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2914 Living with a Hernia

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Your GP has diagnosed you with an inguinal hernia, they will have given you some advice already but what is a hernia, and how can you look after it so that it doesn’t affect you significantly or get any worse A hernia is a very common condition, it is a swelling or lump that occurs when fatty tissue, or part of your bowel, pushes out through a weak spot in a muscle or tissue wall. You have an inguinal hernia, which is the most common type of hernia and is one found in the groin. You may find you have swelling in your groin at the top of your leg, which may pass down into the scrotum, which is the pouch containing your testicles. The lump will feel soft and will often appear more so when you are standing and particularly lifting, coughing or straining. Some people can push it back in, or may find it disappears when they lie down. Hernias usually develop when your tummy, or abdominal muscles become weaker with age. Sometimes they occur suddenly because of a strain from lifting a heavy object, or because of a chronic cough or constipation. It is generally safe to live with a hernia and lots of people do so. It is not absolutely necessary to have it repaired with an operation unless it causes severe or persistent symptoms. You can exercise, go to work, and you can safely drive, but we recommend that you take care when lifting anything heavy. You should also ensure that your diet includes plenty of water, fruit, vegetables and fibre, in order to avoid constipation which may cause you to strain when going to the toilet. However, if it suddenly gets bigger, becomes painful, you start vomiting, have difficulty passing stools or wind, or if the hernia becomes firm or tender you should seek urgent medical attention Lastly, if you find that you are struggling with persistent symptoms that are impacting on your daily life you should go back to see your GP.

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2914 Living with a Hernia

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