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The Highly Profitable Accountant Intensive

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So the reason for me creating this event and everything that I do can be captured in one word and that is 'freedom'. How do we create freedom, and choice, to shift ourselves from where we are, into a whole different place. So 'The Highly Profitable Accountant Intensive' seminar, it's a seminar to explain to practice owners, how to shift their business model, their practice, from being in a place where they're stuck in a box on a treadmill, into a place where they build a model that gives them freedom and choice. Where they get lots more time back in their worlds, and they also get much more money out of their practices. The 3 main points that I've got to work on is; getting my A+ team behind me, it's about systemising my practice probably much more than it is, and also on the whole growth side, what are the systems there because once I've got that in place that is how I'm going to shift from being inside this box, into a place of choice and freedom. This event is for partners in practice, so if you're a Managing Partner and you've got your own practice, and you're frustrated with where you're at. Now that might mean that there's a lot of challenges, or it might mean that you're already doing well, but you want to do even better. And ultimately it's about the fact that I'm stuck inside my practice, and I want to get into a place where I can extract myself from it. So if you want to take control of your practice, make more money, and get your life back, go ahead and book your tickets to the next seminar, and I look forward to seeing you there!

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Posted by: jordanvickery28 on Apr 27, 2017

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