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OptiPlex 7070 Ultra Demo Video

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The OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is a first-of-its-kind modular desktop solution, a completely new innovative form factor in the smallest sized. Desktop users enjoy the beauty and space-saving design of all-in-one, but want the flexibility to manage displays separately. The Ultra is the answer to a customer inspired need for a desktop, that is neat and compact but does not compromise on flexibility and performance. [Wireless] [Expandable memory up to 64GB RAM] [Dual SSD storage] Hiding the PC inside a monitor stand creates a zero footprint design, by streamlining the internal layout and packaging parts vertically, it dramatically reduces the overall computer size. Utilizing Intel’s 8th gen mobile processors running at 25 Watts provides full performance without compromise. [Smarter, faster experience] Ultra provides the ultimate in flexibility for displays and accessories with no vendor lock-in, run applications on more than one screen with built-in support for up to three monitors. They can support a VESA compatible monitor of your choice, up to 38 inches with the offset VESA mount refresh on your terms. [Tool-less assembly] [Easy deployment] [Simple Service] Tool-less assembly allows for quick access to OptiPlex 7070 Ultra solution elements keeping deployment of PCs and service simple. The Ultra has a modular and upgradable design, so when it’s time to refresh, there’s no need to buy a completely new desktop, easily swap out the display the PC module, memory and other components on your own terms. Dell recommends the Ultra PC module matched with a dell USB-C monitor. The height adjustable stand and a short USB-C cable to connect the monitor to the PC. [54% say messy cabling and clutter is a challenge when deploying PCs] [52% identify space limitations as a concern when choosing a PC] With USB-C you can transmit power, data, video and audio with a single cable, leaving fewer cords for you to manage. And with so many different configurations, the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra adapts to any workspace. Elevate your customer experiences when using the Ultra PC with a Dell monitor arm, the offset VESA mount and a touch display for an interactive solution. Get the perfect blend of power, function, and design with the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, the world’s most flexible commercial desktop solution. *Source: The Rise of the Micro PC. A Custom Technology Adoption Profile Commissioned by Dell. February 2017 **Based on Dell internala analysis of competitive products. June 2019. Dell Legal AD#19000200

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OptiPlex 7070 Ultra Demo Video

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