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10 tactics promotional video

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We asked 50 human rights advocates what is info-activism? It's about using new spaces that have opened up because of the internet and new media as well even cheaper forms of digital technology whether it's video or other platforms such as online publishing It has to be people-centred. It has to be participatory and it has to involve the strategic use of different communication tools And we asked how have you turned information into action? Torture crimes were rarely mentioned on television So torture in Egypt highlighted it A project I was involve with was the featured layers on the Darfur crisis in Google Earth It greatly raised awareness of the issues there We developed a system that uses short code SMS and we get people sending in queries about the amount of money that has been allocated for projects One of the things we did was to help people find out where to vote Using technologies you can combine the collective voice of people During that period when we started we discovered different uses for it In organising relief work and in facilitating reconstruction later on The fact that 700 people got together and took a rally out was a great thing and it was one of the biggest impacts that we've had By making people laugh about dangerous stuff like dictatorship, oppression, censorship that became like a narrative platform to build an actual movement that is demanding democratic reform and it's about making use of all these new spaces to do you know, to do old fashioned activism 35 stories 24 countries 10 tactics for turning information into action

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Duration: 2 minutes and 5 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
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Producer: Tactical Technology Collective (
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Posted by: tacticaltech on Feb 25, 2010

promo for 10 tactics

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