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Hello and Thank You from Brazil

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Hi there, we would like to thank Matt and the Fourth Avenue Church for your support and for your partnership and for the confidence that you've shown in our ministry whether it's here in São Paulo or in Porto Alegre with Elder as well. In fact, we really don't have the words to describe how much of a blessing you've been in our lives and how much you've helped us out. And our children too - they're not here right now; Eminem is back in Alvorada and Isadora's at school but we want to say thanks on behalf of our entire family and our ministry whether it's here with CENA or with the Youth Recovery Center, we really want to thank Fourth Avenue Church and especially Matt for the confidence and partnership that we hope can last many years, and hopefully will continue to eternity. Thank you for the confidence, for the partnership, and we are so grateful for the way in which God has used you to be a blessing to us and our ministry. My words are the same as those of Josimar: I can only say thanks for the confidence and partnership that we've developed I'm very grateful to God for the opportunity to do this work especially to develop this work and discover a new potential in myself, a potential that I didn't realize was in me but I've found thanks to our new journey in this work. I'm really thankful, from the bottom of my heart, because if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have had the opportunity to do this work that we've grown to love, my wife and I together. And for you Matt, thank you so much - and to the brothers from Fourth Avenue that came last year as well, I thank all of them as well, from my heart We are together! May God bless all of you - nothing else I can say! ...thank you! The women are a bit shy, a little timid, but...(thank you from our hearts!)

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Posted by: mlrehbein on Apr 22, 2016

A message from our Missionaries:
Josimar & Aline - São Paulo, Brazil
Elder & Elisangela - Porto Alegre, Brazil

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