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One woman's heartfelt desire to be pinned by NJPW's Hiroshi Tanahashi (English subtitles)

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"My dream is to fight Hiroshi Tanahashi!" Hiroshi Tanahashi revived the popularity of pro wrestling in Japan, and he is the current IWGP Heavyweight champion. While Tanahashi is formidable in the ring, he also amassed a huge female fan base that had been impossible in pro wrestling. "I love you all!!" He has been a major reason why women make up about 40% of pro wrestling's audience. Now Tanahashi is heating up the wrestling world! We found a woman who had a dream concerning Tanahashi. Her passion was incredible! Usually, people submit one entry to the application page for our show. She submitted 84 entries, the most ever! This was no regular fan. One of our staff went to tell her that she'd won. Good morning. Shiomi Emori, age 27, told us how much she loved Tanahashi. Here's what she actually told us when we spoke to her. I want to really be in the ring with Tanahashi, have him use his moves on me, and pin me for a three count. I go to see him at shows once a month, but some months I can't go because of work stuff... Like, when that happens, and my body doesn't get enough Tanahashi, my hands start to shake. SANMA: She gets Tanahashi withdrawal. But when I see him in person, I recover immediately. I thought, wow, he's incredible. Congratulations! (BACKGROUND): Wooooooo! Thank you. - Who's celebrating behind you? - It's my mom. We're going to set up a venue. We're going to bring an audience. You're kidding! (BACKGROUND: NO WAY!) Seriously? We headed to the Tanahashi superfan's room, and as expected... She has his poster. There's more here too. Incredibly, there were over a hundred Tanahashi items in her room! This woman worships Tanahashi like a god. Let's get straight to the point. Shiomi's wish is to be pinned by her beloved Tanahashi. We're going to grant it. We want her to realize her dream when she's in peak condition. Excuse me, we're with the Sakai Moving Center. In order for Shiomi to be able to fully appreciate Tanahashi in the flesh, we temporarily confiscated her Tanahashi goods. It can't be helped. (taking one last look) After an hour, Tanahashi had vanished. Until the day of the match, Shiomi had to abstain from Tanahashi. To make her dream come true, she had to undergo training. And that training... Thank you for this. Looking forward to working with you. ...was training with the NJPW Young Lions, Umino and Narita. (Item one on the hell menu: 100 lion push-ups) Yell louder! Get lower, please. (Item two: 100 back extensions) Up, up! (Item three: selling) I'm exhausted... Finally, Shiomi had to devise a finisher! (Birth of her finishing blow) - That's pretty good, isn't it? - You can use this. You can win. After this, Shiomi will step into the ring for the bout of her dreams! We're going to grant her wish for the match, and we have backstage reporters standing by. Let's go to Ms. Furuya. No one has ever seen a match like we're about to see. I'm going to head into the dressing room and ask how the wrestlers are feeling. They must be nervous. Excuse me. The atmosphere is extremely tense. Sorry to bother you while you're getting ready. Mr. Tanahashi, thank you so much for agreeing to do this. It's no problem at all. Her dream is to get pinned, so it's going to be hard to adjust, isn't it? It is. My opponent is a woman, and the premise of the match is that I'm supposed to win. This is the first match in my career where I can't lose, so... That move you do from the top rope where you come crashing down, could you try that out on her? Shall I end the match with the High Fly Flow? What happens if you hit it on an ordinary woman? We also have a reporter at Ms. Emori's dressing room. Over to you, Mr. Ito. There's tension in the air. Could we speak with you? - It's a woman. - Obviously. How do you feel? I feel like I'm one step away from my dream. I want to do my absolute best. - She's really focused. - Yeah, she is. Is she really an amateur? There will be a winner and a loser in today's match. What kind of match do you foresee? Well... I'll do my best. Um, I just have to lose, so... I'm going to work hard to be defeated in the center of the ring. - We asked you to come here to lose. - Yes, that's right. You always watch pro wrestling, so you nailed the vibe of a wrestler's interview. - It was great. Thank you. You knew how a wrestler answers questions. You get it. That's right. Like that, that's exactly what I meant! Good answers! Are you confident you're going to lose? I am. Next, this year's most passionate applicant takes to the ring! To the 30 million fans of our show, Good evening! Starting now, a dream match will be held. Our guest commentator is the Unchained Gorilla, Togi Makabe! How do you feel about this situation, Mr. Sanma? It's really amazing that TBS put together this production to make her dreams of losing come true. (TBS built a real ring, recruited NJPW fans, and used their tech team for MMA broadcasts) Shall we begin? Wrestler Introductions In the red corner, the team of Hiroshi Tanahashi and Satoshi Kojima. As his theme song "Love and Energy" plays, the savior of the pro wrestling world makes his entrance! Hiroshi Tanahashi, along with Satoshi Kojima! The man with once-in-a-century talent, also known as the Ace, enters the ring to fulfill the dreams of one young woman! He's looking at Mr. Sanma! That's Tanahashi's signature pose! In the blue corner, the team of Dark Bear Shiomi