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Doable Hard vs Destructive Hard

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Doable Hard vs Destructive Hard The rage in the US right now is church planting. I have never seen anything like the enthusiasm for church planting. Now we could debate all afternoon the wisdom of that as a strategy but be that as it may there is so much enthusiasm for church planting right now that there are large stashes of money available and not enough young women and men planting churches who can utilize those monies and start fully supported. The amount of financial stress that was on our little founding team the first five years of Willow was destructive. It was not just sacrificial, it was destructive. Some on our team, the four guys, survived. But we had others around us who did not survive. They got too badly hurt and exhausted and fell into affairs. Some high cost stuff happened in those early days. If it were possible to have a better economic model from the beginning so that... I will give you something you can use as a saying. There is a difference between doable hard and destructive hard. A staff comes up and says this is hard. You say, "This might just be doable hard." We have to work hard at it. Then we have to get over the hump. This is doable hard. If someone comes to you and you sense it is destructive hard. It is defeating, demoralizing. It is going to injure the soul of the person. You have to draw the line as a leader. We do not allow destructive hard. Doable hard. Suck it up. Let's go and do it together. Destructive hard. No. What I am trying to say is I wish for all church planters these days that it would only be doable hard and not destructive hard. A couple of things we did do right when we started Willow. Many things wrong. A couple of things we did right. First, we had blinding clarity about the vision of our church. We are trying to turn irreligious people into fully devoted Christ followers in the context of an Acts 2 church. Who wants to argue? We are not trying to steal people from other churches. We are trying to turn irreligious people not into comfortable Christians but into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ in an Acts 2 context in a church. Another thing that really helped is I started the church with my friends. This is interesting. I do not talk about this much publicly because it can be misunderstood. When I talked my buddies into helping me start this church I said, "Let's give it two years and if it is a total train wreck then maybe let's start a car dealership or restaurant or something else." We were really close friends. Whatever we were going to do we were going to do it together. When you have a band of brothers and sisters where when it really gets hard at least you have each other. That helped us a lot. So a blindingly clear vision and a close band of brothers and sisters that gave us a good heads start.

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Posted by: landsm on Nov 17, 2014


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