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Reading Lessons for Children : How to Engage Children to Read

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Hi, I'm Ann Kennedy and I'm on behalf of expertvillage. I'm here to talk to you about understanding the nature of reading. Engaging children to read. Where and when does it start? It starts every time you go to the grocery store. You are at the grocery store. You pick up a jar of blue berry jam... ...and you pick up a jar of black berry jam. You show your child, this is blue berry jam and you can see the color is blue. One of the first concept in learning to read is colors. So the child now knows the word, the vocabulary - blue. Then you show black berry jam. You may say depending on the child's ages. Would you like some blue berry jam and toast for breakfast tomorrow morning... ...or black berry jam? If the Child is very young, he'll say," um, I think I'm gonna take blue berry jam." Did you ever give a reading lesson? No. But you did. You gave him the most important motivational tool that you ever could to your child... talking to your child, pointing out the differences in colors, and letting the child realized reading has a purpose. Because then maybe the next morning he'll discover I don't like blue berry jam. And come the next time you go to the grocery store, he'll choose black berry jam. Every single time you go to a grocery store, just do it one time. Point out different colors. For example, here is your black beans and here is your sliced carrot. So you pick out some carrots, you pick out some beans, and say," um, I wonder what I want for dinner tonight. That's so pretty the orange color... ...and these are all black and look like so much fun. Let's go with the orange carrots." That simple, that quick. It doesn't take more than a minute and a half to the grocery store. And you have just enhanced your child's ability in school, motivated them to read. So colors are very very very important in the early stage of reading. And it has meaning. The meaning is, that they know they gonna be eating whatever you pick, there's a purpose to read. And you thinking out loud. What is the most important thing you can do with your child... to show them, to talk, to talk to your child. So, that is reading happens everywhere.

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Posted by: janicex on Apr 21, 2011

This video teaches parents about how to engage children to read.

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