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Golf is a bourgeois sport indeed!

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Time to play another "Toque de Diana" (Bugle Call) before it's too late Lets begin It must be so hard to support this revolution when you have to do without or hide the things that you really like If we keep in mind how The Head of State has lashed out in the past against some golf courses and golfers in Petare which we haven't been able to find even with Google Maps and how he also lashed out against golf courses and golfers here in the Country Club in Caracas we will understand, with that in mind, the face made by the Governor of Aragua, Mario Isea when last Sunday he was exposed by the President just when he was asking for a little money to refurbish Hotel Maracay - Hotel Maracay is over here, isn't it? - It's in Las Delicias - In Las Delicias! - Next to the Military Club - Of Course! And it has some golf courses! - One golf course. 18 holes. - You play golf Isea? - I practiced some time ago Commandant but I don't play golf Oh oh! They caught Isea red-handed when he said, with that bourgeois knowledge, that this was indeed an 18 hole golf course something only those who have played can say with such confidence Right, Isea? - You practiced golf? - Yes - And you don't play golf here? Dead silence! Not a word! Not a "ñe" like we say in Venezuela A little smile yes. Tight lips. But no one said anything. Nobody plays golf! "Nooooo Mr. President, I don't play golf. Nobody plays golf around here!" I'm just saying, you know? I respect all sports, right? But right there in the heart of Maracay, in Las Delicias? How many hectares does that have? - It's about 30 hectares - 30 hectares just to play golf! A bunch of guys there Why wouldn't they go play somewhere else, in the outskirts of Maracay? There's no more courses. That's the only one in this region, the other one is in Valencia - So you defend .... - No no! Not at all! "No no no! I don't defend anything! C'mon! How could I possibly defend golf Mr. President? Goodness Gracious Commandant! I'm only informing you about the land the land where Hotel Maracay is located I don't care about golf courses one little bit" - Let's say it clearly then - Uh-huh - Golf is a bourgeois sport Bourgeois It's not like we are going to ban it but how can that be in Maracay while you see all the slums around 30 hectares! Right by Las Delicias avenue! so a small group of bourgeois and petit-bourgeois can play golf And the little cart! Because they are so lazy they can't even walk, they go around in a little cart And Isea must have been thinking: "I practiced golf but that was in the past Mr. President Right now not a chance because I am a revolutionary You opened my eyes Mr. President! That little golf ball is bad, pernicious, it makes you quite bourgeois Ever since I became a revolutionary I only play catch, bowls, "ajilei" and baseball" With that we say goodbye. We know it won't be long before we hear another "Toque de Diana" (Bugle Call)

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Country: Venezuela
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Posted by: lionelve on Aug 14, 2009

One of Chavez acolytes almost dares to admit he likes golf. It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.

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