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Namastê. Thank you. Can you imagine that you are a time traveler? And you travel back 3,000 years to the time of Ramses II, Who they say was the Pharaoh at the time when the Israelites left the Egypt And you turn to Ramses and you said to him: - We got good news and we have bad news! And the Pharaoh says "and what's the bad news?" He says, "well, you remember those pyramids that you build?" They still stand 'til this day That were done by the hands of those slaves and they have so much energy that they exist even for today, He says, "Wonderfull, very good!" he says, but If you remember that your culture, your people, thought that immortality existed only within the material, and therefore you built monuments, you built pyramids, He says, "What's the bad news?" he says the bad news is that even though you, with the highest imperium, the highest point of culture, that ever existed, and that your culture had existed for such a long period of time it is actually gone from the world as we now it in 5777. So He says, "ok, but culture exist, people exists" he says, Yes do you know what exists? Do you remember those slaves that made those pyramids for you? Remember those people? The people that you said, "they were printed on a piece stone, by the Pharaoh before you" "That their culture would be laid waste and finished"" They exist! Their culture exist and their spirit exist! And so Ramses says to this messenger: "But how did that happened? What's the difference?" He says: "you see, you built monuments, and lived in the physically of the moment and they lived in spirit, to tell their story over, and over, and over again, in every generation, from that time until this, an even as we speak, there are people in the worlds out there, that are actually, doing the story as it happened in the onset, on the beginning. And because of that, because they lived in spirit, and not in the physicality, they exist. And they exist in the eyes of the Creator. And that is one of the reasons, by the way, why we tell the story to the children So, let's go from there just for a moment and say when we start our Seder, one of the first things we're gonna say is 'Lachma deanya', this is the bread of affliction that we needed to eat when we were leaving Egypt and it also states, that through this we will become, in order to have this particular piece of bread we offered to guest, those who are hungry and please let them come and eat So I got a question for you! Do you think the guy over there the men who walks on the streets, are gonna let him sit down on this tables? You really think if you doing a Seder on the 18˚ floor of a building, with a guard or a concierge outside, you really think he's gonna get in to part take of your bread? No. He's not. And it doesn't mean that. It means that every year we make an accountability of where we come on our spiritual ladder. And every year on this day, there's an opening in the cosmos that's different than any other day in the year and so the Creator will say All that are hungry, you Karen, you are hungry You need to do some spiritual work, which you haven't gotten to You haven't participated in doing the most that you can, tonight I can feed you, tonight I can give you the connection, or the energy or the consciousness, by which you can go on further and further to complete your spiritual tasks and how do I know that? Because it says that on this night And I think this night alone, it's called the "night of watching". It's the night when the Creator himself steps into the Garden of Eden and together with the angels and the mass angels that were there create a song, and they sing to the cosmic, and that energy, that vibration of energy is something that we can connect to on this evening, as no other evening in the year, and that's why it says Those who are hungry let them come and eat, Nourished from this energy that exist out there that doesn't exist in any other time of the year Where is this originate? If you remember the story when Isaac told Esav, his son to go and bring him food, and Rivka tells her son Jacob quickly bring me that wich your father loves so that I can make it for him, and he will bless you That evening, it says, what Rivka and Isaac were listening to was the sound of the heavenly angels singing They understood that the opening was that night and that alone, to bring down those spiritual, those blessings That the energy of itself Will help them, to give the blessing to Jacob and that was exactly what happen that night, so that energy was existing to again, to be represented by the night of Seder, the Pessach Nothing that we learn from that is talking about 'Ma Nishtanah' What's different? 'Ma Nishtanah' what's happened? What's different tonight then any other night? Cause every other night we are concentrated on many others things, who may be even concentrated only in prayer and not in song maybe we concentrated only on a conversation with dear friends There's a different kind of concentration tonight we are asked to be concentrated only on one thing. On the energy that exist through the hole system of the 15 steps of the Seder This is what we are asked to do Then what does it say after that? It talks about the four sons The wise son, the evil son, the simple son and the one who doesn't know how to ask Basically that's who we are. Think of our lives How many times are we wise, and suddenly we get an inspiration and we understand the process, we understand the path and then, we hit a wall for a moment We're not stupid! But sometimes sometimes we don't have the motivation, we don't wake up in the morning we don't wanna go thru the same thing over and over again and the one who doesn't know how to ask is I know Creator that you are there for me, and I know there's an answer, and I know that there's a blessing, but at this moment, at this very space, I don't fell it! I don't know even how to receive it! So, this four sections of the four sons, are also places and parts that we've all gone through once or twice at least within this year. The places of being wise and being foolish, the place of not knowing how to ask the place of sometimes even doing something that might be considered evil in the eyes of the Creator. We were all there, we've all done that but tonight, by our participation in this Seder, by tonight, by allowing ourselves allowing ourselves only to concentrate on the steps and the moves that we'll make we will open a pathway, a channel, for each and everyone of us, to draw for a energy that is outside of ourselves, from a spiritual place for a place of knowing that only the Creator can fullfil. And the last thing that I wanted to leave you with is that it says that Moshe was successful in taking the Israelites out of Egypt the thing that he wasn't successful about was to taking Egypt out of the Israelites and that's part of what we need to do because all of us find ourselves in our own Egypt What is the Egypt? Succumbing to influence of people that you don't want to but you feel that's necessary. Being a pleaser. Doing all kind of things, that I don't need to give you a list because I'm sure you have your own list each and everyone of us, that creates Egypt. In order to truly take, and to be free, Moshe broke the shackles on the pull of Pharaoh on the Israelites on this night but it took 40 years in the desert to bring people and to attune them to the place where they could finally be free and enter and stand on their own land and so, where we choose, that's why their children think 'Ma Nishtanah' because is the generation, after generation, after generation that allows us to exist the way we do. Allows our energy to be there. The most important thing that we should do Could do. Is specially tonight to try to be concerned with the different stages and phases of the Seder and concentrate yourself on saying "I truly want to receive as much energy as I am capable of and by so doing, all of us together will receive a great deal more" Thank you and Chag Sameach!

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