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The Zeitgeist Movement Portugal in 2010

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The Zeitgeist Movement Nacional Meeting, Lisbon - February 7 Street Activism, Aveiro - August 15 "$ = Poverty. Resource Economy = Abundance" Manifestation against NATO Summit, November 20 "The Bank is my friend" - Manifestations are useless. The problem is structural. These are all symptoms. The problem is the 10€ note, it's the money. Money is for what? To keep us in slavery... Notes in the Restauradores, Lisbon - September 2 "Attention! The pieces of paper on your wallet are worthless... Just like this one!" White Night, Coimbra - September 17 Boom Festival, Idanha-a-Nova - Agosto 18 to 26 The Zeitgeist Movement Benavente Market, Lisbon - September 12 General Strike, Lisbon - November 24 Lecture in the UAL, ZDay, Lisbon - March 13 Happy Carriage, Aveiro - June 20. - Buy, buy, buy. Lady, don't laugh. Go buy. Buy, buy... Street Activism, Oporto - June 20. - Spend the money you have... and the money you don't. If necessary, ask for loans, buy, spend money... Bank of Portugal, Lisbon - June 20 - What you have to do to keep the economy is to consume things that you don't need. You must keep to consume until there's no planet left to consume. - What do they do with that money? They lend to our companies to keep us in debt. And not only to the us. That's why I'm happy. Because they lent me over a thousand euros. "Don't question authority" "Keep consuming until there's no planet left" "Aveiro Meeting, Aveiro - August 7 Costa Nova, Aveiro - August 14 "Money exists to impede access to resources" Lecture in Maus Hábitos, ZDay, Oporto - March 13 Meeting in Oriente, Lisbon - Dezember 1 U2 Concert, Coimbra - October 2 and 3 "What resources do you need?" Lecture, Braga - November 6 The Venus Project World Lecture Tour, Hotel Altis Park Lisbon - July 3 - Those countries that try to freeze things and keep things as they are will be surpassed. - When you leave here... If you do nothing, if you don't talk with people... Nothing will happen. Interview with Jacque F. and Roxanne M., Hotel Altis Park, Lisbon - July 2 - The members of the Zeitgeist Movement are always very enthusiastic to have us there. Freeze Oporto - July 20 Lisbon - July 20 Lisbon - July 30 Aveiro - August 15 Lisbon - September 2 "Don't worry, everything is OK" "The Venus Project World Lecture Tour" "Don't question authority" "Free Hugs" "The Zeitgeist Movement Portugal" Beyond Poverty, Politics and War

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Posted by: electric_blue on Dec 28, 2010

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