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Case Study Renee_Final

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>> Hello and welcome to this module's case study. Let's recall Renée. Imagine that this is your fourth coaching session with Renée. Here are some notes from her first three sessions. Session number one, we spent time focusing on recognizing emotions by using the emotions checklist and trying to understand the purposes that those emotions serve in her life. Renée was able to clarify that her boredom at work is really more about feeling disappointed in herself for not pursuing her passion for acting because her parents said that it wasn't financially stable. She also clarified her frustration about failed diets as shame and disappointment in herself because she knows what she should do, yet can't seem to do it. By the end of the session, she focused her goals around finding sustainable ways to feel better physically on a daily basis and reconnecting with things that fulfill her. Session number two, Renée completed the Decoding Your Why of Eating handout and realized that her night eating, as well as her cravings might be more about emotional hunger. She admitted that she has a hard time connecting with her hunger and that she often eats when not physically hungry. When I asked her about her social life, Renée said that she doesn't like to go out with her friends much anymore, mostly because she doesn't feel good about herself when she's with them. Unlike her, they all seem happy and successful, and they look as good as they did in college. Session number three, we dove a little deeper into how Renée deals with stress. She says that cooking her favorite foods helps, but she usually spends the rest of the evening watching TV and distracting herself. As a result, she goes to bed late and her appetite is all over the place the next day. She feels stuck in her habits and powerless to leave her job, which she knows drains her physically and emotionally. Her job doesn't challenge her, and she feels like she doesn't fit in. She said that while thinking about all of these things, the word that keeps coming to mind is stuck. Now in her most recent revisit form, Renée shared that she is now more aware of how emotions and stress affect her eating. She's keeping a journal to try to identify triggers. We'll return to Renée in a few weeks. After you finished Module 4, take a few minutes to return to this case study and try applying some of the material. We'll provide more opportunity for you to reflect and support each other via the Facebook group. For now, think about the following questions. What are some high-mileage questions that might help you in your next session with Renée? And how do you think body image might play a role in Renée's emotions, habits and feelings of being stuck? See you in the next one.

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Case Study Renee_Final

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