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The legendary Earl Weaver - Bill Haller confrontation [NSFW]

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- Behind the rubber-- - He was not! He-- Behind the rubber! - No-- - He stopped the ball behind-- - He did not go behind the rubber! - He was--well, for me he did. - You're listening to him! - Aw, I ain't listening to him, Eddie. - That's bullshit! - Behind the rubber! - Aw, bullshit! - Bullshit yourself! - You're here-- You're here, and this crew is here, just to fuck us! - Huh? - Yeah! - Boom! [crowd cheering] - Oh, that's good! That's great! And you suck! - Aw, you shit. - Yeah, you bums, you couldn't wait to get me out of it! - Aw, Earl-- - What a-- - Aw, you run yourself, Earl! You run yourself! - Get your finger off of me! - You hit me? - Yeah, 'cause you put your finger on me! - Good, I'm glad you did. I'm glad you hit me. - That's right, You're here for one goddamn specific reason. - What's that, Earl? - To fuck us! - Aw, you're full of shit. Fuck you. - That's right. For years and goddamn years and years. And don't you ever put your finger on me again! - You hit me, Earl. - You put your finger on me-- - That's okay. - Goddamn right! You get that straight-- - I didn't-- - [inaudible] - You ain't gonna knock nobody on their ass. - You do it again, and I'll knock you right in your nose! - I didn't touch you! - You pushed your finger in-- - I did not! Now you're lying! - You did, god damn it! - You're lying! - No, you are! - You are lying! - You're a big liar-- - You are a liar, Earl-- - You are! - A liar! - You are! - You stupid-- [crowd cheering] - I'll tell you something-- [cheering gets louder] - You're here for one reason: to fuck us good! - Wrong. - That's the only reason you're here. - You are wrong, Earl. - And you'll have your chance tomorrow. - Ohh-- - You got it as quick as you can-- - What is wrong with you? - You ain't no good. - Naw, you aren't either. You aren't either! - Yeah, well, you ain't no good. - You're no fucking good either. - You stink! - Yeah, you-- - Your ass will never have our games again! - I hope--what do I care? - Yeah, 'what do I care' -- - What do I care? - What are you doing here now? - Well, why don't you call the league office and ask them? - Yeah, I will! - Oh, good. - Don't think I won't! - Good. - The quicker you get out of this league-- - Yeah, the quicker you get out it'll be better, too. - Yeah, oh yeah? - That's right. - You ain't going nowhere. - You aren't, either! [crowd cheering] - You wait for five, ten fucking years from now, who's in the Hall of Fame? - Oh, you're gonna be in the Hall of Fame? - You know it! - Why? - You know it! - For fucking up World Series? - You know it! - You gonna be in the Hall of Fame for fucking up World Series? - I've won more than I've lost, kid! - Oh, no you haven't, Earl! - Games! Count games, stupid! - Aww-- [crowd cheering] - You don't even know nothing about baseball! - You better get going, Earl. - Oh, I better get going-- - You better get going. - What the hell are you gonna do about it? [crowd cheering] [cheering gets louder] Tell the truth, that you had your hands on me. - Nah, that's wrong, Earl! - No it ain't! - Wrong! [crowd cheering] - [CAMERAMAN]: Motherfuck-- what? I can't hear you. - [ANOTHER MAN]: What did he do wrong? Did that guy-- - He stopped his motion. It's called a balk. Jesus Christ. We just started this god-darned thing!

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Earl Weaver (1930-2013) was the manager of the Baltimore Orioles from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. One of the game's more memorable characters from that era, he was noted for his fiery temperament and frequent feuds with umpires. On September 17, 1980 the Orioles hosted the Detroit Tigers, and first base umpire Bill Haller was wearing a microphone for a documentary about the daily life of a big league ump. In the top of the first inning, Haller called a balk on Orioles pitcher Mike Flanagan. This video shows what ensued.

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