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Conan O'brien 2010 Ford Tarus vs 1992 Taurus

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-(Conan O'Brien) Hey, we're at Galpin Motors here in Los Angeles. This is Amy Varentic, is that correct? -No. -Amy Slauson? -No. -Amy Johnson? -No. -Amy... -Marentic. -Amy Marentic. Okay, this is Sue Weiler. -No. -Okay, I'm gonna get this right. You're Amy... -Marentic. -Marentic, isn't that great? You're from Ford Motor Company. -I am.

-And you've been instrumental in designing the new Ford Taurus SHO. -Mm-hmm. -Tell me what you contributed. Were you the one that said, "Let's put the Ford logo upfront"? -Yeah, and the high-intensity discharge headlamps. -Why high-intensity discharge? -HID, doesn't it sound fun? -Sounds like a skin condition, to be honest with you. Should we pop the hood on this baby? -Shall I drive? -This is like me on a first date. I can't... So everything is right here. I have my steering wheel, this steers the car, I'm guessing. -Yes. -Very good. This screen right here, what's happening? -So this is our 8-inch touch screen. -Do you ever worry these cars are getting too smart?

Do you ever worry we're getting to a point where these cars will take over the Earth? -No, I don't worry about that. -Okay. That was a good honest answer. -We also have a feature called Multi-Contour seats

and they're seats that massage you. -You have massaging seats? -Yeah. -Really? Do you have that in this car right now? -No, it's not in this one, but it does come on the SHO.

-So, there's no massaging seat in this car right now? -Not in this specific one. -Okay, 'cause I'm...right here is tight. Right there. -Right there? Yeah, well, the seat won't massage you right there, but it will massage you down here. -Right. Okay. -But not right there. -But...yeah, okay. And you're not gonna... -No, definitely not. They told me I couldn't touch you. -Okay. This is the, I want to use the correct term, this is the ass of the car. Right? -Yes. -That is a big trunk. -It's a very big trunk. -I could fit in that trunk quite comfortably. I could be very happy in here. I think it's very... This is nice. It's like going back to the womb. Okay, I'm now in the trunk. It's a 2010 Ford SHO. Uhh... I kinda lost track of time. I think I've been in here for about 5 hours. The crew left. Amy left. I'm freaking out a little bit, but I'm trying to stay calm. I'm running low on food. I...I found a...a little, uh, pamphlet on tire pressure about an hour ago and I ate that. It's, uh, sustained me. I think Amy left. I don't think she's coming back. She said she would, but I think she's a little creeped out by me. -Are you okay? -I'm fine. How long was I in there? -About 30 seconds. -30 seconds? I'm not sold. -You're not? -I'm not and I'll tell you why. I want you to meet the beast over here, the original 1992 Ford Taurus SHO. This is my ride, um, and I kind of think that you've tried to tinker with perfection. -And the birds love it too. -That actually... that's factory-installed bird crap. -There we go. -Okay. -Oh, my goodness. -What you're telling me is that is a 24-valve DOHC. Do you know what that stands for? -Yes, duel overhead cam. -Is that what it stands for? -Yes. -Oh, I never knew. All right, we are now in the interior of the beast. I call this the belly of the beast. The stomach of the snake. The abdomen of the ass. -That's nice. Very clean. Really cupped it up well. -Look at this. I have a cell phone from 1989. (chuckles) This just looks like...I look like Michael Douglas in Wall Street. (gruff, raspy voice): What? What, are you awake? It's a beautiful morning here, bud. (normal voice): I have...this opens. This is a storage compartment where I keep dirt and some hair. (laughing) Why is dirt and hair in here? But there is. This is one feature you guys did not think of. Check this out. A rear-view mirror that comes out. It's detachable. Check your teeth. Teeth are fine. -You put it...oh. -I'm gonna see if the car still runs. (car starting, seatbelt signal beeping) (phone beeps) -Oh, and the phone goes on! -Phone goes on and now (phone rings) I'm getting phone messages from 1991. (engine revving) -Oh, yeah. -Is this doing anything? You're not gonna... -It's...yeah, it's good. -It's just good, huh? You talked a lot about the safety in the 2010. This car is perfectly safe. Let's say I'm about to get into a collision. I feel like I'm about to hit something. -Right. -I just reach into the back seat. I grab this and place it here. When you hit the beach ball, you're fine. (grunts) -Did you think of maybe giving it to your passenger first? -No. -No. -Protect yourself first. That's what they teach you on the airline. (grunts) I'm protected and then very quickly because I'm fast I hand you the beach ball. -And then, I... -Then, you're protected and then we can go to the beach and play. And then this is of course, voila, look at all the stuff you can keep in here. It's only fair, I think, I got in your trunk... You good? -I'm good. -Well, there you have it. The 2010 Ford Taurus SHO and the 1992 Ford Taurus SHO. -Hello? -Which one is better? -Hello? (knocking from inside) -It's up to you to decide. I'm gonna go get lunch. -Anybody out there? -Conan. Conan. Captioned by SpongeSebastian for

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Conan test the new 2010 Ford SHO Taurus against his 1992 SHO Taurus (Captioned by Sebastian for

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