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2017 - MyTupperware Sales Force Website Makeover (English)

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About the Sales Force website makeover. This is a happy. Everybody loves a makeover. That's right, who doesn't love a makeover. I want a makeover. --Me too. Okay so, go girlfriend. So, we know that there's a lot of words and a lot of text in the Sales Force website on My.Tupperware. And sometimes you're looking at it and not just because I'm seasoned, the word's kind of start jumbling around. You know what I mean Cheryl? So we're actually going to be moving from text to visuals in the Sales Force website section of My.Tupperware and we're really excited about this. I was going to say, this is my favorite part. We actually went out into the field Cheryl and we went out to a couple different places. We saw four different companies and we saw people come in all the way from Consultant up to 3 Star Directors. We saw people who were techie, people who weren't techie. And we asked them—we showed them some mock-ups of what we wanted to do and they absolutely loved it. Right, so we actually did this based on your feedback. And that makes me excited. Yes, because it's always good when you have input. Because at the end of the day it's all of you all, right. Yes. We're the ones that are using it so we're the ones that— you know, we want to make sure that it's an easy process. And I know that sometimes, let's call a duck a duck, I'm like, "Where is it?!" Okay, so now guys, are you ready to see what it's going to look like? Yes, okay so Cheryl, lets— Oh yes, take them through today. Let's walk through today and I'm not just doing this to rub salt in the wound. But I just want to remind everyone, I know a lot of us click on Sales Force Website, we see those colored blocks and we get our things from there. I want to remind everyone, we do have everything in categories and sections right Cheryl? So let's say we want to go look at the "Party Prep and Recruiting". Like today it's over on the left, so we click the little plus symbol next to "Party Prep Recruiting" and it expands. Right. And when it expands we have these sections inside right. And one of them is "Catalog". So in this example we click on "Catalog". Click on "Catalog". Right, and now we see everything that is in the catalog section. And we want to look at the Summer 2017 Catalog, we see it there at the bottom. To see what's inside of that, we have to click that "Attachments". Click on the "Attchments" right. And when we click that, we see all of these attachments. And let's look at the "Host Gift Sheet" for example. We click on that, it opens it up in the viewer, we're used to seeing this. It's in the viewer, this is where we download it. But, if I didn't want to see the "Host Sheet", or maybe I'm done with the "Host Sheet" and I want to see something else that's in that catalog resource, I have to keep clicking "Next", right. That's the only way to get there. Right, you would hit "Next Resource" and it would go to the next thing that's underneath that— One at a time. One at a time okay. So are you ready to see what it's going to look like now? Okay, are you ready? Are you ready!!! [bell ringing] There it is Cheryl. Okay, woohoo! Isn't that cool? So every one of those categories on the left has its own little image that actually makes sense to what's inside of that category. Absolutely, and I love this! And I know they got feedback from you all. Anna and I met, I gave them some feedback on some certain things that just scream. So 14, if you put a number 14, I know that's the last 14 days right? Yes, and that's not going anywhere because we know, we really rely on that section to know when there's changes. So if you see the white rose, if anyone has been to Jubilee been to Leadership, you know that the white rose is the symbol for our Business Leaders. Right, so for Business Leaders, you'd click on this. And then everything that's pertinent to them right— or there could also be information here that's just generic but it would be applied towards a Business Leader right. Exactly. And then the next one, she's holding an Opportunity Kit. She must be a new Consultant. She must be new, right. And then the next one, they're having a party! So you click that on, okay. And the next one, if you look at that image right there, that's all about our product, right Anna? Yes. So, it's going to show a product right there and what better product to show than our new MicroPro Grill. So recipes, it's pretty obvious. Right, then the next one it says "For You", I'm not sure if you can see it on there. But, you can drive a company car, you have that opportunity. You have the opportunity to earn an all expense paid trip for 4 to Disney World. Or, you have the opportunity to wear a diamond ring or to earn awards through the company. So that's "For You". And then obviously "Recognition", our Princess, Queen and Empress, here we're showing Empress Annie. So, that's all about recognition. So I think the icons are really easy to identify and it really does to pertain to what's going to be behind each icon. Taking the guesswork out. So, are you excited?! Okay, so let's go guys. So we just clicked on the— We want to go to "Party Prep and Recruiting" so we click on the picture of the party. And let's