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Al Jazeera Business Energy market of the region

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Is the region moving toward common energy market? What are the resources and what are the potentials. We looked for answers on Ohrid conference dedicated to energy. I'm Dusan Hadzinikolic, take a look whether legislative concerning renewable energy sources is harmonized with EU Welcome to Aljazeera Business, I'm Jakov Avram. The road of regional countries toward EU membership, depends on their energy sectors They have signed Convention of energy community and are obliged to execute its directives, which have become a hurdle, in relations of certain governments and Brussels. BiH was issued sanctions, something which is likely for Serbia too, if Belgrade in timely manner doesn't make necessary steps. By the end of the last month GIZ in area of energy efficiency, has organized summer school of energy in Macedonian city of Ohrid To students from the region and beyond, european trends were presented. in this sector, and there was talk about energy potential and perspective of western Balkans. This region, regarding electric energy, was always part of Europe. Even during old Yugoslavia, it was connected, it cooperated with rest of Europe. and it represented a bridge to Greece, Bulgaria, Romania. So it's naturally a part of Europe. On territory of old Yugoslavia, infrastructure and system electro potential is very good. What's it about? electro energy system was built in order to be complementary. One country, one system. Therefor, today we have a situation with separate countries and electro energy systems but connectivity between different energy systems is excelent due to fact of previous connections. There is this hydrologic potential but it's more less max utilized, and any further utilization would require construction of huge power stations, which is not realistic so i don't see any large potential in that, eventhough the projects are always very ambitious. Since, i'm head of the Gas department, i root for production of electricity from natural gas. Since gas will become cheaper and that could be a transitional solution. Our region will have potential in renewable energy sources, but not in first generation, but in some better sources. where energy could really be way more cheaper, and then our region produce whether from sun or wind.. But I think that old model of energy production we should start forgeting, the large hydro plants, something which Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro are basing their energy production. All countries in the region are part of the common electro and gas market Not all are on same level of competition, and rules of that market. BiH doesnt have gas law, no competition in gas offers. No rules at all Consumers are pray of monopolists. The situation is same in Serbia. Eventhough Serbia has imported advanced EU legislative, it's not implementing it. We can reccomend sanctions, as in case of BiH for now we haven't reccomended them in any other case although Serbia is close to sanctions, for not observing gas regulations Situation in Macedonia is a lil bit better, regarding competition other regional countries don't have gas. Regarding electric energy i must say that competition is most developed in Serbia it is well developed in Macedonia, partly in BiH It's awakening in Kosovo and Albania, i didn't mention Montenegro which is most advanced in importing EU rules, they don't have a single offence but since it's very small, the market is not so developed. Situation will change in 2019/2020, when undersea cable will reach Montenegro from Italy which will change the the whole energy market in entire region. It is always to difersify your energy sources, if you want to stabilize away from Russia, and to have a better negotiating position. I don't think that relations with Russia should be strained There's a preassure in Russia to open up the gas market and make it available to other producers I'm certain that will happen, President Putin will allow it one day You will have diversification of supply sources even from Russia that will be one country but different gas producers. It's always good to have plan A and plan B I think that energy sector in our region has a bright future All our countries strive to become EU members soon so it's expected of us to observe the goals set by the EU what we can use is the fact that energy sector will create jobs not just relating to new technologies, energy efficiency it won't be jobs only for engineers, but for other fields, e.g. economy and law what's also good is that energy sector will be major player in changes relating to environment protection and climate change apart from social part, and jobs, there's the environment aspect

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Al Jazeera Business Energy market of the region

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