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Street interview-Daphne

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(Hi, I'm Ann and this is Emma) Hi! (And, your name is?) I'm Daphne. (Nice to meet you.) Ya, nice to meet you. (We have some... we have a street interview and need to ask you some simple questions.) Okay. (Do you like travel?) I love traveling! (you love traveling!) Yeah! (Which country have you been?) Most recently, I went to Kenya last year But in the past year, there also been Japan, Australia... ah... lots of countries. Oh well.. lots of . I've spent lots of time in the America. And...where have I been, Malaysia. I think that's top of my head. I think there's nothing else, unless once they are more interesting. (Okay, so, um, which country is your favorite, according to your experience?) Uh... wow! (Maybe.. Kenya or...) Most favorite? I got... I mean, I really like them all. any.. for different reasons. Not so far but Japan, but... I guess right now, if I could, If I could like picking another country to go back to, I'd really want to go back to Kenya again. (Really? Why do you go to Kenya?) Uh... I've actually always wanted to go to Kenya since I was a kid. Because there are lots of wild animals there And like last year, I started getting my own like camera. And you could... and going to Kenya other then seeing all the animals You can also have this chance to practice photography and take photos. (So you go there alone or with friends or?) Oh, no, I went with my family Not the most interesting trip. Yeah, I went with my family (Are there any big difference between Kenya or...?) (Do you feel any big difference from those countries you've been according to ...) (Any big differences?) You mean between the countries I've been to Or between like the countries I've been to and Taiwan? (Are there any differences about those countries and Taiwan?) Hum...well like people there, their life style or culture Hum...I...well For Kanya, It's completely opposite of Taiwan. (Yes, of course.) Yeah, yeah,I mean,because there's lot animals there and like.. the way people work there there are kind of.... they do it in their own pace. I mean, they could've ask you to wait for an hour and they feel like "Oh, it just, you know, it's been like 10 minutes for us" and they aren't really care. But.. I guess it's for like... Exactly I can't say much about like... hum, Japan Cause I have been there for only ten days But from what I know, I mean, It's seems a lot like Taipei Because it's been like a city everything and for the other countries, you basically go for the tourism. So you don't actually know their lifestyle... yeah. But, um, I don't know, I mean, Spending a lot of the years in America, I guess... Well, I guess if you want to say how is it difference, I mean, depends it depends on where you stay and everything Because I've been to California. Like, lots of Asians lived there, lots of Asian, (Yeah, feels like in China or Taiwan) Yeah, I mean.. They still like the American culture there, but especially China town or something, you could still see like reverant ... still like Chinese culture. But, if you like live somewhere.. where goes like less Chinese people, then you kind of get into the way of American life, it seems more American. (So you live in the California or.? Oh, no, I went to the California for six weeks but I live in Minnesota. (Minnesota?) Yes (So, are there any differences about Minnesota and Taiwan?) Yeah,well, Minnesota basically everywhere you go you drive (And in Taiwan, you don't.) Yeah, Taiwanese usually don't. I guess in Minnesota like, what of the main difference, I think is that it's really cold Minnesota is really cold Yeah, it's the second coldest states after Alaska So it's snows a lot. yeah (Umm, cool. According to your experience) (are there anything interesting happened?) You mean like... during the trip or when I was in America? (Hmm... during the trip?) (Maybe like... running from the lion?) OH! Speaking of that, There was a time when one of a driver have to pee in the woods, and he was actually chased by a hippo! Yeah, because he crossed the territory, and hippos are very territory. Yeah, and he was chased by. and... we also saw... we saw... actually we saw a lot of like we saw this antelope been chased by a cheetah and it got away. And we also saw like elephant's been eaten by lions Yeah there is crocodile...alligator? crocodile? Okay, alligator. Hum...that were trying to kill this antelope. That was in its territory. Yeah, it's pretty cool (So when you went to Kenya, you took... bus in there?) We took a plane to Kenya when we are in Kenya, it was by a little truck like car (truck like car) Yeah, truck like, a bits like cars, kinds of like trucks a kind like trucks, kind like car? I don't know what I... (Have you made any good friends during those trip?) Yeah, I mean like you meet a lot of people on trips But...hum, and you get to talk a lot on this trips But how many of them you actually keep a contact with after you come back I mean that's not so much But you talk to a lot of people and then you think you'll, we are gonna be you know , keep in contact when we get back home But well really , you don't really there are still a few But that was too..... (not really much) Yeah, you've only seen them for only few hours or something. yeah (So according to your traveling experiences which country you will recommend to us?) (Kenya?) Well, if you, if you're not afraid of the heat, and you can stand not having really good food, not having great places to sleep and you like animals, then Kenya is good. but if you like, um...if you like American culture or, the city life, I guess you can go to like either Japan or America and if you like tropic then Maldives and Malaysia.. something like that. i mean i guess it's like comparative like who you're talking to (How do you think about Taiwan?) Well, it's the weather is sucky I kind of like it , I mean it's, we have, everywhere you go you can get anything you want and like , you can be like two in the morning and you really really hungry you can just go out there's 7-11 everywhere I mean really convenience and the people here are really friendly. yeah. (Thank you very much) No problem.

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Street interview-Daphne

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