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Syrian rebels try to use prisoner for suicide bombing - WAR CRIME - BBC News

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[ Turn it, Turn it. ] A bomb being prepaired on the back of a truck. [ Shine the light down. ] The target is nearby syrian army government checkpoint at the entrance of the city Aleppo. This video was shot by the reporters for New York Times, who spent 5 days with a group that fights under the banner of the Free Syrian Army. The group call themselves Lions of Tahreed, and say that they will accept nothing less than end of the regime of president Bashar Al-Assad. This 52 men unit is lead by a former accountant and is becoming increasingly organized, as the bloody battle for the city Aleppo continues. [ We are all going to be martyrs eventually ] [ But not for nothing ] They have taken over the abandoned flat of the police captain loyal to the regime, who has left his personal possesions behind. [ May God curse your dignity ] [ Look at their freedom, look how good it is ] As well as their family photos, they are also enjoying the luxury he once had. At their base, the group have a prisoner. They say he is a member of Shabeeh militia, which is loyal to the government, and that he has confessed to carrying out killings. He bears bruises of a beating, it is said for those who have held him before tonight. The rebels appear to be treating him well, offering him cigarets and a shower, and he is told he will be released as a part of a prisoner exchange. [ Wear a scarf on your head. If you get scared, you will be killed by them ] Blindfolded, he is driven towards the city. He is told all he will have to do is to drive the truck towards a government checkpoint. What he does not know, is that the truck is the one that has been rigged with 300 kilo bomb. The rebel fighters intend to detonate it remotely, when he approaches the checkpoint. He has been tricked into being an unwitting suicide bomber. But the fighters return dissapointed. When they pressed the detonator, the bomb failed to explode. The New York Times journalist that filmed all of this say that at the time, they were not aware of the rebels intentions. Using prisoners as suicide bombers would certainly be considered a war crime. While those opposing president Assad have said they respect rights of the prisoners, this video shows what some rebel fighters are willing to do, *Uneligible*, BBC News.

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Posted by: on Aug 23, 2012

And the BBC tries to white wash it. They have since removed their story and video all together. Down the memory hole..

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