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London Riots and The Greed of Good People

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London Riots & The Greed of Good People London riots predicted 100 years ago This London type riots really you'll find that Is being coming up from time to time and it will now escalate will spread to Europe It will- come and go in the UK It is a continuous problem It's an economic problem It was predicted by Siener van Rensburg a hundred years ago and there's obvious point that nobody wants to say aloud because of the labeling that goes around these issues but in essence You'll find that the riots are mostly people of colored that means non-white They are the one that are mostly marginalized It's also now happening in North Africa where 'many' are pushed to the brink of You can call it an extinction because There is absolutely no future and no hope You have it spreading across Africa, and from Africa It will spill over to Europe and into- the UK You'll have similar kind of smaller events in Americas Mainly it will be an European and a UK problem Now, in the UK obviously there is a very high tolerance for these type of things- to allow it So that the anger can- kind of be diffused through things that.. -like looting and stealing I mean it's really criminal activity at the end of the day and it is being allowed because it gives a particular view of people of color and it suits the whites to have it this way because then they can justify the next development within the situation of the world which is essentially being directed by your Caucasian races Now understand that these things were not planned per se The fact it is predicted means it was Programmed per se It was done not on earth It was done in the design "before" It was manifested on Earth through a preprogrammed scenario Here David Icke is quite correct in the point about the Third World War being promoted planned putting into action and it's basically the Third World War is is being Becoming more and more "necessary" from a certain perspective because of the economic situation and destruction in essence is opportunity and there is a massive amount of people suffering on Earth that cannot be acommodated by the current economic system they don't have the capital to survive They have no way of getting the capital so the capital has become exclusive and in this exclusivity You have a major problem developing and instead of having riots extensively continuously they will rather opt for war and that will be done through eventually offering money to dear souls or soldiers they are the dear souls that's going to have to save the world from a certain perspective or not really save the economic system Instead of changing the system They are trying to save it and millions will die not necessary to go this way but it is most likely now If you look at the level of brain washing that has happened and the inability of humanity to consider and even remotely understand equality and the fact that one can actually change the world in a way that's best for all through an Equal Money System I mean it is just fascinating that Consumerism has caused this because Consumerism through advertising and control to create a system where Goods are available as cheap as possible The ultimate greed in the name of love Has created this Third World War now In a way it was stopped In a way it was possible to transcend it but now Most unlikely and love is the cause! If Mr. Icke could hear that He'll obviously- disagree but if you go and study how love has been used to marginalize everybody into a corporation state Where goods are available as cheap as possible but Jobs are not available You'll understand the problem of greed in everyone that is coming up with this so called benevolent idea to make things available as wide as possible as cheap as possible Do not consider the amount of jobs they destroy with that They do it obviously to enrich themselves but then that enrichment is then covered up with their benevolent 'love-ful' act I "love" what I am doing I "love" the fact That I am able to spread my Love by making things available to everyone That's in fact greed and it is one of the major causes for the problems in the world - the riots The economic problems the bail outs and now the next World War! Greed! is the cause and it's done by good people The greed of good people That is attempting to produce things in the technological age in the cheapest possible way with the least human labor as possible as mechanized as possible and there you have it War! Is brooding and the heat is on It's burning in the streets of London and the heat is growing as it's burning in Libya and in Egypt and in Syria Have a look at what the Jews are moaning about They're moaning about the rentals Being too high and their income not high enough Why is the rentals high? Capitalism Because those that own the buildings which are the capitalists Utilizing their control to push up the prices They're not interested in providing housing They are interested in making money Profit This profiteering will cause us Massive problems! so please Please If your in any way can hear There is a problem This problem is going to require a global awareness and virtually none of this awareness exists and if we don't get this point to a point of an awareness so that we can direct a new economic system and bring about a change in this world break away from the current system of greed This world is going to face the greatest war yet The safest place in all of these is going to be Africa The south of Africa The rest of the world is going to be at war Unfortunately this was also predicted that means it is hard wired into the DNA This war and the way it's going to play We can change our stars We can change our program but at this stage It is most unlikely and it's a sad day that There is virtually no way that we can stop it and in a way we'll have to accept To prepare ourselves To be able To continue after this The focus will have to be Africa Place to go Consider that Join us at Desteni One way or the other A new world will come about Preferably not through war but it seems to be the way And as long as that is the way We have to be practical breath by breath Utilizing common sense in preparing To assist and Protect as many people as possible From this absolute ludicrous Insanity that is busy brewing and that will be On our door steps within the next few years It will not be yet There is still hope As long as there is hope People will still try to prevent war but The economic system is crashing and it has been so completely embraced as the only way That we can go forward That there is Virtually no alternative but war and if you study economics you'll know what I am saying Is so- that The system has always replenished itself Through war and we are unfortunately "Spiraling" down to it It is the countdown now Which is virtually certain That war will come and engulf All of Europe! and the Americas and the East You'll probably pray and ask that god be with you but god can't Because god has run out of money You have a problem Bigger than you can imagine Do your research We will be regularly give updates on the points and start to do timeline assessments So that one can see how this all accumulate into something We would all rather want to Prevent Join us at Desteni We require a new economic system For that, join us at Change must be born Join us Oh! To add to the riot point and to the discontent The question is why were Siener van Rensburg be able to predict These happenings A hundred years ago? Essentially if you study his work and there are books available in English You'll notice that when he hear his visions he First went through a process of great battle Where he battled the forces of light and dark of good and evil and once he finished that battle He came to clarity and he had his visions Which is basically the battle of polarity Which is in the design and then we will be showing through the fossil records Through the fossil record in time How this design was preprogrammed It is astounding How specific it was programmed to bring us to this day and age but through utilizing the specific outcomes of good and evil The future was predicted and the problems for Europe and the United Kingdom specifically in terms of Retribution for what they did in the world Because your cycles work through a karmic cycle For what they have done to the non-white Races through out hundreds of years Is now bearing its fruit and it will become uncontrollable As it will run amok In these areas and the fear Will bleed onto the streets There is no easy answer for these things now There has never been humans on earth that cared about Anything but themselves and of those the British are the worst They have a ego That has been imposed on humanity Through currency Through Conquering Through slavery through many ways and Their pay day has arrived Suggested that That is not the place to go as things get worse and they are not ready for it Because the self-rightous Ideas about themselves is so extensive That it will be too late before they realize they shit they're in Anyway That is the terror That the re-visit those that invented terror and that imposed it on the world It's very similar to the problems awaiting America for the terror they imposed on the Indians It is "massive" problems that is ahead for many many parts of the world Join us at Desteni

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