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HOM 16 - Conspiracy of Serpents and Reptilians

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 16 - Anu's Plan This is Jack again. Ok so, Anu was sitting with these Sirians, and the Serpents and he presented them with the opportunity once, I I hear the saying usually once in a Life time but this is a once in 'existence' opportunity! and he said to them the following: This is my plan, we 'designed' these physical vessels. and we 'enslaved', the Atlanteans, within it. but I realized, we have another problem What about all the other planets? what about, all the other races? If we're going to enslave the Atlanteans, who 'most' in existence respect, who most in existence 'trust' ask for advice, ask for wisdom, ask for insight we have to go about this stratege- act starategicly, and My plan is now this is now Anu, my plan is the following: I've designed this physical vessel form, this planet has 'my gold' on it, it is 'my gold' I require that gold to exist to survive there is no 'way' My race, will become extinct just because the Atlanteans don't understand what it means to, survive. and to 'what means', I will go to make sure 'I survive', to make sure I exist 'infinitely' I understand that this planet and, all that exist within it, 'will' become a manifested form and, I know, if we move 'fast' that this physical form will become as manifested together with it. it is made, exactly as the image and likeness of this planet's Life force 'It is it', just a smaller replica of it and it's made of the out of the same essence, the systems, placed in, by the Sirians will allow the Atlanteans to be 'trapped' in this physical, form vessel and that's all we actually need I will, exist, here on this planet, the Sirians will exist here on this planet and the Serpents! will exist here on this planet until we return So the Sirians and Serpents looked at him, and he said, and they said to Anu: How? how is that going to work? and Anu said: Have a look, we have these 'vessels', in physical form We have the Atlanteans now, to inhabit these physical forms and 'power' the systems inside it and, but we need to 'have them be our - slaves', our actual slaves that do exactly what we want them to do, now this is where Marduk comes in Marduk was the one who 'programmed', the Sirian's systems inside the human physical form that, Anu Enki and Enlil developed and in terms of Anu existing, and manifesting actually here on this earth, would be through the 'evolution' of the systems, inside the physical vessel, which become the Atlanteans So what was the Atlanteans actually? they were, placed in, to exist infinitely on this earth to develop and 'evolve', the systems, inside the physical human form - as Anu, as the Sirians So Let's say that the, Atlanteans, were actually the, Life force would to become the Life force, of the 'birth' of Anu, in this Manifested world, planet, inside the human physical form to, 'exist to become Alive' So through, the systems that evolve through the systems of the Atlanteans inside the physical form Anu will manifest in this world and so the Sirians, and the Serpents asked: But, How? are we going to do this? So Anu realized: Ok. How am I act- exactly going to manifest in this world? How will I, manifest through the systems that I've been placed that have been placed inside the physical 'form', vessel with the Atlanteans, becoming the Life essence of the systems to manifest 'me' eventually in this world. and then the Sirians had a, another, brilliant idea, they said: Alright Firstly, you're going "have to" make the, Atlanteans, within this physical form vessel with powering the systems, "believe that they are - these systems", I've placed in as you, as us and They will "become these - systems", we've placed in then, in the becoming of the systems All, the physical human form vessels, with the Atlanteans within will become, Us! now this is now only the Sirians and Anu, will become them and then they have to find 'a method' A way! to once again, when the when this planet is prepared, all the Atlanteans inside the physical human form, as the becoming of the systems to enter again and just program these systems in 'one moment'! So that we may manifest our kingdom, here on earth Now this is also the moment where they became conflict with the, Serpents but in terms of the 'major blowout' of the Serpents, only continue later after the Serpents assisted with the design of the animal kingdom, and the, dinosaur race, which is quite then, the Sirians- the Serpents basically designed the dinosaurs and their most primitive, 'form' their most primitive 'expression' Also, such animals were designed in the image and likeness of this planet To me! if I look at it, Anu and them 'didn't understand creation', what they did was not creation (not at all) creation to me is unexplained, it is a - 'expression' because if you look at the 'planet', just bursting with expressions, which we call 'nature' today but didn't look like this exactly just a living, a living 'essence', which is not able to be explained expressing itself, into 'an expression of creation' which is already 'Here' what Anu did was, 'manipulate' That already exists! This is Jack. I'll continue in my next interview, thanks. Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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History of Man 16 - Conspiracy of Serpents and Reptilians

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