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How electricity works_Episode_1

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Electricity. It's all around us. In almost all aspects of modern living. From the 24 hour a day (24/7)... media, communication and information systems. The so called Global Village is our shared electronic culture: the ideas, images and perceptions that transcend time and space. In fact, more than half the technology and inventions for the past hundred years, for instance... ...have been influenced or made possible by electricity. Ultimately, life as we know it is powered by electricity. We can no longer do without it. It is almost as vital resource as air or water or even food. And yet, most of us don't know what it is and how it works. So, let's start with a simple question. Where did it all begin? Here, with this lump of amber. Ancient scientists had long been aware that electricity existed. Although, they didn't call it 'electricity' back then. As earlier as 600 BC, the Greek Tales of Miletus, .. ...described a strange phenomenon. He noticed that when amber --- a substance that thought of as gold --- was rubbed against fur,.. attracted small particles of straw and fur. Incidentally, the Greek word for amber is 'electron'... ...which is derived from 'elektor' meaning 'beaming sun'. Sounds familiar? But then the Greeks, more interested in other persons, left it in there. It wasn't until 1600 AD... ...when a British scientist William Gilbert developing a theory of magnetism... ...experimented with amber and other substances. Gilbert was the first to use the terms 'electricity', 'electric force', 'magnetic pole' and 'electric attraction'. These experiments on amber and other substances... ...fuelled other thinkers and adventurers for the next 350 years. Their names survived forever in history and science books and in everyday usage. Now, let's go back to amber. What the ancient Greeks once thought of as a golden stone... ...was, in fact, a fossilized resin made from tree's sap. In the film Jurassic Park, dinosaurs were cloned from dinosaur DNA extracted from insects trapped in amber. In reality, we mostly associate fossils with fossil fuels. But these started forming before dinosaurs even walked the earth. Today we generate electricity by converting energy mostly from these fossil fuels. The thing is, these fossil fuels are a limited resource. What took hundreds of millions of years to create a gallon of gas... ...once you've burnt it, it's gone. Just like the dinosaurs. Our supply of fuel oil, gas, and coal will run out someday. Does that mean we can't generate electricity anymore then? Fortunately, there are alternative sources of energy, like..., geothermal, hydroelectric, wind and others. Which have the added benefit... ...of having less impact on the environment... well as being renewable or sustainable. While more and more developments into these alternative sources of energy... ...are being made every day... is true that the world is still very much dependent... ...on heavily polluting fossil fuels. But... As long as there is a future... ...there is always a shining.

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Educational video about electricity.

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