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Karen Berg about Shabat Hagadol 2020

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Hi, friends. I just wanted to give you a little bit of consciousness insight into something that I find amazing. We know that this weekend, or this Shabat is called Shabat Hagadol. The only Shabat in the year that has that name. Basically, the reason that is called that is that it's the Shabbat of the anticipation of the disembowelment, if you will, from the Egyptians and their slavery towards the Israelites. It is a time that we take their God and we say, see we have the right to choose whatever God we want, to pray as we want, to be as we want. And we will be a free people in Creation and not subjugated by the rules and regulations of a monarchy. And basically that's the idea of the Shabbat Hagadol. That people come from enslavement into a place of freedom. And for me, I find it so ironic and so interesting that in Shabat Hagadol the day falls on the same day - and not to confuse you, but - that Saturn enters into Aquarius in zero degrees. Now, what does that mean? Basically, every time that Saturn entered into a planet in zero degrees, the people changed in many, many ways, right? And we don't need to go into history, but to understand that this Shabat, this particular time, we, as a people, globally are changing. What does it mean? It means that we┬┤ll be able to govern ourselves more in the time to come. It ushers in that period in which there'll be more knowledge, the'll be more breakthroughs in science and technology. Because Aquarian, you know, governs the Internet, governs superior knowledge and then we have Saturn, which is restrictive, constricting. So, from this day forward, we are going into a new Era, a new space for all humanity. And it happens on this particular day, zero degree, seven, zero degree And I just find it so interesting that we can equate the things that happened then. What happened? They went from a place of having enslavement and many of us have - not enslavement in the sense that we speak about that is truly being a slave but -, a lot of us have spent most of our lives in enslavement. I got to listen to the boss, or I got to listening to the people around me, or I have to be more gentle with these people because they have more power. Because they have more money. I want to be friends with these people... all of those things that enslave us. We become different when we're around certain people. That will change. Because, yes, we will because of what's happening, find a way to maybe work more as a single person in an environment which is less hectic and moving outside, but also another thing that we're being conditioned to is not only to see what's in front of us, not to be this soldier onward. I'm telling you, this is the way you go. This is the way you should vote. This is the way you should feel, this is what you should do, but rather, to have this peripheral vision to say "OK". But how can I be creative? You know, I am stuck in this environment right now. Is there a way I can change my business model because I'm here? Is there a way that I can create things that are different? Because I'm now put in this place and that all that energy, all that positive energy is starting to happen more definitely with more the vibration of being, if you will, freer, freer in the sense of I can do it this way. I don't need to do in the way I've been doing before. And to have a sense of different values. And there are many of us, many of us that are stuck at home, finding ourselves in a place of "hm, what's truly valuable in my life?" "What is my priorities in my life?" You know, yes, of course, it must be difficult with people with small children and more difficult for people to find themselves in a place where they're having to deal with things that they've never dealt up with before. But also, it's such a time of turning our eyeballs inside. That starts today. I mean, of all days, today Shabbat Hagadol it takes us into a space of what and how can I have knowledge? How can I do things with my knowledge that's different than I did before? And we will see in the time that follows the idea that we are often, think about it, slavery does not mean somebody holding us in chains. Slavery is being tied to things that we choose not to be tied to, and yet we are, because some circumstances, because of people. And tonight, start our time that maybe we can break free of those chains and become more involved. Like, the people that are more technically inclined, maybe will find different breakthroughs, ourselves in the technology of the future, we will be, yes, more constricted because Saturn causes constriction. But also what is reorganization is creating things out of the negative stuff that surround us, and making them, forming them into positive things. On the other end, you've got different planets. I do not want to bother you with that, but you have on the other end of the stick you have Pluto, which is life and death, literally life and death. Joining up with Mars and what does it mean? It means that we will be changing. Some things, yes, will not exist the way they did before, but the things that will and will remain, will put us in a place of bigger things, of better things, of a better me. And that better me starts today. That better me start at this junction. And with that better me, can come a better world. And as I said before, you have heard me say it. Mother Nature has said to us already. You know, I have given you floods, I have given you fire, I have given you weather change and extreme weather. Now you will listen. And we have an entire global world. Think about it... The entire world is now involved in trying to, sure, trying to get rid of this virus. Do you imagine what would happen if the entire world, the entire beings decided to raise their consciousness? Just a little bit. You know, if we are 10 percent consciousness we can raise the whole world. And that is why some of the leaders are calling for tomorrow to be a day of great meditation, tomorrow, Saturday morning, to be a time of, you know, giving up our usual routine to read a holy book or singing a beautiful song or meditate on being just a little bit different. Because, yes, we are going into a time frame that we have never been in. Yes, that we are going to be conditioned to through the process of staying at home and doing the things. But more than anything, we are asked to raise our level of consciousness. And there is an interesting thing to prove that point. I don't remember the island, but there was a study in one of the islands which they taught a hundred monkeys to peel potatoes. And at the end of teaching a hundred monkeys to peel potatoes, all the monkeys came and they started to peel potatoes. I want to peel a potato. I want to be the one that raise that consciousness so that we can get the others to follow us to make this world vibrating on the higher level that we can be that being that we are supposed to be and that life happens through us, not to us. And we, you, me, everybody that's watching this is part of that process. And yes, it's called the Shabat Hagadol, especially in the year 2020, because it will be the time that moves us into an era that is different than we were before. Sometimes difficult, but absolutely to another place, to that Aquarian place of knowledge, of freedom of feeling that I can be who I choose to be and not who I'm supposed to be. Thank you for listening to me and I hope to see you again before Passover. Bye!

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Karen Berg about Shabat Hagadol 2020

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