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Beyond Today: A Place Called Hell

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There is no hell. Now does that shock you? Well how did we come about with the concept of Hell anyway? Surprising as it may sound, the common idea was not known until centuries after Jesus' life and crucifixion. You've probably heard of Dante. In the 14th century he wrote fiction to describe hell in his work The Divine Comedy. He used vivid imagery of the horrors associated with burning forever in mulit-leveled subterranean chambers. Now most people didn't have a Bible so they couldn't prove it for themselves. What happened? The concept of hell continued to evolve over time as popular tradition replaced true Biblical teaching about hell. Did you know that the majority of scriptures that refer to hell are simply talking about the grave? One Bible word translated "hell" is the Greek word "Gehenna". At the time of Jesus this was the city dump. The place where not only garbage was thrown, but also where the carcasses of dead animals and even the bodies of despicable criminals were cast. They were thrown into hell - Gehenna - to be consumed in the fires that constantly burned there. Jesus used this place to help us understand what will happen to the wicked and unrepented in the future. Revelation 20 calls Gehenna "the lake of fire," which brings "the second death". That's permanent, eternal death. You see, God doesn't torture the wicked forever. He's not cruel. The truth of your Bible says that at the final judgement, the wicked will be punished by being thrown in the lake of fire and burned up. Beyond today, God actually has a wonderful future planned. You need to know about it. Read your Bible. Understand the truth. There's hope for those who will listen and act. Don't believe fiction. Get to know the facts about a place called hell. For Beyond Today - I'm Steve Myers.

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Posted by: beyondtodaytv on Apr 30, 2008

The Bible has some interesting truths about the place called hell.

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