say this time we want to see the brochure. And now, we made these for jubilee, so that was the mid-July brochure, so that's what you'll see. But you know, today it would be the mid-August. But it would be current, yes. But we want to see that mid-July brochure, so we click on "Brochures" and we click on the mid-July brochure. Right, because that's what I want to see. Exactly. So once we click on that, now we have our list of attachments. And I want to point something out here. I don't have an arrow pointing at it but we're really excited, Nora is super excited about this. We're adding the last updated date for each of these attachments. [cheering] Yeah! [bell ringing] And I know that's a happy so you guys will know if we update and we add something on today, August the 17, 2017. Oh, it's August 17, 2017. So, I don't know why that matters but it matters. Then it's going to [laughing] it just kind of hit me you all, so anyway— Then it will be dated so you'll know if last week there was something new that was added it had that date, that this now supersedes the one that was on there before. So it's new! Okay so, pretty awesome. I will also tell you that right here, everything that pertains to that brochure will be found right here you guys, right Anna? Right, and even if you don't see it in these mock-ups. So, your video, My video. So I was telling Anna, I got emails on Saturday and text messages "Where's the mid-August brochure video, I can't find it?" So, it will be right here. You click on "Brochure", the sample sheet for the brochure will be right there. The recipes that we have for that brochure will be right there. The video that is for that brochure, everything will be found right there. Right, you got it. So that is a happy, happy, happy. Alright, so Cheryl, let's actually click on the brochure itself, the pdf. So that actually opens up in a viewer. We're used to seeing this viewer but it's learned a new trick. And I love this new trick! Yes, this is pretty awesome. So look over there on the left hand side. Whenever you view an attachment, it's going to show you this list on the left of all the other attachments that are available in that mid-July resource. For example, that mid-July brochure. Right. So they're all there, you can easily go back and forth between them. So you don't have to keep closing that out or hitting "Next", hitting "Next, Next, Next" until you get to the fourth one down. I can just go here, scroll down, hit the fourth one down and I'm there. Exactly. So it's faster, okay. But if I don't want to see it? Really easy, you just click on that little button, it actually says "Minimize" when you hover over it. And when you do that it's going to slide that over to the left and you'll be able to see the attachment. And then if you want to get it back again, that little list icon way on the left, just click it again and it'll slide back over to the right. And it'll pop it back up so I don't have to keep hitting "Next, Next, Next, Next, Next" So Yeah, that's a happy Anna. Right, and then our viewer, you know, there's not a lot of changes. You click on options if you want to print it or download it. But keep an eye out on this viewer because we have some new options that are going to be coming along as well. Right, it's not there right now. But some really cool things are going to be coming to here so definitely check it out. But we do have the file size, a lot of times you want to know it is going to take a lot of time to download. The description is here, so all of that's here on this viewer. Right, but those little icons that you see, the Facebook the Twitter, all of that guys, that's coming in the future. Yes, coming in the future. So we just wanted to tease you today. Alright, perfecto. Now Cheryl, don't forget when you're done, you click the "X". Yes, you click the "X", I have learned that you all. I click the "X" okay. So that just takes me out of that— The viewer. The viewer of what I'm looking at, right guys. It doesn't take me all the way out of the website. Right. When you do that, it's going to take you right back to that mid-July brochure resource that had all the attachments listed. Right. And we want to talk about this. Up at the top, you see what we call a 'breadcrumb trail'. I learned something new today. That's called a 'breadcrumb trail', so you leave the breadcrumbs to find your way back home. Right, remember we clicked on the picture, we clicked on "Brochures", we clicked on "mid-July Brochure". So we left some breadcrumbs behind and thy're right here at the top. So that means you can easily go back to just "Brochures". You can go back to "Party Prep and Recruiting", or you can go all the way back to the Sales Force Website by clicking on "Resources". And are we changing that? Yes. We're going to have them actually call that actually "Sales Force Website", that way you know exactly what you're clicking on. Yeah, "Resources" to me, doesn't— In my world, —"Resources" does not say to me, you're going to take me back to the Sales Force Website. So just call the duck a duck, and put it "Sales Force Website" right. Yeah, thank you Anna. Your welcome. So you guys like those changes I hope.

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2017 - MyTupperware Sales Force Website Makeover (English)

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