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Randori Group Web Design by imageNation Web Experts

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Hi, this is Melanie with imageNation Web Experts, and I want to walk you through the design and development of the Randori Group so you can see it for Randori Group is a consortium of organizational development consultants who have come together to provide a very strong service with their common philosophy that less is more. That slow is fast. That there is creativity to be found in the chaos. That simplicity is the way to go. This common, joined theme of theirs really helped direct the site, and helped direct the name of their group. Randori came to us and we had about 3 days from start to finish. And I mean START, as in they contacted us saying "we need a site, we need a logo, we need information . . ." To FINISH, meaning the site is published on-line, on the web. So, a few days, that's it. I think we did a spectacular -- phenomenal job of really conveying who they were and working with them. They gave us a lot of creative freedom, which allowed us to move quickly. And to really get a cohesive feel throughout the site. Sometimes you get a lot of people involved, and it can be a wonderful experience, but it does take more time. So, that's how we approached this. And they had their work in helping us with getting some content to us as well. I just put my mouse over that center circle on the home page . . . and you'll notice the interactivity that goes in ALL of our sites. All of our sites are very interactive. For the Randori Group, we created this code just for them . . . This is our code. And, it is . . . it shows the movement of the circle when your mouse is away . . . And . . . as you see, I just pulled my mouse away . . . when I put my mouse over the circle, and there are the links to all their partners' web sites which have a lot more information on them. Which is very appropriate given a three day time span. So, that's one of the things we did. The motion very much symbolizes them, The simplicity of the look and feel, As well as the calligraphy-looking circle, That has a zen-inspired, Japanese-inspired look and feel . . . that has all of their names around it It's all custom It's a custom image there, and custom coding that makes it rotate and then pause on rotation and show this area with the other partners' websites. We did the logo during this time period. We did this custom image, the custom coding. Let me show you some of the secondary web pages. On the About Us page, you'll see the secondary look and feel which is retained throughout the whole site. Some of the items I'd like to highlight on this page include . . . the custom images that maintain that look and feel . . . The red creates a strength - and also an emphasis, so you know where to look. There's texture involved, as shown down here in "The Randori Group is Committed to" area . . . As well as . . . there's texture, and sort of a calligraphy-looking swipe underneath the titles of each page. The title of this page, "About Us", that is not an image. That is text. Even though it looks like a special font, Which used to be performed in the web-world, and is still performed by some designers that aren't into coding so much. It's still performed . . . as an image, and the bad thing about putting images in websites, when you're trying to convey text is that search engines can't read those images. They can read text. So, the balance to find is how do you get a search engine to be able to "read" it, and still get the look and feel you want from the web . . . well, we use embedded fonts. So, this is an embedded font. It's not a standard font at all; it's a specialized font for them. It's still able to be read by search engines, so it's the perfect solution for them. If you notice, that is maintained throughout all the secondary pages. And, we have group members as a drop-down list so that you can visit any particular group member here also. The Contact Page is a form. It goes to email as well as a database. There is coding here so you don't get a lot of spam. A lot of times spammers who are trying to send you junk email, basically, what they'll do is just spam forms. So we have this special code in there, so you have to type it out. So we know you're not a computer; you're a human-being. All of our sites . . . include a content management system which means you can go in and edit your site at any time. It's fantastic. So, you, if you want to add something. If you need to change, a . . . person that you had listed on the site, that person has left the company . . . . or you get a new person you want to add . . . You can change it. Any information. Which changes all the time. We live in the real world with changes everyday. You need to keep your website current. We can do that for you, and you have the opportunity to EASILY do it yourself. in a system that allows you to maintain everything on your website . . . and view all the contacts that contacted you. So, if you didn't get a contact email or if it got misrouted, you misplaced it . . . you can always go on your administration area and look it up I hope that you got something from the overview of this site and saw a little bit how we can work. And, I hope you contact us! We'd love to hear from you. and You can contact us by going to our site at Thank you.

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How imageNation Web Experts published in 3 days from project initiation to site launch. Our design thoughts and an overview of how we can work with you!

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