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Jessica Mystic - My Message to Humanity II

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is our body not mirroring this to us? it is a mere reflexion of what is going on inside so many human beings bodies, and even minds? but it does not stop there billions of stars make up our one universe and the planets are the organs planets and organs are a group of collective consciousness working together for a particular purpose so are we alone in the universe? Yes we are, just break apart the word alone al-one yes we are all one in the universe. All beliefs everyone of them whether they are religious of science or mystical are all the same things in different words and packages and cast of characters blaaaaah, I screw that up! all people need to realize this, now, more than ever to work together we must no longer discredit one another by saying that each other is stupid, crazy or evil, since each one of us holds a major piece of the puzzle that is why we have done and said so many things to avoid this realization when we are working on a major puzzle you will never get it if you refuse to work with the blue pieces because someone told you it was evil could that also be a lie? it is not about putting our differences aside, on the contrary it is about using our differences to compliment enhance help and complete one another so here is an example most indigenous cultures believe we came from the stars and society today convinces us that is erroneous and Christians say we came from Adam and science says we came from or are made up of atoms gosh sounds awfully similar dont you think? Adam ..... atoms where do atoms come from? well, they come from the stars so you see how everyone is right just with a slight different interpretation? everyone has a different way of describing the same thing with different interpretations and perspectives, collective scopic based on a foundation past reference from a comfort belief and can someone then please tell me if the government has no knowledge of aliens then why have they recently changed Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented on July 16, 1969 make it illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials and their vehicles? I think it is still there, I think you can still find it, if you really want to. Look it up for yourself! ok so after that what is the next step? If we know we are being played like a marionette and no information gets out unless we are ready and able to accept it.. you better think about that one? what you need to understand is that the illuminati works with every belief, specially prophesy they know we would one day wake up and have been preparing for this time for many years they knew.. they know that when revelations come to light, then people would react and that is exactly what they want, for it is when we are in these emotions of anger, hate, feelings of detrayal and hurt it empowers the illuminati and gives the upper hand in being able to play us yet again now life is most uncomfortable as every little thing is starting to get to us, from traffic jam, to BS and the speed of technology the bombardment of info to all the tax paperwork etc, etc. all to make us angry and beyond the urge of losing our minds but life wants us to lose our minds, why? our minds are most unkind and like to rewind us to the daily grind we are shedding our mind like a snake sheds its skin but how can we live with out mind? Well the truth is your not just your mind just like you are not only your foot, it is only one part of you the mind has been the boss for a long time calling the shots and now it is being replaced by the heart also known as your intuition, 6th sense and divine guidance and, the mind is fighting this demotion exactly like the illuminati is why? Because they are the exact same thing.. the reptilian brain is part of the bossy part of the mind called ego that is where all of the negative self-talk comes from now what is the purpose of the reptilian brain? it is here to keep us safe which is the same pitch that the illuminati claims as to why we need them and their system we depend on their system to keep us safe and protected and somehow that seemed to turn against us and for me personally I find if I tell my ego it is bad then it gets even worse as if telling it that it is bad is the only idea it ever has then it becomes it this is also what happens when we tell any person they are bad even our kids they say you think I am bad well fine I will be bad then they grow up angry and end up in jail where the environment encourages into be bad locked up with others saying ya you think your bad right lets see what you got come on tough guy and the result is they come out of jail even more jaded might i suggest using a more gentle approach and talking to your ego like you would talk to a kid running around with scissors and see what happens? the war on terror is actually a war on our minds we are bombarded and overwhelmed, we are told what to think rather than how to think hence we are all... we all.. aaaaah hence all the mind control and subliminal messages. The word terror sure sounds a lot like terra Terra is another word for earth that is because it is a world war cause everyone is subjected to this in one way or another it is a clever way to say world-war-III what you need to understand here is that nothing is completely black and white that is why the yin and yang symbol shows the white side with a spot of black in it and the black side has a spot of white in it so this dark side the illuminati does also have a divine side to them what do i mean by this? Well it seems that unfortunately it always takes some disaster to bring us together I mean, which then brings out something like a super hero bravery how else is it possible for a grandmother to lift up a car to save a loved one? or make someone run into a burning building to save a stranger? or how a tsunami can stop a war just long enough to have every country contribute something to the victims? so when ever a disaster happens like the towers for example the peoples immediate response is oh my god! what are they going to do about it? we immediately give our power away to people who do not have our best intentions in mind thus are we still surprised that media is used to gauge out of us a desired reaction and solution which is always to raise taxes more security, less freedom with a constant diet of fear could this be because we have been conditioned not to think for ourselves? we never once say: oh my god! what are the people, what am I going to do about it? so I have a question: how bad does it have to be before we the people actually feel the fire lit under our asses to actually do something? how many more problems, difficulties, pain, suffering, unjust, hurt, diseased loved ones, thankless jobs do we have to experience before we act? what exactly are we waiting for? do we truly believe that we are no good and have no power? what is going on with all humans at this time that we are convinced that they are no good piece of coal that is under extreme heat and pressure that my friends is pure alchemy we are the seeds of potential, and in order to grow lovely, we need some damn good fertilizer: also known as shit, dunged on us! the illuminaty have done a good job this is why I say: love your shit! 'cause you are all going into beauty and divinity beyond comprehension because of it what happens to coal when it is under these circumstances of extreme heat and pressure? have you figured it out? that's right! it becomes a diamond! you become a diamond, you and everyone of you are in the process of becoming and remembering who you are beautiful and awesome beyond all comprehension it is like our consciousness is an ice cube and the heat is the illuminati which ironically frees our consciousness into a liquid form now we are flowing and realizing other conscious parts of ourselves but the fire is still under us, to go from solid to liquid to gas

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Posted by: iotemka on Apr 2, 2009

A blue print for a higher consciousness

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