and Yuji Nagata. Finally, Shiomi will head to the ring to have her dream come true. Four brawny men have appeared! Who are these sturdy fellows? And above them, that's Shiomi Emori! She's so cool! She's had a total makeover! Shiomi looks like a real heel wrestler. Tanahashi is at a loss for words. She told us before, "For me, Tanahashi is my absolute hero. "I don't just want to face him, I want to fight my hero, as a heel." What do you think, seeing it from this angle? Really cool. She's fully aware that her opponent is the hero, and she's the heel. Shiomi is completely different from before. Dark Bear Shiomi has entered the ring, along with Yuji Nagata! Shiomi is really focused. Her beloved Hiroshi Tanahashi stands before her. She's abstained from him for about two weeks. Now he's right in front of her. According to our information, the moment that Tanahashi takes off his entrance gown is irresistible to Shiomi. - Of course. - There's the stare! She can't look away. - In the blue corner, at 163 centimeters tall, her weight is a secret... Dark Bear Shiomi! And Dark Bear Shiomi lets out a scream! Her ring name is "Dark Bear" because she's a heel from Kumamoto. (NOTE: Kumamoto's kanji mean "origin of the bear.") Standing at 181 centimeters tall and weighing 100 kilograms... Hiroshi Tanahashi! The once-in-a-century talent! The Ace is here! And now, he's showing off his pecs! Shiomi is entranced. Her eyes haven't moved at all! She's really focused. She's checking to see what condition he's in. She's got the microphone! Hey, Tanahashi! I wanted to see you, you bastard. - Is she going to suddenly confess her love? - This is wonderful. Do you remember three years ago? What were the first words you said to me? What did he say to her? At the autograph signing... "Your skin is so fair, I can see through you." After that, I was so happy I WENT ON A SKIN WHITENING SPREE, YOU BASTARD. Just what we'd expect from Hiroshi Tanahashi. He's guilty. Shiomi. - He didn't use any honorifics! - I can't handle this. This is unbearable for her. Merry Christmas. (This was filmed on December 24th, 2018) At this point, she's already been knocked out! I can't handle it any more, this is so awkward. Let's ask Mr. Makabe to ring the bell to start the match. - Please do the honors. - Here we go. The battle between heroes has begun. Tanahashi against Blue Justice, Yuji Nagata, who is 50 years old. They start by locking up. Nagata goes for the back, gets reversed. They're feeling each other out. Nagata grabs the arm, attacking the arm is his specialty. Holds and kicks, as well. These two have both fought for the IWGP Heavyweight championship. Yes, Nagata successfully defended his belt ten times, while Tanahashi did it eleven times. Soccer ball kick! Now Shiomi's dream will come true, as she enters the ring! Dark Bear Shiomi! You can see that she's trying to close the distance. Maybe she wants to embrace him, but Tanahashi is skillfully staying out of reach. Tanahashi is trying to lock up... They're holding hands. It's a test of strength. How will she fare in battle against the 100-kilogram Tanahashi and his massive chest? Did... did she just want to hold hands with him?! She's right up against Tanahashi! She puts him in a hold. (NAGATA: Crank it in!) Hang on a minute! Isn't that move illegal?! - Mr. Sanma, this is very dangerous. - This can't go on. This match should be over. She's broken her back. He embraced her from behind during a rope break! Shiomi goes for Tanahashi and hits the special move she's practiced on - his chest, that she so adores... - Very nice, very nice. Incredible! The MACHINE GUN CHOPPPPPP! Let's go, you asshole! - She's taunting Kojima! - Amazing. THAT'S HIS MOVE! Both wrestlers tag out! This program was brought to you by these sponsors. Now's her chance. Tanahashi tags in too. She doesn't just watch his matches, she checks his blog, his Twitter, and his Instagram account. She knows his weaknesses too! Headlock! As a man, I would be extremely happy to do this, but as an actual wrestling match, well... The sleeper! The sleeper! - But it's not locked in! - He's just holding her. Mr. Sanma, he's used that move again! What's he going for now? Modified Cobra Twist! He's going for the pinfall! Nagata breaks it up. Why'd you break up the three count? - We're gonna lose! - You can't stop my dream of defeat! - We're gonna lose! - That's fine! - She's right, she came here to lose. - Oh yeah. She declined the save. Is he going to go for another pin? No way. Could he be trying for the Texas Cloverleaf? If locked in, this hold is incredibly painful. He lifts her up in the shape of a 4... This really hurts. Actually, the Texas Cloverleaf is Shiomi's favorite move by Tanahashi. She told us it was her dream to try being put in this hold. She's really taken a lot of damage! This is amazing. He's fulfilling this young woman's dream with the Texas Cloverleaf! Kojima cuts off Nagata nicely! Now, is Tanahashi finally going for the pin? The ref starts counting! Three count! Ms. Shiomi Emori, your dream has come true! Shiomi is crying. This was what she'd dreamed of, and she got to make it a reality! How was the match? My hands hurt. But you did all the hitting. You have a very nice belly button.

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This New Japan Pro Wrestling segment, which aired on a comedy special called "Sanma and Tamao's New Year's Gift - Dreams Come True" blew up Japanese Twitter a few days ago. I really enjoyed it, so I went through and subtitled it.

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