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Low-Energy Light Bulb - DANGER - Ampoules Basse Consommation

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Hello! My name is Annie Lobbey. I am a science journalist. And I wanted to show you the magnetic fields emitted by two types of light bulbs available on the market. Incandescent bulbs. And low-energy light bulbs. I will first install the incandescent bulb. To perform the measurement, I use the gauss meter from Monitor Industry. Which measures the magnetic fields of 50 Hz. It consists of a dial as follows. And a loop that serves as a sensor. The magnetic field in the horizontal in this room is 0.1 miligausse. Around the bulb off, it remains the same. Which means it does not emit. Now if I turn it on with a switch on my foot, no change, no emission. Now if I replace the incandescent bulb by a low-energy bulb, What's going on? Bulb off, the magnetic field remains the same. Still no emition. Now if I turn it on. There, it's very different. We need to change the scale for the measurement. We are here at more than 25 miligausse. If I shut it off, it goes down. All low-energy light bulbs emit magnetic fields. Here are the results of measures I did at the show Bio Marjolaine in November 2008. There were three stand that offered these bulbs. L'essentiel, Interlux, and Bien-être matériaux. At the stand L'essentiel two models: One that emits 10 miligausse and the other 75 miligausse. At the stand Interlux, a model that emits 50 miligausse. And at the stand Bien-être matériaux, two models, one of which supposedly shielded, anti-radiation, emits 125 miligausse, and an unshielded model that emits 150 miligausse. Why is it the emittion of magnetic fields with these low-energy light bulbs, is there a problem? Well because the magnetic fields were classified as possible carcinogenic by the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Cancer Research who published a monograph in 2002, about electric and magnetic fields. Which ended with the sentence: Electromagnetic fields of extremely low frequency are possible carcinogenic to humans, group 2B. See it's written in English. This document has been published unfortunately, only in English. What was published in French is another information about these bulbs on the fact that they contain mercury. Published since October 2003 Environment Magazine. In a special edition, which contained an article on these bulbs. Prompting to use these bulbs. But still concluded by the following: Only drawback, they contain a little mercury, a toxic metal. And must be discarded as hazardous waste. The fact that it contains mercury also cause a problem when you accidentally break a bulb at home. So they emit low frequency, they contain mercury, and these bulbs also emit radio-frequency. Here are the results of measurements performed by the CRIIREM. The Centre for Independent Information on ElectroMagnetic Radiation Research. Peter Ruz measured radio frequency up to 200 volts per meter. While the limit value in force is 27 volts per meter. This means that these bulbs are not even regulatory. I published an article in Health practices, July 15, 2008. An article that you can also read on the site, Public Health Issue. The source of these articles was it. Technical Papers No. 205. The power lighting circuits. Written by two engineers from Schneider Electric Jacques Schonek and Marc Vernet. Which explained with drawings support, how the electronic ballast of these bulbs was working which are in fact mini-factories for lighting. So, Mini-factories that emit low frequency, radio-frequency and contain mercury. If you want to find lighting solutions, you can refer to the book La Fée Électricité. Which contains a chapter, number 14, devoted to lighting. This will allow you to avoid major problems. What kind of problems? Well in conclusion, let me deliver two other information. I had done in 2001 a press trip in Guadeloupe. Which led to the publication of an article. In which I wrote: EDS and Lademe engaged together in the early 90s in a major operation on energy-saving lamps. In five months, 350,000 were acquired by 43.000 households. So it was 8 years ago. And what do we see today in Guadeloupe? Information given by the magazine Alternative Health in January 2009. Well in Guadeloupe there are currently a global peak in the incidence of prostate cancer. These two pieces of information could they be related? Well, let me make the assumption. And suggest not to use these low-energy light bulbs.

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Low-Energy Light Bulb - DANGER - Ampoules Basse Consommation

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