of your mother... ♫ (inaudible) I'm chillin', I'm chillin'. You can't say it... Bro, you can't say anything to me about this stuff. That's true, bro. Fuck you. Fuck you if you want some beer. —Then give me the beer. Give it, man... Hey, Kelly lives there... turn right. Turn right and then the second left. —Check out the girl, Rael! The plastic girl? Look there, she's turning there. (Inaudible) Oh, it's weird, isn't it.... Did you see what happened at the field today? Cops were pointing their guns at the alleys. —Were the police at the field today? Yeah... the cops. —The cops? How many police cars? Only one, but they were pointing their guns at... Oh... I brought a bag full of beer and this is the first one I'm having, bro. If it's mine I don't know. But I bet you guys had a box of beer back there... Pass the beer back. Pass it to Paulinho. Pass it to Paulinho. —Hey, hey! Wilson´s wedding party was there. Yeah, after 47 Street. — Can you believe that you live in Quaresmeira and you come all the way down here to get married? Yeah.. (laughing) —So nobody would come. —Who is going to be the next one to get married and invite us? Uhull! — Next month, next month, you bet, bro. Next month. It'll be in a country house, I'll be the priest and the wedding will be in rastafarian style, ok? When the couple kisses each of us will light up a joint. — You bet. Is it alright? Paulo's wedding will be like it. —When I get married, I will get married on a beach, bro. —My wedding will be like this... only weed. —Lots of fun with weed. — Thais has even smiled! — When you show the invitation at the entrance you will have to smoke some of the pot. —The wedding bouquet will be made of weed. —Go away from me sleep. Go away from me. Go away... (inaudible) Hey, Thais? Carlinha, she dumped me a couple of days ago... —What? Major dump. —What? She said I'm not good enough, she's been dating different people and I... I'm not good enough. —I din't say that. You did, you did. I'm not a fucking liar, ok! (inaudible) End of discussion. ♫ Wooaahh ♫ ♫ You are intended to Know... ♫ Damn it. (inaudible) Sorry. Oh, it's a game of the ghetto, bro. Note from the shack. That sound comes on Thursday. Rap! It's the commercial of... it's the Mano's commercial. Mano's Hip Hop, Mano's Rap. Mano's Hip Hop Rap We got to another jurisdiction, didn't we? —No! The bus stops are different around here. —No, not yet. Yes, it is. Check out the style of the bus stops around here! —Only when you see the sign: county boundary. That's why I need to get my driver's license done. Next month (inaudible) to get my driver's license, Paulinho. I'll share some thoughts about it with that woman... Yeah, Bonitinho's woman... I'll take the A and the B licenses at once. There will be a Public Service announcement for SPtran, it's the same gig Bucha has, got it? But you gotta have a driver's license. And I'm in.

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Global Lives Brazil - 20a

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