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Ivanti - Voice Agent

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The phone is one of the most common ways your customers contact the service desk when they need help. Improve the experience. Immediately identify your callers and any open incidents they may have and route them in their information to the right analyst. It's all done automatically with Ivanti Voice and Service Manager. Here's exactly how it works. Brianna calls the service desk to get help with her laptop. Ivanti Voice recognizes Brianna's number and prompts her. Thank you for calling to helpdesk. For reporting an incident, press 1. For hardware problems, please press 1. Please input your asset ID. Brianna inputs her asset ID, which is associated with the configuration item. Ivanti Voice confirms the laptop asset that Brianna is calling about. Please confirm you are calling about asset HP Envy Laptop, owned by B Thomson, on domain, GMI.LOCAL. If this information matches what's you're calling about, press 1. Voice then works with Ivanti Service Manager to route Briana to the agent who can best help with this type of incident. The agent gets a screen pop with all of Brianna's information, including her hardware issue and the configuration item it is associated to. The agent starts helping Brianna right away without needing to ask her to explain why she is calling or rekeying her information yet again. It's that easy to personalize and streamline every call to your service desk. Ivanti Voice recognizes your customers when they call, captures the incident type, involved asset, and other necessary information. Removes the need to reenter data, routes them to the right resource who is knowledgeable on the incident, and provide screen pops to your agents with the information they need including information from the configuration management database to improve the quality and timeliness of cost. End result, happy customers and more productive agents. Want to know more, see how your organization can benefit from unified IT at

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Posted by: ivanti on Aug 7, 2018

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