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Configuring User Account Settings

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Configuring User Account Settings with Joe Shindelar This tutorial covers how to change user account registration settings. By the end of this tutorial you'll be able to turn off the ability for people to register user accounts on the site as well as review and edit the email messages generated by the site for events related to user accounts. Before you begin you'll want to make sure you're already familiar with signing into and the basics of navigating the administrative interface. In the Manage administrative menu click on Configuration. Then, under the People section, click on Account settings. Under Registration and cancellation, you can change various aspects of how users are able to register an account on your site. Select Administrators only as the people with permission to register user accounts. You also check Require email verification when a visitor creates an account in case you want to change the settings for account registration later on. Optionally, change the default email address from which user account notifications from the Farmers Market website will be sent. This will help you maintain a separate email address from the used for the website in general. For example, this email address for user account notifications will be useful for staff members communicating with vendors. I'll set it to support. You can also optionally edit the email templates in the email section to customize automated emails. There are 7 email templates available. They're meant for different user-specific occasions. All of them can be personalized and 3 can be disabled via checkboxes: activation, blocking, and cancellation. You can send out your own custom text by editing the text in any of these text areas. After making your changes to either the email configuration here or the settings above, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save configuration. You should be presented with a message indicating that the settings have been updated. In this tutorial we looked at how to configure the user registration process for our site and determined who was allowed to register as well as how to customize the various different user account-related emails that are sent out by the system.

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Configuring User Account Settings

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