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Mariela Interview

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!Uf! [Laughs] I do not want to look fat! Please, tell me your name, how old you are, how long have you been in gangs, and why did you join, your situation, what you have gone through; and at the end, what are your dreams. My name is Mariela, I am 23 years old. I joined a gang when I was 12 years old, just because I was curious. I have never had problems at home, or anything of that sort, I have always studied at the best colleges; I have had a fairly good level of life. What mostly brought me to this was my curiosity of being at clubs, dancing, and to know the adrenaline of what went on. I was always involved in problems inside groups. But out of all this time I got something good out of it; and the good that I got out of this, is that I met a lot of people. bad people, as well as good, that gives you advice and their friendship, for nothing in exchange. It is not what you are looking for,and you see a lot of danger inside of this, but it has a potitive side. you learn to value things more, and........ as time goes by, you notice that not everything is bad. About everything they say, that when girls join a gang they are raped or have sexual relations with all of the members of the organizations, but all that is true. In reality in the group that I was in that was named Birth of Steel, those things didn't happen. And I feel good. I think I am going to stay, I already have 12 years in this, and as time goes by, I will be more in this. What is your dream for the future? My dreams... Well, now I am working for the Foundation Ser Paz. I am working with the homeless, I feel really good, I already finished my career in the University. and it's a great achievement And it is a goal to work with homeless that are involved with gangs. Because in reality there is no better worker than one that has lived through all of this. And because I have lived through it.......... I know how things are. And I feel really good, My dream is for the people to not discriminate against gangs, for people not to signal us out. and for them to want to have you inside society. And for them not to believe that you are a weird person, or that you can't return something good. Because us the people in these groups, are fabulous people, people who know a lot, that have a lot of knowledge. Unfortunately, the people don't know how to appreciate it, they don't know how to see it, and they always say "the gangster" is not good for anything, they are only good for stealing, smoking, to hurt the society. Thank you very much! That is all that I can say, in honor of the truth. Thanksa, this was fun!

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Posted by: global on Nov 10, 2008

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