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Boom Goes The Dynamite

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BRIAN COLLINS: Hello, everyone. Well, the Ball St. softball team continued to play this weekend... and they were hoping to continue off of their straight 3 out of 4 losses. And so we'll take a look and wul....... how that happened. They started off good but then eventually the Ball St. women's ba ... women's team shot down and ended up doing poorly. Oh no. And, it's [unintelligible]. Ok. We're going to continue on now. And the Ladies Cardinals will play an Iowa tournament starting this Friday. Before the Ball St. baseball team kicks off its conference season this weir .... this weekend the Cards will battle an in-state rival Indiana tomorrow. Tomorrow's game will be the... meeting between the two... beating both... first uhhh [BIG SIGH] [SILENCE] Hoosiers are on the 4 on... on the year and they have won six of its last seven games tomorrow will be the game 3 at 3 PM. Which-switching to Ball St. Men's Tennis, it's seems last uhhh week player on... it's seems every week they have a player... I'm so sorry... Matt Lawrence is the... uhhh.. latest Cardinals tennis player to win the award. Lamar won all this all the singles and doubles matches last week. So far the Cardinals have had a player honored on the weel... the weekly awards 7 out of the 9... 7 out of the 9 weeks who'll play at the Boise St. invite this weekend. The Inda-Indiana Pacers are looking for a measure of - uhhh -- revenge tonight against the New Jersey Nets and to strengthen their playoff hopes. The Nets won the last Sunday's matchup 94-85 which left the Pacers one game behind the Chicago in the seven series spot. Let's check out the hill - highlights. [SILENCE] Stephen Jackson David [SIGH] [BIG SIGH] [SILENCE] Reggie Miller's lookin' good. He shoots the three and it's good! Later he gets the rebound...passes it to the man...shoots it... and boom goes the dynamite. The final scores ended up with the Pacers 63 to the Nets 61. The Associanted Press of the All-American first team in college bask.... baseball was announced today at Utah 7 foot sophomore center Andrew Bogot was the leading vote getting receiving 60 first place votes... Bogot, who is an Australian native, received very little attention in the the pre-season but averaged 20 points and 12 rebounds a game for Utah. The four other players joining Bogot on the AP team are senior forward Wayne Summers and Kansas..... of Kansas.... and Hackem Warrrick of Syracuse. Junior guard J.J. Reddick of Duke and sophomore guard of Wake Forest rebounded out the list. Let's check out some of the scores tonight. [SILENCE] ANCHOR: Ok, great, thanks a lot for that look at sports, Brian. BRIAN: Yeah.

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Posted by: kramerdsp on Jun 19, 2008

A legendary YouTube clip that is now captioned.

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