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‘’Le symbole’’, pour faciliter le français parlé

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"The Symbol" to Encourage French Speaking Pioneer today! Pioneer always! Pioneer today! Pioneer always! Attention for the raising of the flag. Ready - we will sing the national anthem of Mali in French. Hey! You can't eat in class! It's forbidden to eat in class! Did you see me eating in class [in Bambara language] Hey! You spoke in Bambara! No, I didn't speak Bambara. Aminata, didn't she speak Bambara! Yes, she spoke in Bambara. If you return home with the symbol, when you to to school the next day, you have to pay 10 or 25 Francs. In the morning you have to try to give the symbol to someone else. This can cause difficulties. But you can always overcome the difficulties. Hello Mama! Hello! I need 25 francs. What will you do with these 25 Francs? I have to pay because I have the symbol. What is the symbol? The symbol is to make you speak French at school. When you use another language, they give it to you, and when you spend the night with the symbol, then you have to pay 25 francs. Take some money and do your best not to come home again with the symbol. Good morning! Who took the symbol home last night? Bring it here. You know the rule. Bring the symbol with 25 francs. Thank you! At school, I think that it allows children to speak better in French. It helps to instill discipline within the school, respect between the children. They should keep this practice because it helps children to speak better French. At your call, Mali, for your prosperity, true to your destiny, we will all be united... For teachers, I think that we can also apply it. We can apply it here, within the school.

Video Details

Duration: 4 minutes and 25 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: Mali
Language: French (France)
Producer: Plan YETAM
Director: Plan Mali Youth
Views: 210
Posted by: lraftree on Jun 16, 2009

What happens if you speak Bambara in class? This video will show you how teachers encourage children to learn French.

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