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Solar System

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The solar system is made up of one star A handful of planets, more than a hundred moons, millions of rocky asteroids and billions of comets All these bodies revolve around the sun because of the gravity of the sun Gravity of the sun is a force that pulls the objects towards the centre of the sun The sun is the only star in our solar system. It is a huge ball of fire shooting light and heat in all directions. No living thing can survive without the sun. All the planets and the moons use sun rays for their life. There are eight planets in our Solar System They are Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune Venus is the hottest planet of the Solar System Earth is the planet where we live It is the third planet from the sun, after Mercury and Venus Earth is the fifth biggest planet of the solar system, but all of the planets are tinny in comparison to the sun. It takes three and sixty fives days to revolve around the sun Earth looks blue from space because it is mainly cover by water Earth has one moon, there are many planets that have more than one moon. The moon revolves around the Earth as well as the sun. It takes twenty four hours to revolve around the Earth The moon light we see from Earth, is the light from the sun The are so small rocky bodies in the Solar System. They have been left over from the formation of the planets These are called asteroids Asteroids don’t have enough gravity to pull them into the shape of a ball Most of them lie in between Mars and Jupiter Comets are balls of rock and ice that grow tails as they approach the sun Comets come from far away, an imaginary place at the edge of the solar system As they move closer to the sun, the groins tails are visible As comets heat up gas and dust are expelled and trail behind them All the stars that shine in the sky are like our sun Many solar systems together form a galaxy We live in the Milky Way galaxy which is sparrow in shape Many galaxies together make the universe

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This a short video about the Solar System

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