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Creative Commons Licensing Offline Work Walkthrough

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We're going to go through the process of selecting a Creative Commons license and including that license in a document we wish to share We are going to start off by navigating to the website You can also do a Google search for Creative Commons license selector Once on the web page, you are presented with 3 questions. Basically, do you wish to allow commercial uses of your work? And that can be Yes or No I'm going to select Yes in this case. Do you wish to allow modifications of your work? You could say Yes, unconditionably Yes, as long as others share the material in the same fashion that I've shared it, or No. I'm going to use the Share Alike clause And then by selecting the jurisdiction - South Africa happens to be right at the bottom of the list And you can add additional information if you wish that's all optional I'm going to select the license And I'm presented with this page Now this code is built for web pages. It's an html code, which displays the button of the license that you've chosen So if you're working with a web page you can simply copy this code into the web page. But a lot of the times, you're dealing with documents or stuff that's not online just yet. So if that's the case, you have to select Offline Work just over here on the right. And you can say "Add this text to your work" You get a little pop-up. And now we have text which is to go on the document And what I'm going to do is also include a copy of the button. Now to get that button, you just get your mouse over on top of it right click and "copy the image". I can navigate over to my presentation and I'm going to enter into Slide Master view So that this will appear on every slide and I can simply go Edit - Paste or Control V Now I've got that little button just going to show up on my slides It's a good idea to also include the text which came up in that little window copy it and also include it on at least one slide in the presentation. So people will know what they can do with your work once you've shared it.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 18 seconds
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Producer: Michael Paskevicius
Director: Michael Paskevicius
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Posted by: calmansi on Dec 12, 2009

by Michael Paskevicius, under a CC BY-SA License. .
Screencast which demonstrates how to add a Creative Commons license to offline works created in September 2009 for the University of Cape Town.

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