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The Spanish Apartment

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--Hola! --Hola! --Guten Tag --Sure... Where is Alessandro? I don't know, he's gone out. Oh, Okay. What are you doing? I'm learning. I'v e got some exams next week... --You've... exams, exams next week... --Yes... marketing stuff. --D'you know Philip Cunter? --NO... --He's a great man... Yeah, that'd really piss me off having to be you precisely when there's sunshine outside... ...doing network for your... you are very sort of a ... more than the others, you are very sort of [GERMAN ACCENT]"this is my work", "I must do my work" "Oh my God! I have not revised for a whole day! this is going to be the end of my world", eh, you know? it's so like... "tidy" if you will. --Do you think so? --Yeah yeah it is, I mean: look at Alessandro's bit. It's a right mess! You know? Italy... Germany. --That's a German thing right you know? --what? --What? Germans are always like "everything's in order", you know?... all the time. --I don't know... Yeah, like Adolf... Adolf Hitler started that sort of thing in Germany, with the buses, and the trains, and things like that... The train must arrive on time, you know? In England, everything's late: trains are late, buses are late.. --Listen, I really have to learn and I want you to get out? --[GERMAN ACCENT] You want me to get out of your room? Out of here? --I really don't want... --That was just a joke!!! Come back! --It was a joke, I wasn't even ... --THAT IS NOT FUNNY!!! --He's making it sound worse than it is, it's not that bad... I don't care, I don't care, all right, you're just gonna pack your bag, and you're gonna go! What??? Yes, William: surprise surprise! You've got to grow up and you've got to learn, right? You cannot, you CANNOT behave like this. --You don't mean that... --Yeah, I DO mean it: why are you taking your shoes if you're gonna go? --GO! --I treat people fine... --BE MORE RESPONSIBLE! --I treat ... --GET OUT GET OUT! --I WILL!!! OH I WILL!!!

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Posted by: albherrera on Mar 13, 2012

Brief excerpt from "The Spanish Apartment", intended for eduacational purposes

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