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Ian Xel Lungold 2: MAYAN insights and 2012

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Desteni Presents: Interdimensional Portal Interview: Ian Xel Lungold - Interview 2 Hi I'm Ian Xel Lungold and I'm continuing with the Part Two Section - 2012 Why 2012, and why Not 2025 ? 2025 was the Prediction.. you know what? it's not actually a prediction - it is a Certainty of - "the End of Time" compiled, from connecting Each Baby that was being born from their Present Existence - from the beginning - to a Star But what they Also Had to Take into Consideration, was of course - Human Beings: their Nature, what they will do, who they will become and what Events will be compiled and take place Here on Earth in the relationship of Humanity as One together on Earth When that was taken into consideration, the Timeline was cut short to 2012 so "the End of Time" - is 2012 I smile, because - "the End of Time" is so feared the End of Time is so misinterpreted the End of Time is Not Understood I'm here to explain that to you So, what does this mean? What did the beings who participated in the Design of the Mayan Calender understand? That they're existing in a Programed Designed Existence because they had the ability to actually predict with certainty actually place the future into perspective - right Here that is only possible if All of Existence as One - including the Earth, the planets, the stars, the animals, human beings - are One Program designed, working together with a Beginning and an End. So this Programmed Design - I am going to refer to as Consciousness Systems - that's what All the Dimensions are referring as to - Consciousness Systems Let's take it from this perspective: Existence in it's entirety - the Earth, planets, stars: Consciousness - a Consciousness Programmed Design including human beings in the human beings, exist a Mind Consciousness System within this Consciousness programmed designed existence and this entire Consciousness existence work as One: with a Beginning - with an End And that's how the beings who designed and manifested and placed - with certainty - "the End of Time" could actually do this - what a realization - what a knowing- So what does this "End of Time" mean? it is fascinating! this End of Time means: the End of Consciousness existence the End of Consciousness existence what does that mean? Have a look - Have a look at human beings, at this moment, have a look at existence Everything as One Together have been working and is responsible basically for where humanity is at it's current expression because we are Here like this, because we've accepted and allowed ourselves to become Mind Consciousness Programmed Systems within a Consciousness Programmed Designed Existence So therefore, the End of Time means: The End...oh...The End...better... The End of Consciousness Designed Programmed Systems 'Ian, are you saying now that existence will disappear?' Yes! that is exactly what I'm saying. But it will disappear from an interesting perspective: Existence as it exists in this very moment - now this including human beings, the planets, the stars, planet Earth, the oceans, nature... - everything - is already in the process of coming to an "End" "the End of Time" - the End - of this Consciousness System Designed Programmed Existence multiple words - I understand - but that's what it is and it's Already Changing..because a Fascinating thing has Occurred! but something That was Not Expected! and this Little Something - i am going to Hold Back for a Moment now just Place yourself, Brace yourself - because All that you Have Known, and ever Trusted - Why Trusted? Because human beings Trust...what they Know, at this very Moment, in their World they're Secure...they're Safe...they're Content...they're Protected... they're Happy..they're Satisfied - Not Many but there are Some, that is part of...and will be part of: the End of Time - Because that would Come to an End your Whole World will End! your Entire Life Experience Will End! with: the End of Time - in 2012 I will Continue this my Next Interview Thank you. This is Ian Messages from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: Joseph Barber, Karl Marx, Rudolf Hess

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Ian Xel Lungold speaking through the Interdimensional Portal MAYAN insights and 2012
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