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For juice we always want individuals to eat the fruit as opposed to the juice. When it comes to vegetables and fruit do we have a preference? A lot of the times people say “as long as I eat my fruits it doesn’t matter, I’m getting my vitamins and my minerals” but from a diabetes perspective is there a preference? We want everybody to eat more VEGETABLES. If you can make it a goal to eat 2 to 3 fruits a day. We’ve heard that pomegranate are very good for us and sometimes I met individuals who say “oh no worries I drink the pomegranate juice” but at the end of the day when you squeeze all that pomegranate and form it into juice it really is just sugar. When you eat the real pomegranate I want you to eat all the seeds. It’s all fibre. Remember, eat the fruit as opposed to drinking the juice. But what could be even better as a beverage? Water or milk/milk alternatives. [audience member] Fruit infused water [dietician] YES! That is perfect. That is our next recommendation Instead of eating the fresh fruit if you want some kind of flavour in your water why not infuse it with some fruit like this lady suggested. Look to the spa for inspiration. How many of us have that bag of Chia at home? Sitting in the cupboard… So if you are somebody who doesn’t like to drink a lot of water but you like to much on things throw some chia in the water. And as everybody might know chia swells up when it’s in liquid so it becomes a little bit of a chia water, a little tapioca like. It gives you a little bit more omega 3, a little bit more protein and a lot more fibre.

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